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5 Beaches in Tabanan, Amazing Spots to Relax

by Widiya

For what reason do people go to the beach? For what reason is it a particularly huge fascination throughout the summer? 

People go to the beach for the various activities they can do there. They can swim in the sea, go parasailing, running, partying, and fishing. 

There is continually something to do. From the activities listed or to simply unwind with loved ones. You might also be interested in things to do with kids in Bali.

The beach holds various ways for you to have a ball. In case you are confused about booking sunlight occasions elsewhere, here are the top 5 beaches in Tabanan, Bali to move you to book an occasion.

So, without further ado, let us get right into it.

A List of Beaches in Tabanan, Bali

  1. Seminyak Beach 
Beaches in Tabanan

Seminyak Beach stands out from its adjoining beach resort territories – the likes of Kuta Beach and Legian Beach to its south – mainly in the kind of group it draws in.

Bali previously arose as a traveler spot for drifter surfers, pulled into these south-western shores by its dramatic waves. Speaking of surfing, here are the best surfing spots in Indonesia.

Seminyak Beach offers a magnificent shoreline of gold to dark sand, supplemented by stunning nightfalls. The coast is well known with resident expatriates and has a refined vibe to it, where you will find a generally chic and stylish scene, with columns of designer shops along its primary streets and side roads. 

A modest bunch of the island’s best feasting settings and widely acclaimed nightlife spots that have global gigs likewise consider Seminyak Beach their home. 

  1. Kedungu Beach 
Beaches in Tabanan

Kedungu Beach is an excellent dark sandy beach arranged in the west of Tanah Lot, the most celebrated traveler spot in Bali Island with a Hindu temple set on stone. This beach is included by the dark sand that stretches 300 yards and the quiet environment encompasses it which is one of the interests for travelers to visit this spot. 

Kedungu Beach is additionally preferred by the extraordinary wave that is in a perfect world for surf undertakings. The wave trademark at this beach is compelling the surfer to take the surf direction from both left-hander and right-hander. 

The surfers love this surf point on the grounds that there are two surf spots accessible that are completely ideal for surfers. In the late evening, you will be given the fantastic dusk view that makes the romantic nuance. 

  1. Double Six Beach 
Beaches in Tabanan

Double Six Beach is a 500-meter stretch of sand that is a part of Seminyak Beach. The beach interfaces the northernmost part of Legian Beach (called Blue Ocean Beach) and the southernmost beachfront of Seminyak Beach. 

Running parallel to this beach is a segment of Jalan Double Six which is fixed with hip bars and eateries. Double Six Beach is available to general society, and you can basically stroll down to the beach in case you are remaining at one of Legian’s retreats or inns. 

Directly on the beachfront, you will discover cafés offering throughout the day eating. The real crowds come at nightfall, with the likes of La Plancha Bali spreading beautiful parasols, beach sacks, and even tiny tables on the sand. 

You will not discover any exclusively LGBT-friendly beaches in Bali, yet Double Six Beach is particularly famous among gay travelers and local people. 

  1. Kelating Beach 
Beaches in Tabanan

For a calm, secluded option in contrast to the plenty of clubs lined, party-forward beaches frequented by Bali’s tanned and polished set, this dark sand gem is a welcome escape. Nature lovers will value the rice paddies and streams falling into the sea, while the beach’s bursting brownish nightfalls add a particularly sentimental touch for couples. 

Travelers looking for a design-forward stay experience can look into the nearby Alila Villas Soori, an uncommon eco-extravagance hybrid with private dive pools and manicured patios planned by Singapore-based SCDA designers. Also, check out historical places in Bali.

  1. Balian Beach 
Beaches in Tabanan

There are no tacky places of interest or costly outings here, and there is by all accounts just a single activity that any individual who comes to Balian Beach truly thinks often about which is surfing.

Regardless of whether you are surfing yourself, watching from the dark sand beach, or talking surf over a jug of Bintang, Balian Beach is truly outstanding, still moderately obscure, surfing spots in Bali. 

You have to rise ahead of schedule to get the most amazing aspect of the waves here. However, there are a lot of individuals surfing at dusk as well, which is a beautiful, unimaginable sight to watch.

So, that is a list of beaches in Tabanan, Bali. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about waterfalls in Tabanan, Bali and things to do in Tabanan, Bali.

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