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5 Things to Do with Kids in Bali During Vacation

by Widiya

The sun is sparkling, the temperatures are at last rising and the school occasions are fast approaching. Along these lines, it is about time we shared our thoughts for getting the holiday sort out, beginning with our action-packed list of things to do with kids in Bali. 

Kids should be kept engaged, particularly during school holidays. However, there is no compelling reason to use up every last cent – our guide is loaded with cheap exercises to keep the little ones involved, plus arrangements and tricks for cheap family days out. 

After all, there is a lot of fun and intriguing attractions to visit with regards to Bali. Furthermore, we have enough ideas here to make sure you make an unmissable occasion for you and your little adventurers. 

So, without further ado, let us jump right in.

A List of Things to Do with Kids in Bali

  1. Playing at Trans Studio Bali 
Things to Do with Kids in Bali

On the off chance that you want to head on a shopping binge, Trans Studio Mall Bali has a secret mystery, it is home to Bali’s first-ever indoor amusement park, and one of the greatest on the planet. So while you are cheerfully enjoying different brands, the kids are having a great time on rollercoasters. You might also want to know about the best playgrounds in Jakarta.

Loaded up with brilliant rides, numerous photograph spots, and yummy spots to eat, the whole family will have a lot of fun investing energy there. Regardless of whether you choose to go along with the kids, they will definitely love the astounding memories made there together. 

  1. Visiting Unicorn Cafe Bali by Brie 
Things to Do with Kids in Bali

Is it true that you are a unicorn lover? If yes, then prepare to take care of your obsession on the grounds that Unicorn Cafe exists in Bali and it is the best spot to transform into a legendary animal. Speaking of an animal, here are zoos in Indonesia.

Make your rainbow-colored dreams materialize at this otherworldly Unicorn Cafe. Here, you can get your all-out unicorn fix with colorful toys, pastel-hued couches, and pretty paintings as you slip in the cutest unicorn onesies and dive in too-lovely-to-be-eaten cakes that seem as though they were made for Instagram.

Food and drinks are totally themed and you will enjoy the looks of your milkshakes that come with giant candy floss on top. Also, check out the Instagram-worthy cafes in Bandung.

  1. Learning at Pondok Pekak Library 
Things to Do with Kids in Bali

Most kids likely do not value an outing to the library or an outing to an art exhibition. However, they will love the Pondok Pekak Library.

Regardless of whether you want to figure out how to make conventional Balinese contributions, carve fruits, play the gamelan or dance your heart out – this is a library with a distinction. Obviously, it has a phenomenal showcase of books if reading is your thing.

However, wouldn’t you rather figure out how to make some wonderful gems or a dazzling wooden cover? The kids can make something extraordinary to bring home and show their companions. 

The brilliant instructors at Pondok Pekak Library make a special effort to cause everybody to feel welcome while offering a fantastically authentic Balinese experience that you cannot recreate elsewhere. Learning truly can be fun, for kids and grown-ups the same. 

  1. Hanging Around Dream Museum Zone Bali 
Things to Do with Kids in Bali

With the surge of vacay photographs on Instagram, it is difficult to get truly unique snapshots of your holidays. At Dream Museum Zone Bali, you can take photographs with different intuitive backgrounds that come with a 3D effect.

Not only do the photographs look extra great, but at the same time, it is also fun and engaging for kids and grown-ups alike. Capture your encounters of reliving the scenes in those Hollywood blockbusters, such as getting away from a hungry shark or a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

For something somewhat more kid-friendly, the little ones can reenact famous Disney scenes like the one in Aladdin, where Aladdin and Jasmine went on a flying rug ride. Do make sure to carry a fully charged camera to ensure you have sufficient battery life to explore every one of the 120 sceneries in the exhibition hall.

  1. Chilling at Green Village 
Things to Do with Kids in Bali

Indeed, we know all the villages in Bali are green with every one of those rice fields and tropical vegetation. However, this one is overly exceptional.

The Green Village was planned in 2006 by gems creator John Hardy and later wrapped up by his daughter. An assortment of bespoke, extravagance bamboo homes all consistently incorporated into the Ayung Valley nature.

You and the kids can take a visit through the village to get familiar with this astounding eco-project. Or visit the bamboo plant and see bamboo being reaped, treated, and created into building materials and furniture.

So, that is a list of things to do with kids in Bali. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about waterparks in Bali and waterfalls in Bali.

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