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Rejuvenating Yourselves by Visiting These 5 Waterfalls in Trenggalek

by Widiya

Do you love the outdoors the way we do? If that is the case, this article is exactly what you need for your next outdoor experience. You might also want to know about outdoor activities in Jakarta.

With cool waters and rich greenery to appreciate, a visit to probably the most stunning waterfalls is an outing that you will love taking. The view of frothy water falling over the stones and into a pool leaving you in a fog of freshness is something that can only be described when you witness a waterfall for the first time. 

Luckily for us, these best waterfalls in Trenggalek deliver the entirety of this and that is only the tip of the iceberg. From the tallest ones that tumble several feet to the ones that offer gutsy climbs, these waterfalls will enchant the explorer in you.

So, without further ado, let us check out the list down below.

A List of Waterfalls in Trenggalek

  1. Banyu Nget Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Trenggalek

Situated in Watulimo District, Trenggalek Regency, East Java, Banyu Nget Waterfall pulls in a lot of attention from guests who want to loosen up and get immersed with occupied activities. Encircled by wonderful forestry regions, the atmosphere is so fresh and free from the commotion of passing vehicles.

It makes this natural place of interest so awesome. The sound of birds peeping joined with the sound of a waterfall also makes the best remedy for stress and boredom.

Banyu Nget Waterfall has a stature of 20 meters with a pool just under three meters. Here, guests from kids to grown-ups can wash serenely and safely in light of the fact that buoy facilities have been given.

Banyu Nget Waterfall Tour not just presents the excellence of its natural display, yet in it, there are additionally numerous facilities given by the public authority to guests like containers, places of worship, restrooms, and gazebos, and a few contemporary and Instagram-able photograph spots. Speaking of Instagram, here are Instagram-worthy cafes in Bandung.

  1. Songgo Langit Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Trenggalek

Songgo Langit Waterfall is a primadonna waterfall and hits in Trenggalek. With the trademark steps of up to four levels, Songgo Langit Waterfall is so dazzling. 

The atmosphere around the waterfall is extremely excellent and still kept up, and the enormous trees that develop make the environment obscure and agreeable. The water release of the waterfall relies upon the season. 

On the off chance that the rainy season shows up, the water release is extremely weighty. Nonetheless, during the dry season, the water release is tiny, so apparently, the precipices are streamed by water.

The view is so aesthetic. Songgo Langit Waterfall is situated in Jombok Village, Pule District, Trenggalek. 

  1. Wonoasri Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Trenggalek

Introducing a delightful provincial scene, visiting Wonoasri Waterfall with your family during holidays can be the best decision to ease your mind. The huge trees that grow around the site give shade umbrellas to guests. 

The air that blows delicately feels so cool. The water is clear and fresh, luring guests to swim. Also, check out lakes near Jakarta.

In any case, there is a preclusion on swimming which is written on a notice board not a long way from the waterfall on the grounds that the pool beneath is excessively deep. Guests can just feel the fresh vibe of a waterfall on the edge. 

  1. Pelang Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Trenggalek

You can visit the Pelang Waterfall which is situated in Wonocoyo Village, Panggul District, Trenggalek Regency, East Java. Here you will locate a delightful waterfall as well as an excellent beach with very huge waves, namely Pelang Beach. 

Flanked by two slopes, the area of Pelang Waterfall is extremely near Pelang Beach. This waterfall has a remarkable build, which is formed like a cavern with a precipice and the water contains a little sulfur. 

The rich trees around it make the waterfall to feel so cool. More guests decide to visit Pelang Waterfall on account of its pretty and delightful appeal.

  1. Kedung Panas Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Trenggalek

This secret haven, situated at the southern tip of Trenggalek, to be exact in the town of Bogoran, Branjang Village, Kampak Sub-District. Despite the fact that the name contains the word Panas (meaning hot in English), the air in this waterfall is cool and lovely.

The view on the still thick trees will pull in the guests more. Here guests can appreciate the freshness of Kedung Panas Waterfall by swimming or basically playing in the water to relieve exhaustion after a long excursion through this secret waterfall in Trenggalek.

So, that is a list of waterfalls in Trenggalek. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about tourist attractions in Trenggalek and villages above the clouds in Indonesia.

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