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10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Trenggalek, East Java, Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Java island is divided into three parts. West, Central, and the East. The East part of Java is considered to be one of the busiest provinces in the country. Mainly known for the IL East Java cuisines), like Pecel Blitar and Lontong Balap, as well as the existence of some natural attractions.

Finding them in crowded cities like Surabaya could be harder. That’ s why, you need to take a little trip to visit the nearest city. And one of them is Trenggalek. Trenggalek is 180km from Surabaya, and mainly known for the known museums in East Java. But, you may as well find the tourists attractions spread across the land, such as:

Tourist Attractions in Trenggalek

1. Prigi Beach

Prigi Beach
  • Location : Tasikmadu village, Watulimo
  • Ticket Fee : Rp Rp. 7,500 for adults and Rp. 5,000 for kids

  One attraction that’s considered to be one of the best tourist attractions in East Java is Prigi Beach. Prigi Beach has a small port area and a wooden bridge that jutted towards the sea. Although simple, they offer something unique and exotic that attracts tourists to make it as a background for taking pictures.

Besides having a beautiful panorama, this beach also has complete facilities. From dining places, boat rentals, camping areas, to tennis courts and auditoriums, everything is here and ready to use.

2. Damas Beach

Damas Beach
  • Location : Kranggandu, Watulimo
  • Ticket Fee : Rp4.000,- for adults, half the price for kids.

Damas Beach is one of the most beautiful and widest beaches in Trenggalek. If you depart from the center of the City of Trenggalek, it takes about 53 km. The journey is rather far indeed, but the amount of experience you will get in this place is quite comparable.

Even though it has been opened for a long time, Damas Beach still looks quite clean and beautiful. In addition, because of its location that forms a bay, the waves on the beach are also very friendly.

3. Ngadipuro Beach

Ngadipuro Beach
  • Location : Craken, Munjungan
  • Ticket Fee : Free

Ngadipuro Beach offers the main attraction in the form of clean beaches and the calm waves. The calm conditions of the waves around the coast are used by local fishermen to park their boats.

Well, the existence of the traditional ships presents an exotic panorama often used as a background for pictures. Unfortunately, although the panorama offered by this beach is very good, facilities are still inadequate.

4. Pelang Beach

Palang Beach
  • Location : Wonocoyo, Panggul
  • Ticket Fee : Rp8.000,-

Pelang is considered to be one of the famous attractions around Trenggalek. It was and still loved by the people as well as the coming tourists. As a sight, it looks like the beach located somewhere around Nusa Tenggara or Bali. The sea is clear as the sky, while the hills calmly sitting around you.

Not far from this beach location, there is a very beautiful waterfall. This place is also equipped with a special area for camping, playground and a variety of standard facilities.

5. Konang Beach

Konang Beach
  • Location : Ngebleng, Panggul
  • Ticket Fee : Free

In Trenggalek you may find some of the best historical sites in East Java, like Brongkah temple or Latsitarda Monument. But, this area may also give you an experience of a wonderful attraction of Konang Beach.

Overall this beach has a very beautiful panorama. But the waves are quite high and pretty dangerous to swim in. Therefore, you are not advised to swim or play water around this beach.

6. The City Forest/Hutan Kota Trenggalek

Hutan Kota Trenggalek
  • Location : Ngantru, Trenggalek
  • Ticket Fee : Free (with additional parking ticket)

Trenggalek City Forest is one of the popular tourist attractions in Trenggalek. This forest offers the main attraction in the form of a green forest area which is full of fresh air. A perfect place for releasing stress by enjoying greeneries.

To support the tourist activities, the local government has provided various kinds of supporting facilities, such as: huts, seatings, photo spots, etc. Overall, Trenggalek City Forest is very fitting to be used as a place to relax and exercise.

7. Banyon Hill

Banyon Hill
  • Location :  Widoro, Gandusari
  • Ticket Fee : Free (with additional parking ticket)

This hill is very fitting to be visited by you who like both photography and hiking sport. From the top of this hill, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of the land above the clouds while breathing the fresh air that’s typical in mountainous areas.

In addition, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful phenomenon of sunrise in the morning and sunset in the dusk. It’s also very friendly as well to the beginners in hiking.

8. Lowo Cave

Lowo Cave
  • Location : Watuagung, Watulimo
  • Ticket Fee : Rp7.500,- (Rp10.000,- during weekend and holidays)

Lowo Cave is one of the biggest caves in Southeast Asia. This cave has a length of about 2 thousand meters with a panoramic view of stalactites and stalagmites that are extraordinarily beautiful. According to information from the management, this cave is named Lowo Cave because of the large number of bats that live on the walls of this cave.

It is said that because this cave has an unusually long area, this cave has become one of the biggest bat habitats in Indonesia.  

9. Ngampiran Beach

Ngampiran Beach
  • Location : Tawing village, Munjungan
  • Ticket Fee : Free

Ngampiran beach is one of the new tourist attractions in Trenggalek that is not yet well known by tourists. This beach offers a complete attraction in the form of a white sand beach with clear water and calm waves along with beautiful coral reef areas.

On this beach you can play sand, climb trees, get a perfect photo shoot, sunbathe, play water, swim, and fish freely. Just happy and do what you want to do. 

10. Ngulung Wetan

Ngulung Wetan
  • Location : Ngulung Wetan, Munjungan
  • Ticket Fee : Free

Of the things to do in Pacet, you may notice some best beaches there. Well in Trenggalek, you may find one with the name of Ngulung Wetan. This beach is one of the best spots that can be visited to enjoy the panorama of the sunset in Trenggalek.

Because of its location that faces directly toward the ocean, this beach has pretty high waves. For that reason, it’s highly advised not to swim or even dive around the deeper water area of this beach. Instead, you can just lay down on a mat sunbathing, playing beach ball, or other sports.

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