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Perfect Summer Get-Away! Here are 4 Beaches in Singaraja, Bali

by Widiya

There is something in particular about a beach excursion that leaves you happily relaxed, glad, and revived. It works for individuals across ages.

From the freshness of dawn, the frolicking rushes of the day, the mindfulness during dusk, or the quiet during the evening, the beach changes our mind-set and places us in contact with our inner self. No wonder a great many people have, in any event, once, mulled over having a house close to a beach.

Additionally, at the beach, it is super easy to appreciate a marvelous excursion on a tight budget. When you have your accommodations all together, the rest should be possible at little to no cost.

There are a lot of cheap ideas to have fun by the beach. What is more, obviously, the sand and sun are free, so you can easily take advantage of both. You might also be interested in things to do near Kuta Beach.

So, without further ado, let us get right into the list of beaches in Singaraja, Bali down below.

A List of Beaches in Singaraja, Bali

  1. Lovina Beach 
Beaches in Singaraja

Lovina Beach is a combination of several small beaches crossing a few nearby towns between two districts in the North Bali Regency of Buleleng. This beach is a pleasant option in contrast to the profoundly well-known (and regularly swarmed) beaches of Bali’s south, like Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak. 

More quiet waves, peaceful dark sand beaches, and a nightlife scene are only a couple of things that summarize this stretch of the North Bali coast. Lovina Beach traverses two kilometers from east to west, with a little region in Kalibukbuk Village as its fundamental point of convergence. 

Nightfalls are an incredible feature here, with a fairly repressed nightlife after sunset. A huge parking spot borders the beach, with columns of bistros and popular fish cafés close by. Speaking of cafes, here are romantic cafes in Bandung.

Close to the sand, a transcending sculpture of a dolphin remains as Lovina’s true milestone. Head east and you will locate a breezy promenade fixed with workmanship shops and traditional food stalls. 

  1. Kerobokan Beach 
Beaches in Singaraja

Somewhat hard to access from the street, Kerobokan Beach offers picturesque beauty with a laid-back vibe. It can be reached through Seminyak beach in the south of Batubelig Beach in the north, and has a lot of loungers and merchants spread all through its shores. 

A calm beach with perilous waters, this beach is ideal for loosening up following a difficult day. Kerobokan Beach is a serene beach that has fewer guests and is ideal for individuals who wish to invest some peaceful time on the beach. 

You can simply take a load off at the beach watching the delightful dusk or go for a walk by the sea. The beach has a quiet environment and is additionally an extraordinary spot for kids to play uninhibitedly or to appreciate some quality time with their family. 

  1. Penimbangan Beach 
Beaches in Singaraja

Penimbangan Beach is the correct spot for water sports lovers, particularly paddling. For the boat rowers, the waves are the way to how much energy to swing the paddles. 

The higher the force of the waves, the higher the energy required. Hence, Penimbangan Beach is a spot that can be considered for individuals who like water sports. 

For vacationers who want to appreciate ordinary Balinese cooking, on the edge of Penimbangan Beach also stands an assortment of street stalls that offer weighty food to Balinese snacks. Other than Balinese food, there are likewise eateries with a romantic air. 

On this beach, there is no stretch of sand, however, there is something other than what is expected from different beaches in Bali. On the shoreline of Penimbangan Beach, you can see the layers of rock and concrete that are the limit among land and water. 

Particularly, there are verdant rice fields a couple of meters from the shore.

  1. Menjangan Island 
Beaches in Singaraja

The primary thing you will see as your boat arrives at Menjangan Island is an excellent beach with completely clear waters, a totally blue sky, and white sand. Before you head off to explore all the island has to bring to the table, set aside some effort to take it easy. 

You can snatch a lounger and absorb the sunbeams or go for a rejuvenating swim. The island’s smooth flows also make it one of the top diving sites in Bali. Also, check out diving spots in Aceh.

So, that is a list of beaches in Singaraja, Bali. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about beaches in Tabanan and waterfalls in Tabanan.

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