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20 Best Things to do in Garut, West Java, Indonesia

by ydrahmatullah

Garut is a Regency in West Java, Indonesia. It is a city that is well-known as Dodol Garut and Leather Jacket. Located in a high land, Garut has the attractive cultural, natural, and historical places to visit.

You will be aware of some legends that are exist in Garut. Try to  find them out while you are traveling in a cool and fresh weather in Garut. Meanwhile, here are the top things to do in Garut, West Java Indonesia.

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1. Bagendit lake

Bagendit lake or  Situ bagendit, is one the legend that spreads the great story in  Garut Regency.

The stunning lake and the legendary story of  it will experience you  a different sense of traveling. Known for a story of a ruthless and careless widow, Bagendit Lake will teach you how to care for other people who are in inadequacy.

Located in Banyuresmi sub-district, it opens daily with affordable entry ticket. Rent the rakit bambu, a traditional boat made of bamboo, to go around the lake to see its beautiful and mystical lake.

  • Entry Ticket: Rp. 5.000/person
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

2. Cangkuang Temple

The  second thing that you can do in Garut is by visiting Cangkuang Temple which has a historical site. It  is a temple that is in the center of a lake. It is quiet fascinating and unique, huh?

The Cangkuang Temple is located in Leles sub-district, Garut, and it is a Buddha temple with Siwa Statue in it. In that location, you will also find a Muslim grave which is estimated to be established in the 8th century.

You must take a sampan, a little traditional boat, to reach Candi Cangkuang site. You will also see a Cultural Pulo Village near the Cangkuang Temple. It is an uncommon cultural village because it only consists of six houses and six families.

Come to those cultural historical cangkuang Temple and Pulo Village, you will definitely learn how diversity the Sundanese inheritage is

  • Entry Ticket : Rp. 5.000/person
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

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3. Pasir Lulumpang Site

The prehistoric heritage Pasir Lulumpang is located in Cimareme Village, Banyuresmi sub-district. It is a site that has a leveled Punden which is used for an object of worshiping.

This prehistorical site is sometimes forgotten by the travelers, because they have a little information about this site. So, if you come to Garut, don’t be hesitate to figure out what historical places that are exist in this Regency. You will get some information from the local or the government officers who is kept and told about them.

Reach this site by taking a four-wheel vehicles or two-wheel vehicle. You will then see how the prehistorical stones are arranged well. See how nice is  and learn historical story behind it.

  • Entry Ticket: Free
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

4. Darajat Hot-springs

It is an amazing place to visit for relaxing your body. Darajat Hot-springs is the recreational place that close to a central city.

Darajat Hot-springs is not that swimming pool. But, it is a swimming pool that lies on the high land of Garut Regency. Surely, it will spoil your ayes with the mountain and city views, and you will get doubled excitement. It becomes a favorite leisure place for families around city and for travelers around Indonesia.

Relax your body and mind in the hot water, play in the slides and enjoy the nature. it may have a full day trip because, you can also take a walk around the location to see the beautiful environment and warmed sun light.

  • Entry Ticket: Weekdays Rp. 25.000/children, Rp.30.000/adult, Weekends: Rp.30.000/adult and children
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

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5.  Sabda Alam Hot-springs

It is another hot-springs swimming pool in Garut that you must visit. Sabda Alam Hot-springs serves you a different place from Darajat one.

Located in a central city. Sabda Alam is a complete package of your leisure time. Try many different slides in this pool, the highest slides will make your adrenaline rises. The adult and the children pools are colorful and clean. Surrounded by a mountain, Sabda Alam hot-springs will amaze you with the natural view. Blue sky, green mountain and colorful pool are a complete recreation for you and family.

Resort, spa, and restaurant are also available in this location. don’t be rushed to go home, enjoy and relax in one of the room to feel the cool wether of Garut Regency.

  • Entry Ticket: Weekdays Rp. 30.000/person, Weekends Rp. 40000/person
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

6. Cipanas Hot-springs

It is a village-theme hot-springs that may be different from other hot-springs pools in Garut. If you plan to stay longer in Garut, and want a traditional environment. So, this is the right place for you who want to feel fresh and cool air in Garut Regency.

Serving you some traditional huts that is suitable for you to stay and relax. Feel at home by sitting on the veranda in front of the hut. Buy a traditional food and snacks to this place, surely you feel to be a Sundanese people in Garut.

  • Entry Ticket: Rp. 15.000
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

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7. Hot-springs of Talaga Bodas Craters 

What’s next best things to do in Garut Indonesia? It is the most natural hot-springs that is exist in Garut regency. The pool is near craters that will make you feel a nature completely.

In addition, It is the simplest hot springs that you can try. However, it has some advantages for you who has skin problem. Try it sometimes. Chat with the locals who always like to visit this place.

The natural water color of the craters will realize you that the water of the hot-springs is really different from other modern hot-springs pool.

  • Entry Ticket: Rp. 3.000
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

8. Citiis Waterfall

It is located in Pasawahan Village, Tarogong sub-district. It is a beautiful waterfall that becomes a favorite for travelers.

Jump into the cool and fresh water of the waterfall. It is the waterfall that has the best quality water. But, if you can’t restrain its cold water, just see the surroundings. The area of the waterfall are shaded by the thick large trees. It is a such beautiful creation of God! As the legend said, It was a place for all the Kings in Java land met.

You can reach this place by riding a delman, a traditional transportation pulled by a horse, or an ojeg (public motorcycle).

  • Entry ticket: Free
  • Opening  Hours: Everyday

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9. Ranca Buaya Beach

It is the white-sand beach that Garut Regency has. It is very beautiful because it has blue water and a place for some ships stop.

Have a chat with the fisherman in this beach, you can get lots of information about this beach and Garut. And asking them to grill the fish on the beach will be a good social life in this beach.

  • Entry Ticket: Rp. 5.000/person
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

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Culinary Tour Around Garut Indonesia

Apart of the top things to do in Garut, West Java Indonesia, here all what to eat in Garut Indonesia:

1. Nasi Liwet Pak Asep Straberry 3

Visiting a restaurant that serve the best local food is a must. Having Sundanese food in a hut is a theme of this restaurant. You can taste many special food that this restaurant serves.

Another attraction of this restaurant is the play ground and the pond that make you and family stay longer and enjoy the food pleasantly.

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2. Dodol Garut Picnic Factory

If you travel to Garut and you haven’t tasted  a   dodol Garut yet, so it means that you haven’t come to Garut completely. A sweet and soft dodol garut has different taste with other snacks.

Dodol has many different flavor, however taste the original first. Then, explore many  other flavor of dodol garut that can enjoy your day.

If you feel curious about how dodol produced, you can have a trip to its factory, Dodol Garut Picnic factory. They will show you how they make dodol and how the workers work together to create some delicious dodol garut.

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More Garut Attractions

Recreation and attractive places in Garut are not about those I mention, there are lots of tourism places that you still can visit and enjoy. there are some places that I highlighted as the recommendation place for you who want to travel more in Garut. Meanwhile, here are more things to do in Garut, West Java Indonesia:

  1. Cinila Water fall – It has a fresh water and beautiful natural view. Swim in its pond to feel its cool water.
  2. Sampireun Village – Feel some traditional houses in this place. The unique place and restaurant is suitable for your honeymoon.
  3. Papandayan Mountain – you will find a beautiful Edelweiss when you hike to this mountain.
  4. Sang hyang Taraje Waterfall – Enjoy your adventure to reach this waterfall. This waterfall has two water streams.
  5. Santolo Beach – This is the famous beach in Garut, because it has a  large and unique coral.
  6. Puncak Guha Beach – See the beautiful sunrise and sunset from this spot.
  7. Cikutay Mountain – This is the second mountain to hike in Garut. you will see sunrise behind the cloud.
  8. Rafting in Cimanuk River – Do the extreme sport in this river with your friends. It wild be your wild adventure in Garut.
  9. Orok Waterfall – This main waterfall is surrounded by other small waterfall streams. Just watch its nice scenery.

Well, guys. Those are some things to do in Garut, West Java Indonesia. Just don’t miss out one of them. So, happy holiday and get lost in Indonesia.

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