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12 Things to Do in Padangbai Bali Indonesia (Wonderful)

by Yoga Adi

Padang Bai, that’s the name of this harbor. The name of Padang Bai is well known as it is the main access that must be traversed on the way to West Nusa Tenggara from Bali Island and vice versa. In addition, this port is also known for having beautiful natural scenery around it. The blue ocean blends harmoniously with clusters of islands and rocks. The waves rolling with birds flying to fish increasingly add charm to the beauty.

This Padang Bai is a seaport area for East Bali which is used as a ferry port to Lombok. In addition, the port is also a place for tourists who visit to Bali by sea transported by large cruise ships that are only anchored in Labuhan Amuk. What is interesting in the area of ​​Padang Bai is its place that is protected in a bay with rocks. In the eastern part of the port area of ​​Padang Bai there is a beach that is quite crowded by tourists, especially foreign tourists. This beach is known as Blue Lagoon Beach.

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After looking at the information provided above, lets finally see what attractions and spots you can find in the area of Padangbai. Thus, here are more things to do in Padangbai Bali Indonesia. Of course, there are many of them, but let us start with the first spot, Padangbai Beach.

1. Padangbai Beach

Padang Bai Beach, a clean white sandy beach is located in a bay where on the east side, there is a headland called Tanjung Sari. In addition to Padangbai Beach, In this area there are also 2 other white sandy beaches that are not less beautiful. Those are Padang Kurungan Beach in the east and Bias Tugel Beach in the west.

This beach is a beautiful beach with white sand texture that has very soft texture and also clean. This hidden place In East Bali offers you to do fishing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, sunbathing or relaxing while enjoying the beautiful beach with coconut ice that is widely available on the stalls near this beach. Then for those of you who want to do diving activities, on this beach has also provided a place to rent diving equipment at an affordable price. However, to enjoy this beach freely, you need to pay 5.000 for parking ticket. Only that, then you can enjoy this place as much as you want!

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2. Blue Lagoon Beach

Blue Lagoon Beach, with its white sand of course becomes a tourist attraction in Bali that quite interesting to visit, and will become more familiar if you can spend some days to stay in the Padang Bai area. The lonely and calm nature, the stunning sea views, and the clear water will give a new natural feel to refresh and calm your mind.

Blue Lagoon offers calm beach scenery, and also well-lined fishing boats. In addition to fresh fish catches, they are also ready to take you to do diving in the middle of the sea to the dive spots. However, some places provide the services for those who want to learn to dive, so the beginners also can enjoy the beauty of the underwater with more leverage. If you vacation with family especially with children, this place will give another nuance, the cliffs with don’t need to pay anything, because there’s no entrance ticket !. Because of that, you can enjoy this place at any time freely. What a good place.

3. Bias Tugel Beach

Another beach, near the Padangbai beach. The word “bias” means sand, while “tugel” means cut off. So the beach of Bias Tugel has meaning of a beach that has cuted off sand. This is because the coastal area is not so wide and on the right and left flanked by a fairly large rock. This beach is classified as a small beach that has white sand and can be categorized as one of the beautiful beaches in Bali.

Access to the beach is about 500 meters from Padang Bai port. You have to walk through a fairly steep and rocky road. A little tiring by the way. But its not disappointing, the hidden beauty of this beach will welcomes you. White sandy beach with clear blue water right  in front of your eyes. This place is also free, just like Blue Lagoon. So there’s not a reason to not visiting this beach, right?.

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4. Virgin Beach

Beside the name of Virgin beach, the locals also call this place as Perasi Beach. While foreign tourists more familiar with this beach with the name White Sand Beach Bali or better known as Virgin Beach Karangasem Bali. Because the beach Perasi Bali is still beautiful, quiet, quiet and clean, then foreign tourists call it by the name of Virgin Beach Bali.

Perasi beach Bali has many names, but actually there’s only one beach. If you ask local people when looking for this beach, you should mention the beach in the village of Perasi Karangasem. Because many local people do not know this beach has many names from tourists like Virgin beach Bali or White Sand Beach Bali. However, for those of you who want a holiday to a quiet beach resort, away from the crowd, clean and no pollution, then you must visit the beach Perasi Bali during the holidays in Bali, although the distance is rather far away. To enjoy the beautiful things provided in this beach, you only need to pay about 10.000 rupiahs for entry ticket. Pretty good, right?

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5. Candidasa Beach

Candi Dasa Beach is one of the beach tourism in Bali located in Candi Dasa village, Manggis subdistrict, Karangasem district and is about 80 km from Denpasar. The existence of Candi Dasa beach is not less good as the other beaches in Bali because some of its beaches are damaged by the waves of the Badung Strait. This beach is protected by a safety made of concrete known as krib. But, Candi Dasa has a very charming natural scenery where every visitor can enjoy the phenomenal sunset and sunrise.

Natural charm before sunset in this tourist area is not less interesting than Kuta beach. Even looks more interesting because when the sunset, the sun will look more round which is set in between the hills and the sea around, make it looks more interesting. However, this place has no entrance fee, so you don’t need to pay anyhting beside your own needs. So, what are you waiting for then?.

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6. Silayukti Temple

The first beautiful temple you must visit while vacationing at Padangbai. Silayukti Temple is located at the southern tip of Luhur Mountain Ulakan Village, District Manggis, Karangasem. It is in the southside of the sea that separates the island between Bali and Nusa Penida. To the north, stands Mount Luhur. In the west, there’s Padangbai bay. To the east of Labuhan Amuk Bay. The temple was built on flat land and jutting into the sea, facing south.

To reach the temple is pretty easy, because the road to the temple yard is good. But if you use large buses and many entourage, you should park in front of Padangbai primary school and from there the journey continues with a walk of about 400 meters. The temple is located at an altitude of about 50 meters from sea level. To see this beautiful temple, you don’t need to pay the entry ticket, but it suggested to donate a little for the temple’s maintenance. Its a beautiful temple indeed.

7. Tanjung Sari Temple

Tanjung Sari Temple is located at the southern end of the foot of Mount Luhur jutting into the sea. The distance from Pura Silayukti about 100 meters. If Pura Silayukti faces south, the Pura Tanjung Sari faces west. According to the priest of Pura Silayukti, I Made Oka, Pura Tanjung Sari is a sacred place to worship the Empu Beradah, brother of Empu Kuturan. When the Empu Beradah came to Silayukti to meet the Empu Kuturan, Empu Beradah rested at the southern end of the foot of Mount Luhur.

At the resting place, he established Pura Tanjung Sari. The temple consists of a yard with a length of 23.5 meters and a width of 17.50 meters. Surrounded by walls and gates with the shape of temple bentar. To enter this historical temple, be free because there’s no entry ticket. But it suggested to pay donation and also respect the existence of the customs in here.

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8. Telaga Mas Temple

Telaga Mas Temple is an altar and on the altar there are two pelinggih namely a gedong and a bebaturan. It is located north of Pura Silayukti about 20 meters. This temple is not surrounded by walls. There is no pool of water, although its name is Pura Telaga Mas (Telaga means lake). It is said that the location of the temple was a former garden where Empu Kuturan baths. Both palinggih buildings existing in the temple was made of cement.

However, the entrance ticket of this temple is also free. Always remember to keep the cleanliness and the customs that exist in here. What a good place isn’t it?.

9. Payogan Temple

This temple or cave  is said to be the place Ida Mpu Kuturan todo meditation. This cave is located on the east edge of the steep cliff complex of Silayukti temple. From the parking lot in front of Pura Silayukti, we can find the descending stairs towards this place to the east, with the background of sea water below it.

The ladder down is quite steep winding, straight on the cliff wall is genu Payogan Mpu Kuturan. Inside this overdraft, there is a pelinggih such as a plangkiran, with the left and right side flanked by dragon, Pelingih Mpu Kuturan glorified with statue Pandita, and two guards with  black color and big size.

However, about 1000 years ago this place is a place used to meditation or pray of Ida Mpu Kuturan. This place is a unique place and worth a visit. Especially, there’s no entry ticket needed to be paid!

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Other Tourist Attractions in Padangbai Bali

Finally, places to relax. Beside those great attractions provided above, now its time to visit another good locations that exist in Padangbai. There are resorts and also diving tour. Lets check it out more things to do in Padangbai Bali Indonesia:

10. Divers Resorts and Spa

This is a heavenly resorts to visit. Basically, this is just a usual resort, just like the others. But, there are another plus that you can find and enjoy while resting in here. Beside resting in your room, you can elso enjoy the nice spa. The steam will release your stress in a second. Beside the spa, you can also try to enter the diving scuba class.

You will be guided by certified trainers, that will happily teach you how to do scuba diving properly, without any worry. You can also buy some equipment for diving in this place, for a fair price of course. However, to enjoy all the geat things in here, you must book a room, starting from 1.000.000 rupiahs. This place open from 8 am until 8 pm everyday though. So, this is an absolutely must visit place, and of course worth your time.

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11. Sunshine Bar

This a good bar. A really good bar. The lively bar lives almost 24 hours, and still living up its soul. When you  enter this bar, you will amazed by the decorations that look very very unique. The lamps, wall colours, the paints, will wake up your eyes. Beside unique decorations, you will be greeted with sunshine boys that will help you to fulfill your needs. A perfect combination between the service and also the nuance.

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Beside that, you can also enjoy the live music that available in this place. You can also request a few song, if you want. To get the nice experiences of visiting this venue, you must come between 5 am unil 2 am. Of course, you will not be disappointed.

12. Geko Dive

This is the perfect place if you want to do diving training. This place is a great place, either for the newbie or experience divers. For you information, Geko Dive already got the  50 years PADI certificate, which means its one of trustable places to learn about scuba and diving in Indonesia.

In here you can choose many diving spots that available. There are 14 of them. Beside diving and scuba, ou can also do snorkeling in here. This place also sells diving equipments, for those who don’t have them. However, if you want to check this place, it opens from 7 am – 7 pm everyday. The prices also reasonable. So, if you want to fell the great experiences of diving, feel free to visit this place.

That’s it, several the attractions in Padangbai, Bali Indonesia. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and i want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it, careful not to get lost though. Make a very nice memory of it, and please keep the environment clean, to make the beauty of those places still maintained. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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