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10 Top Things to Do in Mount Batur, Bali Indonesia

by Sharon Elizabeth

Mount Batur, known as the sacred mountain in Hindu believe, has many hidden secrets that are waiting for us to explore. As we all know, Bali provides many well-known and popular sightseeing spot for photo hunting, but less people realise that astonishing scenery that Mount Batur offers.

Located in Batur Village, the second most important active volcano mountain in Bali after Mount Agung, rugged in its wild beauty. Mount Batur zone has its own uniqueness. Two enormous eruptions happened has resulted in two geological heritages, which are Batur Caldera and Volcanic Lake that looks like a crescent moon with 7.5 kilometres long and 2.5 kilometres wide.

Besides that, caldera was created on top the other caldera, which is rarely happening in most of the volcanic mountain cases. With its spiritual vibe, no one can resist the beauty of the mountain with its breathtaking views. Many tourists are attracted to hike or just to pay a visit.  Here is the list of top activities that will pamper your body and soul with a spectacular view. It will definitely spoil you right away.

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  1. Hiking and Watching Sunrise from Mount Batur Peak

Head yourself straight to the mountain area in Bangli Regency. It will take approximately two hours drive from the famous Kuta area.

Once you have reached there, the most common thing people do is to hire a guide from the Association of Mount Batur Trekking Guides, located in Toya Bungkah. It will cost you approximately (Indonesia Rupiah)IDR 30,000-40,000.

If you are feeling ready and fit enough to hike, this is the right timing. Located in 1717 metres above the sea level, prepare yourself to witness the sunrise from above, like you never feel before. The hike will spend around two hours to reach the highest crater, depending on how fit everyone in the group is.

In order for you to catch the sunrise, you must be early. You must be ready as early as 2 am in the morning, so there will be enough time for transfer to the hiking base. Walking in a dark with the guide of torchlight, all you need to do is just follow the path will lead you to something extraordinary.

Starting the adventure in the early morning, through the mystical path leading to Mount Batur will give you a sense of excitement. So, are you still feeling sleepy? Worry no more. A step closer to Nirvana- everything here seems to be perfect. Nothing can beat the impressiveness of reaching the top of the volcanic mountain and watching the sunrise.

Wait for the sun to show itself. Soon you will be widely awake with that wind blowing all over your face and hair. What a perfect way to kick start your day, huh? Have your epic breakfast, maybe just a toast with a cup of hot coffee, this time, with a view. You might want to taste boiled egg cooked in the volcano, too. Yum.

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  1. Trekking in the Daylight

Be ready to breathe in the fresh mountain air with breathtaking views. Just in case you cannot manage to wake up that early, we still have the options for you.  Get yourself in an exciting trekking adventure with amazing panorama around Mount Batur. With the sun shining brightly, there are many spots for you to explore even in the daylight.

You will start the trek at the base in Toyabungkah, to be precise, 1.040 meters above the sea. The trek will take approximately the same amount of time as the hiking one, to reach the peak of the mountain.

Once you reach the top, you will witness the amazing, clear blue sky and beautiful lake from every direction. Like you always see in the postcard. No, you are not dreaming.  This landscape is real, with wide Batur Caldera spread, adding extra ‘wow’ effect for everyone who sees it. As told before, you are in the hidden place of Bali. Enjoy your time snapping selfies and staring at those beauties.

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  1. Visiting Pulu Mujung Warung

Feeling hungry? It is time to visit Pulu Mujung Warung to fill up your stomach or to get something to munch on.

With its spectacular volcano view, why not take a bite? Try the Indonesian speciality dish, nasi goreng, accompanied with a cup of warm coffee in a cool mountain air. Are you a healthy junkie? No worries, they have a wide array of smoothies and lassi (yoghurt).

This spot might be the perfect place for getting you tummy filled and adoring the place around the mountain. The cafe is associated with Sari Organik Market.

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4. Visiting Batur Geopark Museum

Newly Open Batur Geopark MuseumnRight near the crater rim, nestled the Batur Geopark Museum.

As the first Geopark Museum in Indonesia, this place is a must visit. The Batur Geopark Museum area has been credited as a part of worldwide geopark that has ecological values by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on September 20, 2012.

The intention of the geopark is as an education and conservation area with its three supporting pillars, including geology heritage, biodiversity and cultural diversity. The attractive new destination in Bali is equipped with a meeting hall, exhibition place equipped with a digital screen, landscape miniature and eruption diorama. Everything in this place is looking real.

5. Visiting Pura Puncak Penulisan

There are many top things to do in Mount Batur Bali Indonesia. Take a visit to Bali’s highest Hindu temple. It requires you to take few steep steps in order to reach the temple. With its foggy atmosphere, the view from every direction is just magnificent. It will drag you to the 11th century. Take a peek inside and you will find lines of stunning old statues and sculptures. If the weather allows, move your eyes to North area, you will witness rice terraces everywhere. Superb.

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6. Visiting Pura Bukit Mentik

There are many top things to do in Mount Batur Bali Indonesia. Pura Bukit Mentik, also called ‘The Lucky Temple’ located near Mount Batur, with molten lava from the explosion material surrounding the temple.

The peacefulness and serenity directly fill our mind once we reached there. The was a legend saying this temple can grant your hopeless wishes and pray for recovery.

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7. Visiting Pura Ulun Danu Batur

Follow the road by the lakeside till the end and you will find it. Located on the edge of the crater rim, the temple. The temple’s name itself has its own meaning – the temple located in the lake upstream. The temple was placed in the Southwest hillside of Mount Batur.

However, Mount Batur explosion in 1917 has caused the temple area wrecked.Nestled in Kalanganyar Village, 900m above the sea level, makes the atmosphere feels a lil cold.

The main attraction here is the blue lake surrounding the temple. This is a must-go temple for tourist who loves architecture and history-rich tour. Bare in mind that everyone visiting the temple must cover their lower body part with a cloth.

8. Visiting Pura Pancering Jagat Terunyan

Pancering Jagat, which literally means ‘the centre of the world’ in Trunyan Village understanding, is one of the oldest temple located on the island. It has many megalithic relics and remains, like 4-meter height statue.

Located on the East side of Lake Batur, the temple will spoil every eye who visit. The terraced-style temple is divided into four yards ‘loka’. Again, every ‘loka’ is divided into four different temples, equipped with its ‘pelinggih’. Another must visit temple for peace seeker out there.

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9. Relaxing at Batur Natural Hot Spring

In conclusion, there is nothing better than rejuvenating yourself at Batur Natural Hot Spring.

After a tiring day, why not relax a bit and reward yourself by soaking in the hot spring at Toya Bungkah village. Loosen up that tight muscles and sore leg after a long hike.

The pools are open to everybody here. So, you can either sit down or soak up and flashback what you have just done earlier. Great for relaxing and chit-chatting about stuff.

The price for adult foreigners are 180,000 per person and kids are 150,000. The price you paid has included a snack, drink and a towel. Locals pay slightly cheaper for the same facilities.

10. Taking a Bike Ride Around the Village

Sum up your day with cycling through the serene village and mesmerising the beauty of Mount Batur, including its lake. Indulge yourself in the serene atmosphere of the mountain area and not to forget, exploring new hidden places.Every corner of the island is pollution-free. So, vehicles, such as motorcycles were seldom seen passing the street. Start your cycling journey through the beautiful path and quiet streets that will eventually lead you to places you never expected.

Indeed, there are many top things to do in Mount Batur Bali Indonesia. The natural exciting tourist attractions that will blow your mind. Meanwhile, Mount Batur Bali is another new great tourist attraction in Bali expect the beaches. As a result, let’s get lost in Mount Batur!

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