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12 Top Things to Do in Jatiluwih Bali Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Its’s time to back again to go to Bali. However, after visiting those beaches and also attractions, now comes the time for us to visit another wonderful place, Jatiluwih (Rice Terrace). Jatiluwih Rice Terrace is very famous tourist destination in west part of Bali. It also has the stunning view of the rice fields that you can see all around this place.

It is absolutely one of those wonderful places to visit in Bali. For you information the name Jatiluwih consists of 2 words. Jati means “really” and Luwih meaning “especial, good, or wonderful”.

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Finally, after the general information explained above, now come to use to see all the attractions in here, Jatiluwih. Check these out things to do in Jatiluwih Bali Indonesia:

1. Luhur Batukaru Temple

Luhur Batukaru Temple is  a place to worship  the God of Mahadeva. Also of course, it has a function to worship the God. The God who grows plants by using water properly. Then, Pura Luhur Batukaru is referred to be the worshiping place of God as Queen Hyang Tumuwuh – God’s title as the cultivate. 

However, Luhur Batukaru Temple is located in the village of Wongaya Gede Village, Tabanan. The location of this temple is in the western part of the island of Bali on the southern slopes of Mount Batukaru. Actually, the name of the temple is taken from the name of this Mount Batukaru. For those who want to pray at the Luhur Batukaru, better to pray first at Jero Taksu Temple. This temple is located not far away from Luhur Batukaru Temple.

However you can go here by walking or renting a bike. Because of that, you’ll get here easy enough. Its the first temple you must see in here though, dont forget to check it.

2.Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, or often mention as the Ulun Danu Temple, is the largest temple in Bali after Besakih Temple. The name of this temple depends on the building that stands on the Beratan lake. Location of this temple is quite special because it is in the highlands of  Bedugul, like about 1239 meters above the sea.

The  area conditions make this temple’s environment quite cool, with the air temperature between 18-22 degrees Celsius. In addition, the beautiful Lake Beratan landscape also adding the beautiful atmosphere of this place. You can enjoy this place with only 10.000 rupiahs. Also, it opens at 8 am – 6 pm. Its really worth to check out.

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3. Lake Beratan

After visiting the temple, now its time to visit the Bratan Lake. The entry ticket and the opening hours is the same as the temple (Its actually the same area). However, Beratan Lake is actually famous. Because of the famous of the Lake Beratan Bedugul for vacation in Bali, almost every day is many tourists always visit this lake. Even during the “quiet season” of the island of Bali, this place remain crowded for a vacation.

The favorite activity of tourists in Beratan Lake Bedugul is taking a photo with a background of the temple of the lake. Because so many tourists who want to have photos with the background of the temple, you’ll be experiencing some difficulties to take it too. Its almost like a competition. You should come early. However, beside taking photos, many tourists hire a speedboat, using it to circle the lake in order to enjoy the view of the lake from close range. Beratan Lake has a water with depth up to 23 meters though, be careful. After all, you must visit this wonderful lake.

4. Telaga Waja River Rafting

This rafting activity on Telaga Waja Bali River is located in Muncan village, Karangasem, east of Bali which can be reached in less than 1.5 hours drive from tourist area of ​​Kuta, Legian, Sanur and Seminyak. Telaga Waja rafting was chosen to be one of the starting points of the most popular rafting in Bali.

Rafting in Telaga Waja River Bali will be more challenging because the level of the river is level 4. In addition in the water of waja river also clear and clean because it comes from a spring at the foot of Mount Agung Bali. However  around the Telaga Waja, the natural scenery is more interesting because along the rafting track we can see the rice fields, green hills, beautiful river cliffs and many waterfalls we can see along the track. Most the favorite thing about rafting in Telaga Waja river is the Jumping Point that has 4 meters high before the finish line. But don’t worry its safe, you can shout hysterically and definitely addicted again to it. What a great experience isn’t it?

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5. Munduk Waterfall

Another great waterfall in Bali.  This magnificent waterfall Munduk has about 15 meters height. With such height, when you are nearby the waterfall it is no wonder there is water splashing into your face as water falls from upstream to downstream. According to information, Munduk waterfall can be a cure for skin diseases. This waterfall is said to contains sulfur that is useful to rejuvenate the skin or restore skin problems such as dermatitis, itching, and so forth.

Regardless of true or not the statement is, the most important thing is you can enjoy the calm feels here. Its safe to play the water. The natural atmosphere recharging your mind and body from the days that are quite complicated and difficult.

However, before entering the waterfall area, you have to pay entry ticket and parking. The price is Rp 3000 for adults and children Rp 1500. After all, its beautiful yet calming, a perfect place for you.

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6. Melanting Waterfall

First, This waterfall ain’t far from Munduk though. The attraction and uniqueness of the Melanting waterfall, known from its location in the midst of clove and coffee plantations. In addition, you will heard the sounds of the water falling and the sounds of birds chirping.

The height of Melanting waterfall is about 20 meters. It is not as high as Gitgit waterfall which has height about 48 meters. If you want to bathe and soak, of course, you can do it in here. The entry ticket’s also cheap, only about 5.000 for adults and 2.000 for children. Great, isn’t it?

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7. Nungnung Waterfall

Spectacular view of this Nungnung Waterfall will welcome you at the end of the stairs with a height of approximately 30 meters. Due to the size of this waterfall, at the bottom of the valley you can see a thick fog that occurs. The vegetation in the waterfall area is very exotic, with various types of typical highland plants such as ferns and others.

When arrived at the entrance of Nungnung waterfall, you will be asked for entrance ticket which is 7500 rupiah per person. Come to this waterfall  if  you are traveling to bali and you can feel a fun adventure in the countryside with the beauty of nature in Bali. Totally worth it!

8. Bali Botanic Garden

The Botanical Garden provides an alternative recreation for you in Bali. Highlighting the beauty of the park, calm, peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. Ubud Botanical Garden is always crowded by foreign and domestic tourists. Also, Ubud is famous for its natural beauty, in addition to highlighting the culture and art, Ubud is quite interesting to enjoy.

The making of the park, as well as the landscape arrangement with ornamental plants or plants, was built on the idea of a ​​German writers Stefen Reisner and Faizah. It was founded in 2006 ago on 4 hectares of land. Distance from Denpasar to the location is about 40 minutes. You can rent a car during the holidays and tour to visit other interesting places on the Kintamani line.

When you are here, you can also do a little adventure in the labyrinth, providing a beautiful recreational experience in a tourist attraction in Bali. You can also chatting with families, especially children, they can play while learning as well as closer to the nature. Really nice place isn’t it?

9. Sangeh Monkey Forest

Are you afraid of monkeys?, well try your best to not to, because this time you’re got to visit a forest, with full of them. Sangeh forest located at Brahmana street, Sangeh village, Abiansemal, Badung regency. If you depart from Seminyak, to get to the location of Sangeh nature park it will take about 1 hour 15 minutes. If you depart from the tourist attraction of Ubud, the distance is shorter which is about 18 kilometers with an estimated travel time about 40 minutes.

This forest is a protected forest area which is dominated by nutmeg trees. In addition, you can also see hundreds of monkeys in it. Also, one of the uniqueness that in Sangeh attractions is, you will see a large nutmeg tree which its trunk resembles the male and female genitals. So the nutmeg tree is called the tree of Lanang Wadon (Male and Female), which means a tree that symbolizes men and women. However, the entry ticket is also very cheap as well, only 10.000 rupiahs. So what are you waiting for?

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10. Angseri Hot Spring

Ah, now its time to relax. Now, we go to this hot spring of Angseri. Angseri Tabanan hot spring was built in 2007 and has its own uniqueness of other natural hot springs in Bali. The uniqueness of the Angseri hot spring seems very clear, on the design of the garden arranged neatly with plants of coconut trees, fern trees and some order of grass. The view of the rice fields is also visible from the Angseri hot spring. Also, in Angseri natural hot spring pool there’s one adult pool and also a hot water pool for children which is also one.

To be able to use Angseri natural hot pool facilities, you will be charged with entrance fee of Rp 4,000 per person. By paying a ticket of Rp 4,000 / person, you can use 2 pools. First is a hot water pool for adults and the second is the natural hot spring for children. However, this place opens everyday, from 08.00-20.00. Also the entry ticket is pretty cheap, only 4.000. Pretty good, isn’t it?

11.Secret Garden Village

Secret Garden Village is a new destination in Bali that will become an icon of tourist destination in Bedugul Tabanan, also Bali in general. This attraction brings the concept of educational visit factory & outlet because there are provided some interesting activities that can be done within 60 minutes. The first activity is Oemah Herborist Beauty Factory Outlet. Here visitors will be pampered with an interesting and cool atmosphere. Visitors will see a herborist cosmetic factory famous for its Balinese scrub.

Also, there is a beauty Heritage Museum. Special place to store the history of beauty cosmetics Indonesia since ancient times until the development of the world of modern cosmetics. Then visitors will be invited to visit Mini Plant, where the tourists will be taught how to make cosmetics with natural materials, such as making soap, scrub, and so on.

Beside those things, there are also some things you can do here, check it yourself. Its actually a perfect place, especially for you who love cosmetics.

12. Tambling (Tamblingan) Lake

Lake Tamblingan is located on the northern slope of Mount Lesung, Munduk Village, Banjar, Buleleng, Bali. This lake is one of the three twin lakes formed inside a large caldera. To the east there are Lake Buyan and Beratan Lake. Surrounding by the forest and due to its location in the highlands make the lake environment is pretty cool.

As one of the natural attractions, Lake Tamblingan not developed in the direction of modern tourism, in order to preserve the nature and environment. The main attraction of this place is not only the natural charm, but also because of the many temples that hold the history and development of civilization and culture of Bali, also concerning the formation and development of Tamblingan. Village. So what are you waiting for then, check it out!.

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How to Get There

First thing first, to get there you can travel from Denpasar city by your own car or maybe motorcycle. The travelling hours, only about 1 or maybe 2 hours. There are some route options you can choose. You can choose either the First route , which is from Denpasar then go to Kediri , Tabanan, Penebel, and finally arrive at Jatiluwih. You also can choose The Second route, which is from Denpasar, and then Mengwi, Baturiti , then Jatiluwih. However, the first route is more recommended because the road is more smooth and wider. It will reduce the risk you know. Choose any route you want.

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  • Jatiluwih Location

The location of Jatiluwih is in the Penebel, Tabanan, Bali. About 700m above the sea. The area is not far from the Batu Karu Mountain. Jatiluwih known for its stunning rice fields panorama.  Beside that view, you can also enjoy the cool air you’ll get here. Because of that, its an absolutely perfect place for you.

  • Entry Ticket

To get all those beautiful things in here, you must pay an entry ticket. The entry ticket ain’t expensive at all, you just need to pay about 10.000. With only 10.000, you will get some memorable experiences in here. Seems interesting isn’t it?.

That’s it, several things to do in Jatiluwih Bali. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and i want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it, careful not to get lost though. Make a very nice memory of it, and please keep the environment clean, to make the beauty of those places still maintained. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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