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12 Things to Do in Munduk Bali Indonesia (Beautiful)

by Yoga Adi

Trips to the mountains with fresh air can be rapidly becoming the choice for many people who take vacation in Bali. Especially if you look at the coastal areas that were previously becoming the star visited by tourists. Actually the existence of the tourists slightly reduced the comfort, especially for those who crave a quiet holiday and relaxation facilities.

Fortunate for the tourists, and especially the citizens of Bali, because Bali has quite a lot of choices for tourist locations other than the stunning coastal areas, Bali also has a cool mountainous region that is not less interesting to visit. One of them, is Munduk.

Among domestic tourists, Munduk is relatively less famous even for people of Denpasar. A lot of them less familiar with this village that has the potential for tourism. But not so for the foreign tourists, especially Europe, Munduk is not a strange name to them. Munduk Village becomes an option for those who are on holiday to Bali to get the serenity and beauty of Balinese nature that has not been so much touched by modernization. Its a perfect location for you who want to relax from the crowd.

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Okay, after the general informations about Munduk, lets jump to some attractions that exist in there, starting with Munduk Village. Here is all the things to do in Munduk Bali Indonesia.

1. Munduk Village

Lonely and quiet, maybe that’s what you will feel when crossing the village of Munduk. Not many vehicles that pass in this area. Located approximately 80 km from Denpasar, this village is not exactly a major tourist destination in Bali, such as Kuta and Nusa Dua. Not many tourist facilities, such as hotels and restaurants available in this village. The residents houses are far away from each other, not assembled like a normal settlement.

In general the village is easily accessible because there are highways between districts that pass through it. If you want to visit this village, be free then because you don’t need to pay entrance ticket whatsoever. However, the long journey from Ngurah Rai Airport to the village is about 2.5 hours by private vehicle. (Also read: Airport in Bali, Indonesia) The trip here is also fun because besides the road is relatively quiet, the scenery is also so charming. The mountains, hills, rice fields and gardens along the way really spoil the eyes. Not to mention if the fog starts to fall in the morning or late afternoon. Beside its free, this village of course doesn’t have opening times, so feel free to visit it. What a good place!

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2. Munduk Waterfall

Waterfall munduk located in the Village Munduk, Singaraja District. Located in a cool mountain area with tons of the best natural attractions in Bali. Location of waterfall munduk is about 70 km north of the city of Denpasar, or with 2 hours drive by motor vehicle. It takes a little time because of the road that connect the city of Denpasar and Singaraja is a little too far.

This Waterfall munduk has a height of about 20 meters with water falling only in one direction, this waterfall area has a wide enough area with much sloping land to enjoy the waterfall up close. The Pond under waterfall is quite small for the size of waterfall munduk but enough for you who want to just soak in it. The vegetation just below the waterfall has a wonderful diversity of tropical plant-like plants such as flowers and colorful trees. This place has no opening times, and you must pay about 3.000 rupiahs for adults and 2.000 for kids. This is the first waterfall you must visit in Munduk.

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3. Melanting Waterfall

Location of Melanting waterfall is located in the village of Munduk, in the district Banjar, Buleleng regency of Bali. In the village of Munduk there are two locations of waterfalls near to each other, namely this Melanting Waterfall, and Munduk Waterfall which already mentioned above. If you depart from the tourist attractions of Kuta Bali, the distance to be traveled about 77 kilometers, with travel time for 2.5 hours. Certainly with the condition of the road smoothly without jamming.

The attraction and uniqueness of the Melanting waterfall, are from its location in the midst of clove plantations and coffee plantations. In addition, when you go to the location on foot, you will hear the sound of the falling water and the sound of birds chirping. To enjoy all the greatness, you only need to pay about 5.000 rupiahs for entry ticket, pretty nice right?

4. Aling aling Waterfall

Waterfall Aling-aling can be an easy alternative destination when you travel and arrange your tour in North Bali, with distance about 15 minutes by car from Singaraja city, then you will be arrive at Aling-aling waterfall location. Being a tourist destination well known by local residents, a number of tourists also visit the area just to find a different of the natural atmosphere with the charm that is still beautiful can make your mind and body fresh again.

Arriving at the location you are treated with spectacular waterfalls, the tiring feeling will suddenly be gone. The beauty of Aling-aling waterfall that has a height of 35 meters which is falling from the top of the cliff, is none other than the unique flow of waterfalls that split in two from the top. The fraction to the right has a bigger and heavier flow of water. The cliffs are also steep, with large rocks along the river flow, the natural green and beautiful surroundings provide tranquility, so you can be relax and feel comfortable in this place. Beside those beautiful things you can get in here, you will not charged with entrance fee, only voluntary donations. Pretty good, right?.

5. Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit waterfall is suitable for you adventure lovers. At the Gitgit waterfall attractions, you can try a trekking adventure with bumpy and uphill terrain trails that test your adrenaline. Gitgit waterfall  itself is one of the tourist attractions in North Bali located in the mountains Gitgit. There, the air was cool and away from the city noise. No wonder if Gitgit waterfall attraction becomes one of the favorite tour for you who like the beauty of nature.

However, in addition to being used as a tourist attraction, Gitgit waterfall is also often used as a place of photography by photographers who want to choose the feel of a waterfall as their object. There, visitors not just see and take pictures, in this Gitgit waterfall tour you can swim with clean water conditions. With only 5.000 rupiahs entry ticket, you can enjoy all the greatness available in this waterfall. What a great place.

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6. Tamblingan Lake

Lake Tamblingan Bali, presenting natural attractions that are not for commercial or modern design such as Lake Beratan, Tamblingan more designed for spiritual and natural tourism with beautiful natural treats along with dense forests around it. The atmosphere is calm, comfortable and away from the crowd, so you can more relaxed and fell  free to enjoy the green surroundings. Tamblingan is located on the northern slope of Mount Lesong, located in the village of Munduk, Banjar, Buleleng. In the map, its include in the area of ​​North Bali. Also being on the plateau makes it feel cool.

If you visit the tourist attraction of Lake Tamblingan in Buleleng Bali, then you can feel the beautiful nature of the lake surrounded by dense forest, also natural atmosphere which is fresh and unspoiled. Not only that, you can get around the lake by renting a small boat called a boat. You need to pay a 10.000 rupiahs worth of entry ticket, and then you can feel free to enjoy this magnificent lake.

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7. Beratan Lake

The second lake you must visit is this special lake, Beratan. Lake Beratan is one of the best and most beautiful lake in the world. In addition, Lake Beratan is also very well known to foreign tourists as the best tourist attractions and very interesting to visit. So no wonder if this tourist spot is always busy visited by foreign and domestic tourists. Besides famous for its beautiful lake and natural surroundings, Beratan Lake also has a very cool air and still very natural, so far from the noise of town.

In this tourist place also been equipped with a variety of facilities and accommodation which quite complete ranging from hotels, villas, restaurants and also various  public facilities. For those of you who are looking for water attractions, around the Lake there are also a water game area such as playing Jetski, Kano and also Parasailing. In addition, around the lake we can also find a mountain called Mount Catur and the people of Bali more familiar with the name Peak Mangu. The entry ticket also not too expensive, 20.000 rupiahs for adult and 15.000 for kids. This is one of must visited lakes in Bali.

8.Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

Around Lake Beratan there is also a temple called Ulun temple, the location of this temple is at the end side of Lake Beratan. Pura Ulun was built in the early 17th century,  used as a place to worship the greatness and majesty of God Almighty. The scenery around Pura Ulun Danu looks amazing. When the morning sun is present, it illuminates the mountain parts and the reflection of light that creates the shadow of Pura looks very beautifully seen on the water surface of Lake Beratan.

For those of you who have enjoyed the beauty and tranquility in the Beratan Lake area, its guaranteed you do not want to go home and want to stay for a little more time in the best and most beautiful tourist spot in Bali. Also, with the entrance ticket tourist location for only Rp 20.000, this is a must visit place.

9. Brahma Vihara Arama

Brahmavihara-Arama is a beautiful vihara and is the largest Buddhist temple in Bali. This place is better known as Banjar Buddhist Temple because of its location in the village of Banjar, Buleleng. This vihara is located in the hilly area of ​​Tegeha village, Banjar District. Its 22 kilometers west of Singaraja and 11 kilometers from Lovina tourist area. Meanwhile, from the city of Denpasar, this vihara is about 100 kilometers that can be reached in approximately 2.5 – 3 hours through the Denpasar-Bedugul-Singaraja line.

Unique thing is, when entering Brahmavihara-Arama, it feels like entering a temple. Indeed, the Hindu element is still thick in this temple because it remains built with Balinese architecture without losing its trademark as a place of Buddhist worship. However, there are no entrance ticket needed to be paid, so feel free to visiting this vihara at any time.

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10. Bali Treetop Adventure

For those who do not know, surely this time you will ask, what kind of activities you can do in this Bedugul treetop adventures?. Bali treetop adventure park in Bedugul, is one of the most exciting adventure tourism activities and performed in a beautiful outdoor environment. This park is highly favored by tourists who want to do outbound tourism activities in Bali with children and family.

In addition to family tourism activities, Treetop adventure park Bedugul is also very suitable for corporate outing activities or often called the Bali team building activity. Currently, many companies are found in Bali, invite their employees to outing the company, by doing those adventure tourism activities. However, to enter this fun place you must pay 230.000 rupiahs for adults and 125.000 rupiahs for kids. Also, this park opens from 09.30 am to 6 pm everyday !. So what are you waiting for?.

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Other Attractions near Munduk

Beside those great attractions you can find in Munduk, you can’t also miss these places too. This time we focusing to deal with your stomach problem, so we provide you with these two spots for you, enjoy. Thus, here are more things to do in Munduk Bali Indonesia:

11. Cooking Lesson Chez Rico

This is the place if you really want to learn about all balinese cuisines and how to make them. This is a great opportunity for you who want to study about those typical foods in Bali. Here, the mentor will teach you, step by step how to make them.

After you follow the mentor guidance, and finally make your own balinese food, you can also eat it and enjoy your hard work !. Plus, if you want to get the recipes, you can also order it. However, make sure to make time for visiting this place, because this place only opens exclusively for 3 hours. It open everyday, from 6 until 9 pm. With a little bit of money, you can get the great fun experience of making balinese cuisines in here. You must try it !

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12. Warung Classic

Hidden away in a village in Munduk, there is a stall selling local food with a great taste. Call it, Spicy Fried Chicken, Nasi Campur, Satay Chicken, until traditional spring rolls. Moreover, you can while enjoying beautiful natural scenery during a meal here. They also have a cooking class program especially for foreign tourists who want to learn to cook Indonesian cuisine.

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However, the price is not too expensive, and this venue opens from 10 am until 10 pm everyday!. In addition of the great taste foods, you also be treated with beautiful scenery of the mountains right in front of you. After all, this is a special place that you must visit !.

That’s it, several the attractions near Munduk, Bali Indonesia. Actually, there’s more things to do in Munduk Bali Indonesia, you can explore it and i want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it, careful not to get lost though. Make a very nice memory of it, and please keep the environment clean, to make the beauty of those places still maintained. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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