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12 Things to Do in Tuban Bali Indonesia (Wonderful)

by Yoga Adi

This is another location near the well known Kuta. The name of this district is Tuban. Tuban is an urban district in Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia. In this village there is a unique tradition, namely siat fire or war using coconut husk that is so burning. They do it when Piodalan in the temple of the local heaven.

However, there’s also an area named Kelan. Kelan is part of the village of Tuban, sub-district of Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia. Kelan is located in the south of Bali Ngurah Rai Airport Airport in Bali Indonesia, across from North Kedonganan Village to be exact. Kelan has 1 Adat Village and 2 Pakraman Villages namely Banjar Kelan Desa and Banjar Kelan Abian. Each Banjar has a total number of about 350 families with the main livelihood of fishermen and farmers. But with the changing era of moderation some residents as a Kelan community working in Ngurah Rai International Airport Area of Bali.

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Now, lets see what we can find in this special part of Bali. Many of them are beaches of course and most of them are free!, so that is a good thing.Beside the beaches, there are a lot of good locations that also worth to check out. First, lets check those beaches and things to do in Tuban Bali Indonesia.

1. Tuban Beach

Tuban Beach is a beach on the western coast, closest to the airport. We can take pictures on the beach with the background of planes that will take off or are going to land. The point is, this beach is not so much visited and more quiet when compared with the beach next to it, the beach Kuta. Perhaps because it is too close to the airport and people afraid to interfere with flight activities, so this beach is not too crowded.

Its also a good point though, for you who seek a little bit comfortable and also quiet place, this is perfect for you. Plus, there’s no entry ticket needed to be paid, so feel free to visit this beach at any time you wanted. Also remember to enjoy the beauty of this place, and maintained it.

2. Kuta Beach

As one of the beaches of Bali, Kuta beach Bali is the heart of tourism island of Bali. In addition, the beauty of Kuta beach Bali is very famous to foreign countries. If the beach Sanur Bali, more suitable for the location see the sunrise, then in contrast to the Kuta beach which is more suitable for viewing the sunset.

The beach line in Kuta Bali has a length of 5 kilometers and its said to be the best coastline on the island of Bali. The shoreline of the coastline is very gentle and also the beach is very wide. The beach is very safe for a vacation spot, and the cleanliness of the beach is well preserved. Therefore, although the stretch of the coastline is so long, but always filled with tourists. Same as the beach above, this place has no entrance fee. So, this is one of must visit beaches in Bali. One of the best things to do in Tuban Bali Indonesia. 

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3. German Beach

Kuta Beach, Dreamland or Jimbaran already famous for its beauty in Bali. One beach that may not have been known to the traveler is the German beach in Kuta area. The beach is not less beautiful, you can also see the plane for up close.

The journey to the German beach can be done on foot or by bicycle from Kuta Beach area. When using a motor vehicle you must turn first because there are many one-way roads around Kuta Beach area. Main access to the German coast by motor vehicle is via Jalan Wana Segara. So, some people call the German beach with Wana Segara Beach. To enter this beach, you can just walk in easily because there’s no entry ticket whatsoever. Enjoy it while you can !.

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4. Kelan Beach

In the list of the best locations to see the sunset in Bali, there is a beach called Kelan beach. Perhaps many of you do not know about the beach Kelan. Even though Kelan beach location is very close to Ngurah Rai airport. 

Airplanes landing or take off, accompanied by a booming sound, with a background view of the sunset, is the main attraction of the beach Kelan. The location of Kelan beach has a coastline parallel to the beach at Kedonganan and Jimbaran beach, so the texture of white sand beaches and the wave is very similar to Jimbaran beach. Like any other beach near this area, to enter this beach you don’t need to pay anything !. Its very good though, remembering this beach is already a special one. Its absolutely worth a visit.

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5. Segara Beach

This beach is located about 2 km from Ngurah Rai airport. To reach this tourist spot, you have to go to Tuban highway, straight north and turn right when there is traffic light. Follow the main road and you will arrive at Segara Beach. You will soon be greeted with stalls lined up around the beach and no parking rates charged here alias free!

Beautiful panorama of sunset in Bali can be said an ordinary thing, but not all beaches in Bali has beautiful sunrise panorama, because of that Segara Beach is a popular beach for tourists who like to hunt sunrise. So you can enjoy the beauty of sunrise on this beach, its advised to come around at 5 am because if too late you will miss the moments of a very beautiful sunrise. Sunlight combined with a vast expanse of ocean will make the panorama of the morning at the beach becomes more stunning. What a great place.

6. Waterbom Bali

There is nothing more fun things to do with friends or family than play water. You can go directly to Waterbom Bali, a water recreation park that promises exciting and thrilling activities. If you take the holidays to Bali with the whole family, usually the children will be fussy because of the weather is quite hot. No need toworry, just invite them to cool them self in the largest water park in Asia and number 3 in the world, Waterbom Bali.

There are 22 fun rides that you can try as much as you can in here here, including a pool with a bar , who knows if you want to relax while enjoying a variety of foods and drink. You can also go crazy trying out a variety of intense games. You can find almost everything in Waterbom Bali. However, the entry ticket has prices of 252.000 rupiahs for domestic and 270.000 for foreign tourists. You can get the discount if you order it online though. Also, this place opens from 9 am until 6 pm, everyday!. So what are you waiting for, grab your family and take them to the must fun attractions in Tuban Bali !

7. Circus Waterpark

Another great waterpark in Tuban, Bali. What is Circus Waterpark? Circus Waterpark is a rides game that is often used as tourist destination by many people besides beaches, caves, mountains, and others attractions in Bali. The rides of the game in here are divided into two, namely rides for children and rides for adults. Some games that children can enjoy are Falldown Basket, Mini Slider Tube, Mini Speed ​​Slider, Kiddezt and Phinicy Game that will spoil the children who have dominant instinct to play.

As for adults, there are also available some rides games like Speed ​​Tube, Speed ​​Slider, Speed ​​Spiral and also Wave Slider. You can also be interested in the full color and lazy river, the pool that surrounds the game above the game with a depth of about 70 cm. Circus Waterpark was first opened in June 2011 with a total area of ​​2 hectares and managed by professional teams so the quality of service and responsiveness is no longer need to doubt. However, to enter this place you must pay the entry ticket, 150.000 for adults and 100.000 for kids. Also, this great water park open from 9 am until 6pm,  every single day. Pretty good, right?.

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Other Attractions in Tuban Bali

After playing with water and have fun with those locations, now its time to buy souvenirs and also relax in a good restaurant, and do other activities that more relaxing. These are the locations and best things to do in Tuban Bali Indonesia.

8. Rama Krisna Souvenirs Shop

Bali has many souvenir centers to visit, but not all of themare open 24 hours. Oftenly you are too busy enjoying the holidays and did not have time to buy souvenirs. But do not worry, now there is a 24 hours gift shop. Its Krisna on Jl Raya Tuban, Kuta, Bali. The 24-hour Krisna souvenir center is just 5 minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. However, Krishna which is located on Jalan Raya Tuban no 2X, Kuta, Bali is the only gift shop that open for 24 hours.

In here, there are also available some various snacks such as milk pie, various kinds of chips, crisp claws and various pastries. There also fruits and dry dodols. Not only that, there are also various Balinese coffee such as Kintamani Coffee, Mangsi Coffee and Bali Spirit Coffee. This place also known for its reasonable price, so don’t worry about your wallet. After all, this is a must visit place if you want to buy some souvenirs for people back home.

9. The Boardwalk

As a part of Bali Garden Resort, The Boardwalk offers a slightly classy beachside retreat. A soothing beach breeze and gorgeous with lined white umbrellas make the The Boardwalk a perfect place to relax while enjoying the romantic moments of the couples without paying too much.

Some comfortable rattan benches overlooking the sea are also provided for anyone looking to relax or sunbathe while enjoying a refreshing cool drink. In the evenings, this restaurant also provides a variety of exciting entertainment, from the performances of bands that bring acoustic music to the fire-dance show. Choice of foods are quite diverse and inspired by the flavors of Indonesia, Italy and Mediterrania. Snacks are available from Rp35.000, -, beer ranging from Rp23.000, -, fresh juice from Rp22.000, – and cocktails start from Rp60.000, -. Its quite affordable. However, this place opens from 11 am until 11 pm. So, if you want to relax you body and your mind while watching the entertainments, this is a perfect place.

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10. Kuta Theater

Kuta Theater Magic Bali also shows modern theater with modern Balinese dance, accompanied by David Copperfield-like magic show that you can watch live. As you watch this show, there is a scene that will make you feel tense but there is also a funny and entertaining moment. The drama show has a moral message of life that can be conveyed through stories and roles played by professional and talented theater players. So you will be amazed and dissolved in the story during this show with the support of musical accompaniment, sound, and lighting that make this theater show more interesting.

However, the theater has 150 seats equipped with air conditioning and build above the 1,000 m² area that you will use to watch every scene played by players. Before you watch the show, if you arrive early, they provide a place and a tool to perform magic tricks for visitors. If you take a photo, it will also produce a different and unique photo because the shooting technique will be directed by the officers. However, the theater is performing the shows twice per day, at 5pm and 7 pm. You need to pay 100.000 for entry ticket though. Beside that, its a great experience to visit this magnificent theater.

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11. Dream Museum Zone

Since the influence of three-dimensional alias 3D , now artwork painting was made with the concept of 3D trick-art. At the Dream Museum Zone Bali, you can pose with a background of paintings that looks alive. Where else can you take pictures in impossible styles in the real world, like sitting near sharp-toothed sharks or tyrannosaurus rex.

Not only that, you can also act like a girl who walks along the cliff wall with a fairly steep height. Remember, make sure your camera or cell phone battery is fully charged, because there are 120 unique and interesting paintings, ready to take you around the world. You need to pay 100.000 rupiahs to enter this place, and this place opens from 9 am until 10 pm everyday, so check it out !.

12.Cosmic Dinner Nebula Restaurant

Once setting foot to this restaurant, you will be immediately brought to the colorful 60s era. At the Cosmic Diner, you will be greeted by plaid-tiled floor tiles, the old music player / jukebox, red-colored bar stools, and retro decorations. How about the food? You will find American classic menus, such as burgers, shakes, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, French fries and coffee. Try its Chocolate Trifecta Shake served in a unique glass with the shape of boots.

However, the prices in here are very reasonable, not too expensive nor too cheap. This place also opens from 10 am until 23.30 pm. So, this place is perfect for relaxing from the tiring journey in Kuta.

That’s it, several things to do in Tuban, Bali Indonesia. Actually, there are more things to do in Tuban Bali Indonesia, and you can enjoy it for sure, and make a great experience of it, careful not to get lost though. Tuban has many great memories that you’ll find, many of them are maybe the funny ones. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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