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16 Wonderful Things to Do around Jakarta Airport, Indonesia

by ydrahmatullah

Jakarta will always has a great place to visit for travelers around the globe. It is not only because Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, but also it gives you a bunch of attractive and exciting places to visit and it has some different characteristics from other capital cities.

Yup, you can firmly believe that Jakarta is always about national Monument, Old city museum or Ancol beach. But now you can relate Jakarta to its friendly and nice-weather place to hang out and to stay for days. I will tell you some cozy places and exciting activities that you can do around Jakarta.

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Here is all the things to do around Jakarta, Indonesia:

1. Istiqlal Mosque.

Istiqlal Mosque is the Indonesia’s largest Mosque, and it is a praying place for Jakartans and people around as its neighborhood. It is like religion attractive recreation for Muslim to get this Mosque and pray.

Located in Central Jakarta, it is also used as a center for conferences, lectures and seminars. Lots of other activities that are held in Istiqlal mosque. Just come to see its great architectures and cool and fresh air inside this mosque.

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2. Kemang

Kemang provides you  another sides of Jakarta. There are lots of restaurant, bars, and hang out place that are enjoyed by travelers or Jakartans to spend their days to do all the Things to Do in Kemang

Located in Kemang Raya Street, it is the place that you can explore with family and friends. Just get off your vehicles and take a walk along the Antasari street, you can enjoy your afternoon walks in the pavements in this street.

Or, you can also take your motorcycle  or ride-hailing and on-demand transportation, such as GO-JEK, Uber or Grab, to get there. Choose one of your favorite place to hang out, sit and relax to see its neighborhood and sip your cappuccino and have your food.

3. Bale Benong Seafood

It’s the restaurant that is near to Halim Perdanakusuma Airport. You just need to take a ride about 1 km to reach this seafood restaurant.

Bale Bengong serves you the delicious seafood and many other food. it opend from 11.00 t0 21.00. And its price range between Rp. 12.000 – Rp.85.000.

  • Price range : Rp. 12.000 – Rp.85.000.
  • Opening Hours: 11.00-21.00

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4. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

What’s the best things to do around Jakarta? It is a miniature park of Indonesia and it is as a recreation park that has a cultural theme. This park represent Indonesia just in a complex of  1,5 km square.

In Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, there are a lot of miniatures of artistically traditional houses. They represent 26 provinces in Indonesia. You can find some shows that relate to traditional clothes and dances. The very attractive place in this park is a a miniature of Indonesia Island just in the middle of the park.

The museums are provided in this park. There are so many museum that you can visit and learn. Pusaka Museum, Asmat Museum, and Komodo Museum are just some little museum that I mention.

Com to this park. It is a remonded place for travelers to visit. It ‘s a glimpse of Indonesia cultural richness that you must know.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp. 10.000
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

5. Kota Kasablanka

It is a shopping mall area that you can visit if you are near Jakarta Airport. It is a modern shopping mall that has complete tenants. The price is affordable for you. Spend your enjoyable shopping with your family, and pick exciting hang out place with your friends.

There are provided with restaurants and eateries that you can enjoy  all day long. But wait, it is only not about food or clothes,  you can also try a beauty salon and reflexology there.

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6. Pancasila Sakti Monument

It is another monument that you can visit. It was built as an Idea of The second President Indonesia Bapak Soeharto. The monument aims to remain the struggle of Revolution Heroes. It’s another memorable things to do around Jakarta.

There are seven revolution heroes that was tortured and buried  in a hole, that is now known as Lubang Buaya.  Located in Pondok gede street, you can come and Learn about this historical monument in Jakarta. You will get valuable story from it.

  • Entry Ticket: Rp. 2.500/person
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

7. Air Cawan Spa

It is one of the best Spa in Jakarta. Air cawan, or water in a cup, symbolize a harmony and tranquility of mind, body and soul.

The ladies-only Spa provides you a calm and quiet atmosphere. It has a clean and enjoyable place. Come to this place to feel the  aromatic fragrant and the best massage.

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8. Secondhand Market

Located in Surabaya Street, Menteng, Jakarta, This secondhand market show you many good and unique secondhand things.

There are so many kiosks that show their  antique brass and ancient things that still has good condition, such as, gramophone, porcelain, crystal lamp, compass, and many more.

You will not just hunt your favorite old things, but you can meet many international tourists whom you can chat with and exchange any information about the old stuffs.

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9. Freedom Library

Increase your knowledge by visiting this library. It is not just Library. However, you can have a cozy place to read the books, magazine, or newspaper. With a complete collection of books and segmentation guidance,  you may not lose to find your favorite one.

It is the labrary that is located in Proklamasi Street No. 46.  By providing comfortable place with the comfortable sofa and chair will spend your free day in this place. Don’t waste your time with unnecessary activities, Just come to this place to increase your knowledge and relax your body and mind.

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10. Car Free Day

If you travel to Jakarta and stay for some days in, just come to car free day in Sudirman – Thamrin street.  The Car Free Day, or CFD, starts from 6 am to 12 at noon.

You will be amazed with the empty street that is out of vehicles and public transportation. You will feel so good to experience and see the main Sudirman – Thamrin road  without any vehicles. All the way just people who do some sports and many other activities.

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More Attractions in Jakarta

Here are more things to do around Jakarta, Indonesia that you can’t miss when you visit this beautiful capital city.

  1. Chinatown Glodok – This is the area that is called Glodok. there are  traditional houses, markets, architecture and  beautiful Chinese temple.
  2. Sea World – Bring your children to see various sea animals and other attractions in Sea world.
  3. Wayang Museum – The traditional shadow puppets are exist in this museum that will learn you about Indonesia culture.
  4. Waterbom Jakarta – Try the highest slides in this swimming pool. You will be having fun to feel the water and the air of Jakarta.
  5. National Museum – This is the world’s famous museum. It is fulled of Ancient and historical objects.
  6. Thousand Island – It is the best place for beach-going travelers.
  7. Ocean Park Jakarta – Where you can swim and get wet in happiness.
  8. Atlantis Water Adventure –  Another good idea for swimming and get happy.
  9. Bidadari Island – The only beautiful island in the capital city.
  10. Pasar Seni (Art Galery) – Where you can buy traditional merchandise from here.
  11. Fatahilah Museum – Where you learn about Jakarta history
  12. Old Town Jakarta – Feel Jakarta in ancient time, unique and beautiful
  13. Grand Indonesia Mall – Meanwhile, Selena Gomez was here, one of the best things to do around Jakarta.

So many attractive recreations that Jakarta provides and things to do around Jakarta. Explore all the exciting places that will make you stay longer in Jakarta. Happy traveling in Indonesia!

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