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13 Things to Do in Samarinda, East Kalimantan Indonesia

by ydrahmatullah

Samarinda is the capital city of East Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is one of the famous city in Indonesia, because it lies on the banks of Mahakam River. So, it has a Special  characteristic from any other city in Indonesia.

If yo have a plan to visit Samarinda, you sometimes do not need some places that attract you to take a photo. But you need to try some traditional food that  give you the best Samarinda taste. However, this all the list of things to do in Samarinda, East Kalimantan Indonesia:

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1. Mahakam River

Actually, Mahakam River itself has its own attraction to visitors. You can walk along the Mahakam river to see the view and interact with local. And you can rent the boat to have an unforgettable experience floating on the river.

In the day, feel free to have a chat with the local residents who live nearby the river. they will happily answer what to be your question about Samarinda. And in the night, the lamps on the bridge will interest your eyes and do not wait longer to take some pictures of it. When you visit Mahakam river in the day and night, you will feel the differences. Just figure out what the best time to visit Samarinda, especially visit Mahakam river.

2. Mahakam Lampion Park

Mahakam has a beautiful park when you visit it in the night. Yes, it is mahakam Lampion Park. There will be many different lanterns shapes and kinds in this park. You will see the mosque lanterns, fishes, flowers, animals, and many other colorful lanterns that light up your vision. Come with your friends and family, I am sure you will get a nice view when you sit and chat in this park.

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3. Samarendah Park

Visit Samarendah Park! It is a park that lie in the center of Samarinda City. Samarendah actually means samarinda in different accent from local people. It has unique paths to walk, because the pats has long circle path to walk, ride bicycle, and to jog in the morning. You also can relax and sit under the tree to feel the fresh air in the park. in addition, this large square park will serve you a green view as well.

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4. Kumala Island

It does not mean that you have to sail over the sea to reach this island, Kumala Island. However, the island is actually the delta area of Mahakam river which you can reach by land transportation for about 30 minutes from the Samarinda city center. And you can also visit the island by water transportation, surely it will be more fun.

In this island, you will be served by a traditional and cultural things of Samarinda, you can also try to climb sky tower to see the beauty of Samarinda from the higher place.  Try the game and play in this park! Honestly, you will forget your time then.

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5. Tanah Merah Waterfall

In North Samarinda, there is a Tanah Merah Waterfall. It has its own uniqueness, if you see its two-color water. The color of the waterfall will definitly clean water, but if it touches the pond of the waterfall it becomes red or muddy color.

So, that is why it is called Tanah Merah waterfall, means red soil. It has 15 feet height, and it has  fresh air around the waterfall. The green view and natural environment will give you the best feeling.

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6. Pinang Seribu Waterfall

The next waterfall that you must visit is Pinang Seribu Waterfall. It is also has beatiful and green view when you visit the waterfall in a day.

It is different from Tanah Merah waterfall, because the waterfall has some leveled soil that make it more unique and attractive.

Come to this waterfall as soon as possible, because the waterfall is rarely visited by local or international tourists. Less people know about this waterfall, So, it will be the best place for you who need calmness atmosphere and need to enjoy the relaxing nature sound.

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7. Pampang Cultural Village

When you need cultural knowledge, Pampang Cultural Village will be the best place to learn a culture. There are lots of local and international visitors who want to know more about Kalimantan Culture. It is occupied by Dayak Tribes who still keep their ancestors’ rules.

Come at weekend! you will be spoiled by some artistic shows that are very beautiful and hypnotized your eyes. The artists of the show will wears beautiful traditional Dayak clothes. It’s nice! Besides, the traditional houses of Dayak Tribe have of various artistic carving as well.

8. Lembah Hijau Recreation Park

Another recreation park in Samarinda is Lembah Hijau Recreation Park. Lembah Hijau means green valley. It serves family leisure that can be enjoyed all day.

Lembah Hijau Recreation Park has some best spots to relax and enjoy the vacation. It has swimming pool, lake and huts.If you come to enjoy the water, just come to the swimming pool in this area.

Then, you can enjoy the water game and play in the lake. But, if you just come to relax and enjoy the air, you can sit in relaxing hut by enjoying your food and drinks.

9.  Tenun Village Samarinda

Tenun Village, Samarinda

The well-known clothes from Samarinda is Tenun Samarinda. It is the traditional clothes that are made by the local traditionally. Why is it made truly traditionally? Because it uses a wooden traditional machine in a process to produce a woven Cloth of Samarinda. And It has specific square motif that show the characteristic of Samarinda. It is must visit place for you to buy Samarinda souvenirs to be brought to your home or country.

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Culinary Tour in Samarinda

Well, there are many things to do in Samarinda, East Kalimantan Indonesia including culinary food. Indeed, you must try these food!

1. Samarinda Turmeric Rice

The bright color of the rice comes from the turmeric mixed to the rice with other special flavors. What make this food is different from other typical Turmeric rice  is because it is served with Gabus fish, grated coconut, Bali Flavor egg and fried onion.

You can meet the seller of turmeric rice from  street food stalls to a big restaurant. Just find and taste it from the food stall along the Mahakam River. You will find double special taste if you sit on the bench of the stall; a delicious taste of the food and the best view from the Mahakam River.

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2. Pisang Gapit (Banana)

After you taste Samarinda Turmeric Rice, this is the snacks that you do not want to forget to taste. Pisang Gapit, or in English means Gapit Banana, is a food that is served with Durian sauce. Why is it called Gapit? Because it is pressured, or digapit, with two boards before it is cooked, so it will look like a flat banana.

The street vendors of  Pisang Gapit sell this snacks along the banks of Mahakam River. You will sniff the good smell of the roasted banana, if you pass over them.  Take it when it is still hot! You will feel a good combination between the sweet Durian sauce and banana. The Durian sauce melts on the top of it.

3. Bubur Pedas Samarinda

Bubur Pedas,or Spiced porridge, is a food that is appropriate for your breakfast. Although it is called Spiced Porridge, but you can low the level of its spicy. So, you will not have trouble with your stomach.

The porridge has an extra food that make it more special and different from any other province in Indonesia. It is added by fried teri fish, kangkung, peanut, a slice of lime, kesum leaves, and soy sauce.

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4. Amplang

Do you  unfamiliar to this name, or Is it not like a name of something that you can eat? It is actually a name of special  chips of Samarinda. Amplang is the chips that is made of flour flavored with Tenggiri fish. Bring these chips when you travel in Samarinda, so they will be a suitable snacks when you are having your  meals.

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Those are the unforgettable places to come in Samarinda. The cultural and traditional things of Samarinda have the best characteristics in its own. Grab the traditional food and visit its cultural center! You can go traveling around Samarinda, while you hunt for the traditional special food which  have delicious taste and unique flavors and enjoy all the things to do in Samarinda, East Kalimantan Indonesia.

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