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15 Things To Do in East Lombok (Magical Spots)

by louisagabe

Lombok Island is the largest island in Lombok, Bali, Indonesia. Its simply known as a beautiful island on Indonesia. East Lombok also known as untouched island. It is a bit diff with the neighbor island in Bali (you know what I mean). Even though it isn’t touched to much, but with all the trust, you must visit East Lombok. You won’t regretful spending time over here and will come over and over again.

For those looking for a friendly people, tasty food, dream beaches, and fantastic nature, Lombok especially East is what we will recommend you. As far, East area become a favorite spot whether for domestic and tourist.

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These days, Lombok well-known as dream island. Ton of people might go here to enjoy their vacation. But, visiting Lombok will never ever complete without visiting the Eastern area. Here is the list about what things to do in East Lombok Indonesia.

1. Mount Rinjani

Apart Mount Batur, Mount Rinjani is an active volcano in Lombok, Indonesia. Also well-known as number two highest volcano in Indonesia. It rises 3,726 meters or 12,224 ft. Climb the volcano must be an attractive experience ever, since it has a beautiful views on the top. From the top, the climbers could picture how Lombok appeals.

Get to the peak perhaps isn’t easy, need hard effort and more power for sure. But no worry, at the peak you ridiculously astonish cause the views. All effort get paid in the end after arriving. The beautiful view will make you taking picture non-stop. Make sure you’ll come over when you feel something missing in your life.

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2. Segara Anak

Segara Anak is a volcanic lake nearby Mount Rinjani. Arrived on the peak of Mount Rinjani, you could see the Segara Anak wildly. The depht itself up to 230 meters made the lake known as the deepest lake ever existing in Indonesia.

Segara Anak also called as small ocean on Lombok, cause the water came up in pristine blue color. The panoramic offers all around the lake just amazing. Anyway, you can get into the lake by walking   from Mount Rinjani. It’s merely taking few minutes to be here.

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3. Tangsi Beach

Tangsi beach is famed lately because the uniqueness. Guess what? The sand ridiculously diff with the other sand in common. You might found a white sand in local beach or wherever beaches are, but not on Tangsi Beach. It offers you pink sand, made Tangsi Beach also called as Pink Beach.

Tangsi Beach or Pink Beach crowned as 7 most beautiful beaches all over the world. Whenever you here, you’ll feel serenity and calmness. Get out from bustle and hustle, enjoying time, relaxing, are what people does everytime they come here. Since is still less of crowd, you can spend much more time over here.

Wait, if you still want to be here for a while, book a hotel room nearby. Pick the best for you to stay at least a night. Psst, the hotel price tag isn’t break your penny, calm down.

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4. Ekas Bay

Moving on from the beach into the bay. Yup here is Ekas Bay, the most beautifulness bay for those loves surfing. There are two spots has offered, Ekas Inside and Ekas Outside. Surfers can enjoy both of them, as long as they can surf for sure.

Ekas Inside suitable for rookie surfer, the opposite, Ekas Outside suitable for pro surfer. The waves and the circumstances around the bay need to pay attention for. Since the waves are powerfully and a bit difficult to conquer.

For those looking for playful surf, preferably go to Ekas Inside. It is more suitable for all capability, either less experienced surfers and advanced surfers. The wave breaks on the right more powerful with low tide, suitable for advanced surfers. And the left side, a bit calm waves with long tide suitable for less experienced surfers.

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5. Tanjung Bloam

Beach area is the most favourite place for people in majority. No matter how it appeals, because people just loved to go to the beach. If you dreamed to feel a bit diff nuance of beaches, come to Eastern Bali. Upgrading the tranquility and be here for a moment, right on Tanjung Bloam.

You can do many diff things after putting down your whole stuff. Swim, play sand, surf, or just sitting down, relaxing, whatever you wanna do, do it here. Here in Tanjung Bloam, you can find kind of big stone in the middle of the beach. It is very beautiful, especially when the sun goes down.  Indeed, let’s check more things to do in East Lombok Indonesia.

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6. Pergasingan Hill

The most captivating hill ever in Eastern Lombok is Pergasingan. The altitude is about 1700 metres above sea level. From the hill, you can see the beautiful and sturdy of Mount Rinjani. Before go climbing the Mount Rinjani, take a rest in Pergasingan Hill is the best heal. Nor if you feel tired after climbing, go to this hill to sitting down a moment.

Pergasingan hill located certainly on the village of Sembalun, Eastern Lombok. The location adjuscent with Mount Rinjani and Anak Segara. You can be in three places at the same time when you attempt to visit one of them.

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7. Pusuk Sembalun

Everything in green color, I mean nature is the best view through our eyes. It is like a dope that can turns people in better mood. Beside visiting Mount Rinjani, now time to go to Pusuk Sembulun. Most people called just Sembulun, but it has the same meaning either.

In the past couple years, this place still unknown especially by tourist. But, thing has changed, cause Pusuk Sembulun also the greatest place to visit in East Lombok. Picking your strawberry and carry your meals, stay here for a while. Feel the serenity and try to be feature with nature as Things to Do in Jatiluwih.

8. Gili Kondo

Gili Kondo located in Sambelia sub district, East Lombok regency. Though it says located on East Lombok regency, to be honest, there’s no regency over here, even one or two. They all never exist, bugger off. However, Gili Kondo still categorize as the best places in East Lombok you must visit. Surrounded by beautiful views, including water will make you owe.

To be here in Gili Kondo, go with a boat. Make sure to enjoy every single step you passing through. Feel the breeze on the way before you get here.

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9. Tanjung Ringgit

As same as Tangsi Beach, Tanjung Ringgit also famed lately. Its located adjuscent with Tangsi Beach make you can visit both. It serves you a beautiful view with a beautiful panorama all around. The cliffs to strong for visitor, make ‘em cannot do kind of extreme attractions here. Just remember, be more careful because the winds are quite fast.

Although serves less of activity over here, make sure you don’t miss this place. Especially is just 100 metres separate from Tangsi Beach. Walking through the path and you’ll be here in few minutes only.

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10. Tete Batu

Move to Southern of Mount Rinjani National Park, you’ll be here on Tete Batu. Its located in rural area make it a bit difficult to reach, especially by walk. Worry free, you can use public transportation to catch the place from Mataram, Lombok. It will take at least 45 minutes cause the distance about 12 km.

In Tete Batu, you can see Sasak culture which known as the smallest inhabit in Eastern Lombok. Most of inhabits are Muslim. In special occasion, you can enjoy cultural attractions in Tete Batu with the Sasak inhabits.

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11. Jeruk Manis Waterfall

Relaxing with water showering above your head must be an incredible experiences ever. Yup, when you feel stressed out and need relaxity, come here to Jeruk Manis Waterfall. This waterfall located on East Lombok regency. And the regency is exist, unlike the previous one. The waterfall as same as the other in common, the height of for about 600 – 1000 metres.

Surrounded by green plantations, including tree and bush. This waterfall is very recommended for those loving adventures. Hit the road, trace the path, and be here soon. However, be careful cause the rock is slippery.

12. Rinjani Waterpark

Rinjani Waterpark is the best place to taking out the kiddos. You can spending family time over here. It designed beautifully with national standard fitting. The water is clean and pristine. The water on the pool coming from fresh Rakam springs. During long holiday, the waterpark is very very crowd. You need to be here soon, enjoy playing with family while is unfully by crowdness.

Rinjani Waterpark open everyday. The opening hours start from 09:00 WITA untill 18:00 WITA. Before entering, you need to pay for entrance ticket. The price tag only Rp 35.000 each.

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Voila! That’s all things to do in East Lombok. As the prettiest island in Indonesia, literally you can find more attractive activities easily. Just make sure you prepared penny to try new attraction and moving one to another. From places in East Lombok Indonesia has mentioned, which one you fell in love with?

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