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16 Amazing Things to Do in Lembar Lombok

by Yoga Adi

Back in the area of Lombok again, we’re gonna explore this area fully in this article. Lombok, which is known for having a lot of varieties of attractions like things to do in Lombok in 4 Days can be the best spot that you may have for the next holidays.

Aside from things to do in Lombok with family, there are still numbers of area we haven’t explored yet. One example is Lembar. In Lombok, there are so many ports that usually used for trading or tourism, one of them is Lembar. Not so many people know that in this port area, some attractions can be found around, even though they are not so famous. So, here they are, things to do in Lembar Lombok.

1. Cemare Beach

The good thing about attractions near Lembar port of Lombok is they are mostly free. Maybe you just need to pay the parking ticket, that usually costs you for about Rp2.000,-. Like this beach, everybody can enter it freely because there’s no entrance ticket whatsoever.

Even though the sand is not that clean, covered with a little bit of dirt, but you can see how clear the water is. And also it’s not that deep to swim there, so you can go playing in the water without worrying about drowning or anything.

  • Location : Lembar, Lombok
  • Tips : You can bring your swim wear always

2. Batu Idung Mount

Like all the beautiful things inside sunset viewing points in Kuta Lombok, we can not miss this one. If your journey to Lembar port is very tiring, you can have a rest in this Batu Idung mount, and take a look at the green and calming environment around.

They call is Batu Idung, because the mountain looks like human’s nose or Hidung in Bahasa. Many people would like to take a picture on the big stone, because the view of Lombok from there is so marvelous

  • Location : Jembatan Gantung Village, Gerung
  • Tips : Don’t forget to bring your camera

3. Induk Beach

The next free beach is Induk Beach. The location of this venue is approximately 5 km from the port of Lembar. You can easily go here by hop on public vehiclesor just renting one at the port. The beautyof this beach is not less than the beach above.

If you look at it for a while, you’ll remember the same exact view of the beaches around Sumatra island, that completed with their coconut trees and also wide sand. Anyone can play in here safely, even forming sand castles on its soft white sand.

  • Location : 5km from Lembar port
  • Tips : You can save more money by walking here from the port, if you strong enough

4. Lembar Mangrove Forest

Beside the attractions like lake or beach, Lembar lombok also having one more kind of natural attraction called Lembar Mangrove Forest. It’s located about 3 km from the port, and having 90 hectares wide.

The thing to be notice of this forest is the form of it. If you having drone with you, you can use it to look at the forest view from above, and you should notice that the forest has the O shape, which is looks cool, like things to do in North Lombok.

  • Location : South Lembar village, Lembar
  • Tips : If you have drone with you, bring it

5. Gili Kedis

This one is so amazing. The people who travelling to Lombok always referring Gili Trawangan as the only best place in Lombok. Even though that’s right, it’s certainly not true because there’s another Gili in here in Lembar called Gili Kedis.

The view in here is so amazing, especially its underwater world. If you want to go here, you only need to rent about for about hundred thousand rupiahs to go for Sekotong Tengah port. You can do almost everything in here like swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing with very affordable price.

  • Location : near Central Sekotong
  • Tips : Be sure to rent rideable boat

6. Banyumelek Village

Beside the things to do in Bangsal Lombok, there’s one place that you should visit when you’re in the Lembar area. The area is known for its humble people and their handicraft. A little village located some kiloemeters from the port called Banyumelek Village.

If you want to buy some Lombok souvenirs, this place is one of the perfect places that have them. In here, the locals are producing high quality ceramics that look beautiful, and you get them with not so high price like in the souvenir shops. 

  • Location : 14 km from Lembar Port
  • Tips : You can bring some money here to buy souvenirs

7. Senggigi Beach

The next place is already known by many people for having such a great place and complete facility, a place called Senggigi beach. Until now, there are more and more people who want to come here just to try the holiday in a small heaven of Lombok.

It’s actually far from Lembar port, about 50km from there. But, the journey in here wouldn’t be boring because you can witness the beauty of forest and mountains on the road. You only need to pay for about Rp10.000,- to enter.

  • Location : 50 km from Lembar port
  • Tips : You can book some hotels near it before, they are pretty much affordable

Other Things to Do in Lembar Lombok

We also want to provide you with another list of things to do in Lembar Lombok that you can find below. Even though they are not exactly located in Lembar area, but they can still accesable, because you can reach them easily from Lembar.

  1. Batu Bolong Temple
  2. Sekotong Beach
  3. Gili Sudak
  4. Sesaot Mangrove Forest
  5. Gili Trawangan
  6. Gili Air
  7. Gili Meno
  8. Bangsal Port
  9. Tiu Teja Waterfall

So that’s it, the things to do in Lembar Lombok that you can enjoy, to spend your time in this specific area. This is a proof that even though the location seems empty, but it actually has some things to offer to you, even though they are perfectly hidden in the nature.

Now after gaining information from this topic, you can enjoy the quiet attractions in the area of Lembar port Lombok. So, if you coming in Lombok expecting attractions that are reachable, and also have a very calm atmosphere, you could come to the Lembar port of Lombok.

View of Lembar Port

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