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16 Unexpected Things to Do in Lombok in 4 Days

by Yoga Adi

Oh hi, welcome to AllIndonesiaTourism.com. Now, what we have here. Do you know one area in Indonesia that called Lombok? For you the traveller, of course this name is not too strange anymore to you, it’s even somewhat familiar. Lombok, with its things to do in Lombok with family, is the number one choice if one wants to enjoy sea attractions.

No wonder that Lombok can be number one spot that has so many varieties of water attractions. They also use them for some conservations, that the tourists can also visit and enjoy. If you look at the calendar, there will be for about 4 free days of Eid. In that holiday, you can visit Lombok and explore the main parts of it. Beside the alternative like things to do in Bandung for 4 days, here is the things to do in Lombok in 4 days.

Day 1

For day 1, you can go to two places at once. They are Kuta Beach and Selong Belanak Beach. You can visit the first one on the mornin, and the second one after that.

1. Kuta Beach

The first location that you should visit is the Kuta Beach. This beach is of course not the beach in Bali, beaches in Kuta. But even though they are not the same, this Kuta Beach in Lombok can also give you another great experience.

There are so many activities that can be done on this beach like snorkeling, swimming, surfing, or just staying on the nearest hut. Because of how complete it is, many people even from aboard really love this beach. You can enjoy them all with onlu Rp5.000,- parking ticket

  • Location : Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara
  • Tips : Come here during weekdays to avoid crowd

2. Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak beach is also very worthy to mention. The beach is actually located not far from the Kuta beach above. You only need to spend for about 30 minutes from Kuta Beach to finally reach this Selong Belanak beach.

Like the beach above, this beach provided some things to do around it. People who visit it can enjoy doing swimming, or just playing with the soft white sand. The tourists can also enjoy surfing, but not that great because the waves in here are pretty calm. To enter, you only need to pay for about Rp2.000,-.

  • Location : Selong Belanak street, Kuta
  • Tips : You can walk here from Kuta beach to save some money

Day 2

Day 2, is also time for visiting beach attrctions. They are two options in here, the Tanjung Aan and Bangko-bangko beach

3. Tanjung Aan

As one of the beautiful things, like sunset viewing points in Kuta Lombok, you should go to the Tanjung Aan or Aan Bay on the next day. The bay is also located near the first two attractions above. The beach is known for having the salt like sand.

Usually, the people who love to do snorkeling will also come in here, and not worrying about the equipments, because locals usually will rent theirs to the tourists. One thing to notice, during February to March, the beach is usually used for Bau Nyale Festival, which is one of a kind.

  • Location : West Nusa Tenggara
  • Tips : Come here during February or March

4. Bangko-bangko Beach

The Bangko-bangko beach is the beach that perfect for the surfers out there. So, if you’re one of them, who can be said as an expert in surfing, you should try to challenge the waves in this Bangko-bangko beach.

The location is so pretty, and yet dangerous in some ways. Because of that, the newbie surfers would likely not survive in here. If you interested, you can go from Lembar Port and then rent a boat to come here.

  • Location : Putih street, Batu Putih, West Lombok
  • Tips : Always bring your own surfing equipments

Day 3

In this day 3, the trip will be harder, because you’re going to the Rinjani Mount. It’s gonna be so tiring, so this one attractions if fairly good.

5. Rinjani Mount

The next day, it’s time to do a little bit extreme activity, hiking one of the seven summits in Indonesia, in Mount Rinjani. Even though the mountain looks a bit different from things to do in Mount Bromo, surely it has more things to offer for you.

Not only known for the lake, the Mount Rinjani also has man numbers of cave on its feet. There are three of them actually. Aside from there, the waterfalls also surrounding the area of Mount Rinjani. There are abut 20 of them, that you can explore. The thing is, you can enter this heavenly attraction with only Rp7.500,-.

  • Location : Mount Rinjani National Park, Lombok
  • Tips : Don’t forget to bring anything important like medicines and jacket

Day 4

And for the last day, it’s time to have a little bit of relax in these two locations.

6. Tangsi Beach

In the last day, we want to take you into the adventure of finding the true gems in Lombok. This onene place is called Tangsi beach. It’s known for the beautiful pink sand, that is very beautiful if you watch it in the evening.

To go here, you need to go from Mataram city, using any vehicle to go for about 2 km. Or, if you like, you can hop on a boat from Tanjung Luar Port. It’s suggested that the visitors should bring their own food, because you can’t find any food seller around. You only need to pay about Rp5.000,- to enter. 

  • Location : Sekaroh, Jerowaru, East Lombok
  • Tips : You should go here during evening and dry season, because the colour will be much better

7. Pergasingan Hill

The next one is the Pergasingan Hill. If the hikers want to do some hiking in Rinjani Mountain, but they can’t because the status of that mountain is very dangerous, they can use this hill as an alternative.

With Rp15.000,-, visitor can enter the place and enjoy it fully. There are some main attractions in here like downhill track and something a bit extreme. If you want to go up there, but too tired, you can always rent the vehicles in there, for a price of course.

  • Location : Sembalun Lawang, Sembalun, East Lombok
  • Tips : Better go here during the morning

Other Attractions in Lombok

Of course, we also provide you with another option that maybe you want to visit if the list above is considered less that your expectations. Here’s the other things to do in Lombok in 4 days, you can visit them and suit them with your schedule.

  1. Narmada Park
  2. Sade Village
  3. Senggigi Beach
  4. Gili Trawangan
  5. Gili Air
  6. Gili Meno
  7. Gili Nanggu
  8. Gili Layar
  9. Tiu Kelep Waterfall

So what do you think about the things to do in Lombok in 4 days above? If the places provided above is still not enough for you, you can combine the places with the options we provided to make your days more colourful.

Also remember, when combining the spots, you should know your limit. Of course, in the holiday you want to make it as fun as possible right? You don’t want to ruin it because of your health problems that caused by exhaustion.

Lombok Destinations

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