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Reggae Beach Party Padang Padang Beach Bali

by Yoga Adi

Having a holiday in Bali is like a dream for everyone. During this time of year, many people will go there to spend their free days, having fun doing all the new things that can’t be done in their hometown. Having an experience like this is very important, especially to reduce some level of stress and also building connection along the way.

In Bali, people will mostly do the fun activities like surfing, snorkeling, taning their skin, or just having meals at the restaurants that serving the traditional dishes during the day. Bali is much more fun in a day actually. But, the spirit of enjoyment in Bali doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Bali is hipnotizing the tourists with its nightlife activities. And the most exciting one is the raggae party. This music even usually happens in some beaches in Bali, but the most known location is Padang-padang Beach.

Before talking about the party, the colourful and blowing party, better we give the information about the Bali island and its attraction first. So, we give you the description about the Bali and also the location where the party starts, which is Padang-padang beach. Enjoy the raggae beach party Padang Padang beach explanations below :

Bali Island

Bali island is the one that people always dreamt of. An island filled with so many choices of attraction can hipnotize anyone who coming in there. The name of Bali island is being more popular because of the tourists themself who always post their activities in Bali island on the social media. Thus, the favorite places like things to do in Pandawa beach Bali Indonesia and also things to do in Seminyak Bali can be promoted easily thorugh that way. The example is the Pandawa beach, where actually having a few visitors only back in the days. But now, you can see it as one of the crowded beaches in Bali.

Beside the attractions, the natural ones like the beaches, waterfalls, and some conservations, people also coming to Bali to literally having their good times enjoying night life. In the area like Sanur, you can find at least one bar on each road side there. The places were built in order to satisfy the tourists, especially who coming from the country like America and other country that has high number of alcoholic population.

But, this time, we’re not talking about neither natural attracion and pubs. We want to tell you about the exiting activity in Bali called Reggae beach party. This one beach musical party is actually held in some beaches in Bali, especially the popular one like Sanur. Beside Sanur, the other popular beach that is also used for this event is Padang-padang beach.

Padang-Padang Beach

With its things to do in Padang-padang Beach, this beach is gaining more visitors each year because of its specialities. Many people will consider Padang-padang beach as one of the best beaches in this world. The reason is, you can find and do many things in here. For example, the beach is pretty familiar with the surfers, all of them in the world. There’s a championship event that also held in this location with many contestants coming from all corners of the world.

The waves condition is really great for surfing. Many Balinese use this opportunity to built the surf board rental. That’s why you can find many of them near the location. Each vendor comes with different price of couse. But one true surfer always bring their own board.

Beside the environment condition which still looks so great til today, Padang-padang beach is very likeable by all people on all ages. They can do so many fun stuff like swimming, snorkeling, diving, or even build some sand castles. Seeing the beach that has so much potential, some people were building new activity that can be enjoyed on this beach, the reggae beach party. The tone of the raggae music if really suitable for the beach environment like this. Thus, the musical event on Padang-padang beach was started to happen.


This “Eat,Pray, Love” beach is located in Pecatu Bali, near Uluwatu which is one of the famous areas in Bali. In this area, there are some popular attractions that also having their names by their own specialities like the great Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, which still in progress now and almost finished, and then the Uliwatu Temple, the cultural center of Uluwatu area where people always going in there to witness the unique Kecak Dance by the sunset.

To reach the Padang-padang beach, you can go for a 45 minutes travel with motor cycle or a car from Denpasar city, the capital of Bali island. It’s about 15km in between. After arriving in Uluwatu area, you can notice this beach easily by going on the mainroad of Uluwatu.


With so many visitors coming, management keeps improving the facilities to give the tourists satisfaction of visiting Padang-padang beach. This beach can be said to has the complete facilities like a beach, from the beautiful located wash off spot and toilet, to the life guards. They also keep those place clean with adding some staff. They also add some signs in order to give the visitors information about safety when having fun in Padang-padang beach.

Reggae Beach Party Padang Padang

Padang-padang beach, which looks as beautiful as things to do in Echo Beach Bali, is having one of the best event in this world, the Saturday Night Festival. Included in the festival is the reggae beach party Padang padang beach. The event basically has the purpose in order to give the visitors entertaiment and also respecting the legend of Raggae, Bob Marley.

The event also happened in the other beach, Sanur, back in 2016. Within this year, you may notice that there’s some raggae party in some beaches in Bali, including Padang padang. So don’t miss it and book your ticket. Here’s a peek at the event :

Other Nightlife Activities

Beside enjoying the beach party, the other thing that also included in this article is visiting the bar or clubs in Bali . Some bar in Bali also serve non alcoholic drink, which is suitable for the newbie in the world of drinking. The other stuff you can do is hunting for Balinese traditional meals or doing the culinary journey. They always come with much affordable price, so grab your favorite ones while there’s a chance. 

So, that’s our article for today, the raggae beach party Padang Padang beach in Bali island. Like you can see above, Padang-padang beach is basically awesome in all time during a day. Even in day or night, you can still enjoy the full excitement in it.

Because of that reason alone, this beach has very much potential for events. Beside the beautiful condition that surprisingly good til today, Padang-padang beach is also easy to reach by all ways in Bali island. So, having your holiday in this beach is a perfect choice.

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