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16 Wonderful Things to Do in Padang-padang Beach Bali

by Yoga Adi

Of course, as a traveler, you should coose a Bali island as the starter of your journey. Because having a paradise island, Bali is indeed famous in eyes of tourist, thanks to special areas like things to do in Kuta Bali. But the fact is, there are other areas in Bali that also worth visiting.

If you ever heard about Badung, one of its things to do in Badung Bali is this Padang-padang Beach. It’s a wonderful place known for its high waves and intense yet fun situation. It’s a great fun to visit here, but you can’t miss the things to do in Padang-padang beach. What are those? These are the complete list of them :

1. Padang-padang Beach

The first location is of ourse the beach itself, the Padang-padang beach. Located in the area of Badung Bali, which is not too far from Bali center, Padang-padang beach startedgetting its popularity thanks to the surfers on instagram

They posted some pictures about how beautiful the beach is, and becasue of that fact, there are s many people, either domestic or foreign tourists who want to see the beach for them selves. Without a entry ticket, this beach is a wonderful one. The waves, combiend with the green hills around it making the beach much favorable.

  • Location : Badung, Bali
  • Tips : Because the beach is realy beautiful, better bring a camera around

2. Culinary Spot of Padang-padang Beach

After ejoying much beautiful things on the beach of Padang-padang, you can also see the clinary spot located not far from it. The spot is filled with so many stalls that you can pick. Starting from the stalls with traditonal balinese foods, up to the fast food sellers.

You can pick whatever you want in here, as long as you have the budget for it. For the price, you can tell the exact price for getting foods, because they are ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. Just to be save, better bring money for about Rp100.000,-

  • Location : Not far from Padang-padang Beach
  • Tips : Bring some money to try the delicious Balinese dishes

3. Labuan Sait Beach

Another famous beach that located arund Badung area is the Labuan Sait Beach. This beachis like the hunting ground for all instagrammers. Because of that, you can see them easily, walking around the beach with a selfie stick.

It’s a good thing actually, because in that way, they can also promote the beach to the world. Interesting thing is, you don’tactually need the entrance ticket to be able to reely enjoy the place. Just make sure to spare some money for the parking ticket.

  • Location : Badung, Bali
  • Tips : If you alreeady trained with surfing skills, show some of them here

4. Nirmala Waterpark

Not only the beach, there’s one spot located near Padang-padang beach that is also worth to visit, especially if you have your vacation with family in Bali. That one place is called Nirmala Waterpark. It’s a simple, and yet fun waterpark for all ages.

Especially for the kids, they can do so many things in here. It’s a good place to release some stress, after work, and bonding relationship with family. Also, the place will only charge you with Rp40.000,- entry ticket per person. That’s a good thing to hear.

  • Location : Balangan beach street 1
  • Tips : If you have kids, be sure to take them along with you

5. Infinite Wave Surf School

Looking for surfing school? The answer is the Infinate Wave Surf School. You can’t miss this one, espeically after seeing those skilled surfers, and you inspired by them. With the help of the instructors, surfing time will be much time.

Before actually practicing on the water, the instructor will firstly teach you thesurfing movement on the ground. And you should take that lesson carefully. Beside offering the surfing school, they also offer a package called surfing camp. You can get the package you want with the price of Rp500.000,- to the Rp750.000,-

  • Location : Umpeng Sari Street, Uluwatu
  • Tips : Don’t panic or strees out when learning about surfing

6. Single Fin Bar

And then, the palce for hanging out in the Padang-padang beach. One bar, that is really famous for its strategic and beautiful location where you can se the sunset from your own sea, is called Single Fin Bar. The place is actually the place for hanging out, and also for the tourists who have some bidgets to do that.

It’s an exclusive bar, and that’s why the price in there is a bit expensive. But, if you happen to have more money to spend during the end of the vacation, you and your friends should come to the place of Single Fin Bar.

  • Location : Labuan Sait street, Pecatu
  • Tips : Better bring some friends 

7. Estethic Day Spa

For the ladies, there’s a place where ou can enjoy the estethuc service fro your body, only a the estethuc Day Spa. After tiring the body out doing some trip in Bali, it shouldn’t be a bd thing to do some recovery. One of the method is by enjoying this place’s services.

Almost like the spa spot you can find is things to do near Grand Hyatt Bali, Estethic Day Spa offers you some service, from the hair, and down to your toes. Each service has its own price. So, you should pick the service hat you wanted, and just relax.

  • Location : Labuan Said street
  • Tips : Just relax forget about all your stressing work

It’s only seven, there are nine places to go to complete our list of things to do in Padang-padang beach. And all of them included in our list below :

  1. Bingin Beach, a really good one for surfing
  2. Anantara Spa, Balinese spa place
  3. Thomas Beach, which located not so far from there
  4. Suluban Beach, an exclusive cliff hanging spot
  5. Lainakea, one of the great spa and gym spot in Bali
  6. Luhur Uluwatu Temple, the famous yet wonderful temple with its things to do near Uluwatu Temple
  7. Dreamland Beach
  8. Uluwatu Beach, located under the temple of Uluwatu
  9. Nyang-Nyang Beach, rimantic beach that suit for two

Your journey isn’t stopping at Padang-padang beach area only. Beside having some things to do in Padang-padang beach Bali, you should have another trip to visit the other areas in Bali, like things to do in Manggis Bali.  Well, have fun with that !

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