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Exploring 8 National Parks in Eastern Indonesia

by Widiya
National Parks in Eastern Indonesia

The natural quality of Indonesia offers a heaven for tourists in a tropical setting. Its beauty spreads across the eastern part of Indonesia, with natural parks that arouse your spirits.

The unique variety of the view can be found across parts of both lands and seas, where you can climb mountains flush with emerald wilderness or plunge into clear purplish blue waters to see brilliant marine life.

Check out the list of national parks in eastern Indonesia down below to broaden your views on tourism wonders.

List of National Parks in Eastern Indonesia

  1. Komodo National Park
National Parks in Eastern Indonesia

Komodo National Park lies in the waterway between Sumbawa and Flores and is the natural environment of the world’s biggest reptile, the Komodo Dragon.

Besides its phenomenal reptiles, this remote corner of Indonesia offers the absolute best diving and swimming spot in the Asia-Pacific area. You might also want to know the best beaches in Bali for swimming.

At low tide at Pantai Merah, close to Komodo National Park, reefs overflowing with vivid fish are exceptionally close to the coastline.

Various types of reef-building corals and bountiful fish and marine mammals, including manta rays, ocean turtles, sharks, dolphins, and whales can be easily seen.

  1. Cenderawasih Bay National Park
National Parks in Eastern Indonesia

This national park comprises 18 islands and 500 kilometers of shoreline, and at 14,300 square kilometers is the biggest of its sort in Indonesia.

It is home to imperiled types of goliath shellfishes, sharks, turtles, and dugongs, and offers probably the best journeying, diving, and bird-watching spots possible.

You can likewise explore the shoreline or islands by speedboat from either Nabire or Ransiki, or base yourself on Pulau Rumberpon or at Wasior though neither is inside the national park.

  1. Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park
National Parks in Eastern Indonesia

In North Sulawesi, the Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park is one of Indonesia’s lesser-visited parks. This huge bumpy rainforest is rich in fruit-bearing trees like durian, nutmeg, and figs, and is home to an assortment of interesting, endemic Sulawesi animals including babirusas, anoas, and Sulawesi warty pigs.

Also, see historical sites in South Sulawesi.

  1. Wasur National Park
National Parks in Eastern Indonesia

Wasur National Park lies in the southern part of the area of Papua, Indonesia. The 4,138 square kilometers park backs onto the PNG line and features termite hills, wetlands, conventional villages, and broad birdlife. Wildlife incorporates couscous and kangaroos though they are challenging to spot.

The best chance to visit is during the dry season; access during the wet season is many times simply conceivable to Yanggandur and Onggaya villages. Speaking of villages, here are tourism villages in Indonesia.

  1. West Bali National Park
National Parks in Eastern Indonesia

This national park covers 19,003 hectares of the western part of Bali. A large portion of the natural vegetation in the park is not tropical rainforest, which requires downpours all year, but beachfront savannah, with deciduous trees that become uncovered in the dry season.

The southern slopes get more frequent rainfall, and henceforth have more tropical vegetation, while the seaside swamps have broad mangroves. There are in excess of 200 types of plants in the park.

Local fauna incorporates leaf monkeys, black monkeys, macaques, a few wild pigs, squirrels, iguanas, pythons, bison, and green snakes. The birdlife is very rich, with large numbers of Bali’s 300 species of birds, including the very interesting Bali starling.

  1. Lorentz National Park
National Parks in Eastern Indonesia

This national park is quite possibly the most naturally assorted on the planet, its immense area enveloping tropical marine environments and marsh wetlands, as well as Indonesia’s most elevated mountain, Puncak Jaya, which reaches 4,884 meters and is covered by long-lasting ice fields.

The mountain is the tallest top between the Himalayas and the Andes, and one of just three tropical ice sheets in the world.

The exceptional biodiversity of the park upholds various uncommon animals. It is additionally home to various secluded clans, including the Amungme, Nduga, Ngalik, Western Dani, Asmat, Mimika, and Somohai.

  1. Ubud Monkey Forest
National Parks in Eastern Indonesia

Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and sanctuary complex in Ubud, Bali. It houses around 605 crab-eating Macaque monkeys. The woods likewise involve around a 10th of a square kilometer and contain no less than 115 distinct types of trees.

The timberland has been populated by monkeys in more noteworthy numbers undisturbed by people. You can see the intriguing peculiarity of various large monkeys, a demonstration of the practically unbounded food supply the immense number of visitors entering in gives.

  1. Mount Rinjani National Park
National Parks in Eastern Indonesia

Mount Rinjani is an enormous volcano on the island of Lombok. A climb to the top is one of the most invigorating experiences you can have in Indonesia. It may not be simple but it is worth the effort and is generally viewed as perhaps the best view in the country.

Part of the renowned ‘ring of fire’, this mountain likewise holds otherworldly importance for the locals. It is an idea that the name Rinjani comes from an old Javanese expression for ‘God’.

Around the inclines, there are lavish timberlands sprinkled with cascades and encompassed by a shocking view. Inside the mountain is a bow-shaped lake, the amazing Segara Anak, which is around six kilometers across at its broadest point.

So, those are 8 national parks in eastern Indonesia. While you are at it, make sure to also check out national parks in West Java and national parks in Sumatra.

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