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The Explanation Why Raja Ampat Is Famous

by Yoga Adi

If you ask all your friends who already visited Indonesia about what are the best locations in the country that you should visit, then you can find many answers starting from Bali, Yogyakarta, and even the most eastern part of Indonesia called Raja Ampat. If you don’t know about what kind of place Raja Ampat is, then you can check out the article about it in Raja Ampat islands Indonesia.

It’s indeed one of many famous places in Indonesia. Its popularity almost surpasses the fame of Bali island. Even the tourists in Indonesia, both locals and foreign want to visit Raja Ampat, they need to think and consider some things because of many aspects that make Raja Ampat is so expensive to visit in the why Raja Ampat is so expensive. But, if you got the budget for it, you should prepare your stuff and straight to Raja Ampat because there’s a lot of things that make it famous that will be mentioned in the information below :

1. Seeing The Rare Birds

Aside from known for its Raja Ampat accomodation, the locations of Raja Ampat is also famous for having colorful fauna and flora. Most of them are considered to be the rare ones and only can be found in some areas in the country, including Raja Ampat. On the location, you can visit the National Park that can introduce you to the exotic animals, including the birds.

Of course, all of us would agree that the birds are cute. Many of us also keep them inside to be pets for us. But the rare birds you should not keep. If you want to keep them, you need several permissions from the government first. Including inside the rare birds of Indonesia is the Cendrawasih Bird that can easily be found in Raja Ampat.

2. Seeing The Tribes in Raja Ampat

Why Raja Ampat is so famous? Many of us would wonder. Aside from the nice natural attractions and the exotic animals, what else that we can see in the areas? Turns out, that another aspect is the existence of the tribes that still live in their own way, which is far from modernization. They live in some spots of Raja Ampat, usually in the forest.

The government of Papua shows to the people about the profile about the tribes that live in Raja Ampat. There are approximately 12 different tribes that still exist today. Most of them live on the west side of Papua. They are Matbat Tribe, Misool Tribe, Biga Tribe, Biak Tribe, Waili Tribe, Fiat Tribe, Domu Tribe, Ambel Tribe, Laganyan Tribe, Kawe Tribe, and the others.

3. Exploring the Islands

What are the most things to do in Indonesia in October? Maybe, the activity that you could do on that particular month is visiting Raja Ampat to fully explore the islands there. As you can see in the picture of Raja Ampat, you can see that there’s a lot of islands on the area. But the big ones are the four islands, Batanta Island, Salawati Island, Waigeo Island, and also Misool Island.

May tourists would do a thing called “Island Jumping”. The activity is basically “jumping” or visiting some islands within a day in a short time. Aside from those four big islands, there are a hundred others just wait to be explored. Most of them are still empty of humans, so you can expect a full access to the island. There are about 610 islands there, good luck.

4. Seeing Misool Island

As mentioned on the third point above, you can see that we mentioned the name of Misool Island. The island is included inside the four big islands on Raja Ampat. This island is actually the most visited island of them all, because of the hidden things in it.

Many people would love to visit this particular island to see its underwater biota. There’s a lake on the Misool Island that has plenty of jellyfish. Those jellyfishes are not venomous, so they can not harm you. So, the tourists can enjoy their swim in there without worry to get stung by them.

5. Amazing Underwater World

As one of the best spots for scuba diving in Indonesia , Raja Ampat is very recommended for all the divers around the globe. It’s even better than the famous locations on the country. Even people who are visiting Raja Ampat actually have one reason, to see the underwater world.

Under the Raja Ampat, you can see the kingdom of water that inhabited with hundred types of fish and coral. About 75% or 540 species of coral around the world exist in the location. So you may expect a great view from them, especially if you’re diving with your lover, friends, or family to make it even better. 

6. Enjoying the natural homestay and resort

Another reason for why Raja Ampat is so famous is the existence of the diving spots. As mentioned above, in there you can find the wonderful and gorgeous view of the underwater lives. To get better accommodation, many tourists would love to rent a homestay or resort that located near those spots.

The interesting thing about them is not the location that near those diving spots. But, many of them also provide the natural life that you can even feel just behind your homestay. Some of them even built with natural compositions such as woods and leaves with decent services.

Aside from those things mentioned above as the reasons for why Raja Ampat is so famous, the other thing that you should know about this locations is all its attractions. We already prepared another filled with the attractions that exist Raja Ampat, Papua.

  1. Star Lagoon
  2. Wayag
  3. Batu Pensil
  4. Arborek Village
  5. Pasir Timbul
  6. Sauwandarek Village
  7. Sawingngrai Village
  8. Batanta Waterfall
  9. Pianemo

So those are the reasons to answer why Raja Ampat is so famous. This one location alone in Papua can give you much excitement via its wonderful things that can be found within. If you’re really curious, you can start to save your money to go for the one and only Raja Ampat.

The Underwater World of Raja Ampat

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