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Where to Surf Near Jakarta Indonesia? Find The Answer Here !

by Yoga Adi

Hello again everyone, meeting you in this beautiful morning of September 19 to give you information about the best attractions in Indonesia on our beloved site, AllIndonesiaTourism.com. So, after telling you about the many options of attraction in an area called Pelabuhan Ratu, now we want to share you about the best places to do surf in Jakarta, a city that known for having beautiful spots like best beaches in Indonesia near Jakarta.

We can agree now that surfing is not for everyone. One should learn about it first before actually jump in to challenge the waves. At least, the skill that requires for doing surfing is swimming. If you can’t swim, but push yourself to do this extreme activity, the result will be so much worse. And also, you need to find the right place to do that. If you love around Jakarta, you may notice that in the city, there’s some best islands in thousand islands Jakarta that also worth visiting that maybe have the requirements for being the best surfing places. So, to answer the question of where to surf near Jakarta, here’s the list of some notable places :

1. Pondok Indah Waterpark

To answer the question about where to surf in Jakarta, we need to go to few examples like Pondok Indah Waterpark. This one is not a natual attraction, but you can do surf anyway. As part of Pondok Indah Waterpark Mall that located in Jakarta city, the Pondok Indah Waterpak will give you the exact experience of surfing on the beaches.

The Pondok Indah Waterpak has about two hectares with its best things like Flow Rider. This Flow Rider is that type of ride where people can actually do some surfing, maybe after shopping in the mall for some time. Now, you can do surf even though you live in such a busy city like Jakarta with paying for only Rp75.000,-.

  • Location : Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta
  • Tips : You can come in the late evening to avoid to much sunburn

2. Carita Beach

The next one is a beach that located in an area that part of of West Java province called Sukabumi. The name of the beach is Carita beach, which is a primadona in Serang, Bantng. Like things to do in East Jakarta, Carita beach will provide you with so many beautiful aspects it has like gorgeous view, clean water, and also a suitable place for surfing.

If you want to do some surfing in here, better your bring your own surf board, because there’s not many recommended rental located near here. The waves in here are the ones with the beach brake type with the fairly fast flow. So, the surfers in here should be in at least intermediate level or more, because it can be pretty challenging for the newbie. To enter the beach, the administration cost is about Rp20.000,-.

  • Location : Serang, Banten
  • Tips : Don’t forget to bring your board

3. Cimaja Beach

And for the next place which is a very perfect place to answer where to surf near Jakarta is the Cimaja Beach. The beach is located in an area called Sukabumi, it’s inside West Java province, not far from Jakarta. To reach this beach, it’ll take about 2 hours from Jakarta city, by car of course. To avoid traffic jam, you can take the Jagorawi toll road to save some time.

The beach is not very popular for common people, becasuse onlike the other beaches that have like soft sand or at least having a sand as a place to play, the beach only have little rocks and bunch of reefs. Cimaja Beach has  reef break waves that only the advanced surfers can take that. So, a sufficient skill of surfing is recommended here. With the entrance ticket of Rp3.000,-, anyone can enter.

  • Location : Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi
  • Tips : Be careful of those reefs

4. Batu Karas Beach

The next one is the Batu Karas beach, located in the Sukabumi of West Java, a province that has a lot of interesting stuff like things to do in Cimaja. Even though the name of this beach is less popular than Cimaja or Carita beach, surfing in this beach is going to be a blasting experience.

The waves in here are not that big. They only reach 1 to 2 feets sometime. So, the beach is a suitable place for anyone who wants to pratically train how to surf. But, even though they are not that big, the waves here are long enough. Even some people calle them as the Long Paradise. Ticket for entering the spot is for about Rp6.000,-.

  • Location : Serang, Banten
  • Tips : Don’t forget to bring your own surf board.

5. Sanghyang Island

Where to surf near Jakarta beside those beaches mentioned above? We’ll give you the answer by showing you these two diffent locations. The first one is Sanghyang island, and second one is Tanjung Lesung.

The first one, Sanghyang island, is located between Java and Sumatra island. Waves in here are challenging, so many surfers would dare to try their best to conquer them. Even though the ride to reach the island is not very smooth, but surfing in the area of Sanghyang island is always satisfying.

  • Location : Between Java and Sumatra islands
  • Tips : Don’t forget to bring jacket

6. Tanjung Lesung

For consistent and very long waves, come to Tanjung Lesung. The spot is a favorite for either the local surfers who live arounf Banten, and also the international ones who happen to visit the area for vacation.

The waves here are big, long enough, and also reef break type. With that, you need a decent skill of suring before actually trying to challenge the waves of Tanjung Lesung. To enter the magnificent spot for surfers, you only need to pay for about Rp2.000,- only. 

  • Location : Banten
  • Tips : Always be careful of your surroundings.

7. Sawarna Beach

As the seventh location in “where to surf near Jakarta”, we want to introduce you to the Sawarna Beach, a beach that maybe more popular than things to do in Garut that loved by surfers around the globe. Some tourists from foreign countries even want to visit the country only for Sawarna Beach.

With the reef break type of waves, the Sawarna beach isa  suitable place for many advanced surfers. Seeng them having fun with the waves is like watching a gladiator arena, but in this case, it’s man who wants to conquer the big waves. To join in the show, you only need to pay for parking ticket only, which is less than five thousand rupiahs.

  • Location : Banten
  • Tips : The place is not recommended for newbies

Of course the Sawarana beach is where to surf near Jakarta. But beside that, of course there’s also some other places that suitable for surfing. Those attractions you can find in the list below.

  1. Kharisma Muara Binuangeun
  2. Deli Island
  3. Tinjil Island
  4. Ujung Kulon
  5. Panaitan Island
  6. Pasauran
  7. Anyer Beach
  8. Gigi Hiu Beach
  9. Srau Beach

So that’s the article for today, where to surf near Jakarta. Even though Jakarta is included as a metropolitan city where you can’t expect a large collection of natural attractions, the twon surprisingly still having the charm for having those magnificent beaches.

Surfing in Sawarna Beach


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