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16 Splendid Things to Do in Cimaja West Java

by Yoga Adi

Travelling back and forth again, we always cannot miss the things that can be found with Java island. Because, each of the province in Java island has their own potential attractions that can be enjoyed by all people. Like things to do in Cikampek which is exists in West Java area.

And that is our topic for today actually, another trip to West Java to visit another best locations in here called Cimaja. If you notice, there are a  lot of areas that start with the word Ci- in front of them. The examples are Cimahi, Ciamis, and things to do in Cianjur. So what are the special things about Cimaja? It contains a lot of beautiful attractions, like these examples that included in things to do in Cimaja below :

1. Cimaja Beach

As for the starter of this topic about things around Cimaja location in West Java, we’re gonna go for Cimaja Beach. As the famous location in the Cimaja area, the beach started getting its popularity through times.

With its very affordable price and also the amazing looks, the beach can hipnotizing everyone to come there again in the future. Originally made by God, the beach looks in a very well condition just like things to do In Sukabumi, with its very cheap entrance ticket of Rp5.000,-.Thanks to that, even the people with not so much high economy level can have a pleasure to vacationing in here.

  • Location : West Java
  • Tips : Bring some foods to accompany you

2. Pelabuhan Ratu

Pelabuhan Ratu is actally this wide location that has so many options for vacation like the beaches, the hotels, and others. The Pelabuhan Ratu also has the beach with the same name as the location. And the beach itself is very much favorable.

To enter the Pelabuhan Ratu, especially its beach, the tourists only need to pay for Parking ticket of Rp5.000,- up to Rp20.000,-, based on your vehicle. If you coming in here with so many people by using transporations like bus, you’re gonna be charged with more cost, than people who only come here by their motor cycle.

  • Location : Southwest coast in West Java
  • Tips : Bring some other fun things like volleyball or even foot ball in here, because the sand condition is very sutable for that actions.

3. Mount Cabe

In the area of Cimaja, there’s one mountain that located closely to the area, named Mount Cabe This mountain that its name came from one spice called Cabe or chilli, is actually the only mountain in the area of Mount Cabe. But around it, there are several hills surrounding it.

Unlike its brother that has so many locations near it that you can see directly in things to do in Mount Bromo, the Mount Cabe stands on its own feet, without any companion at all. And maybe because of the quieteness of the place, people still not recognize the existence of this mountain.

  • Location : Parung Panjang, West Java
  • Tips : You should bring a camera here, because the view is so amazing

4. Cimaja Square Hotel

As for the resting place in Cimaja, there’s one location that located near Pelabuhan Ratu and the Cimaja beach, called Cimaja Square Hotel. This hotel is pretty crowded, because its popularity is getting higher because of the good reviews that came from previous customers.

Beside the strategic locations, which is so close to the beach of Cimaja, the hotel also has very well services that can be choosen by the customers in there. And surely, they will be satisfied by those high quality treatments the hotel gave.

  • Location : Cisolok, Cimaja, Cikakak, West Java
  • Tips : Book here early before you actually going to Cimaja

5. Cimaja Square Restaurant

The Cimaja Square is not having the Hotel only, but also the restaurant. The resturant in here is quite good, thanks to the green environment around the restaurant, and also the building of the restaurant itself that used the village aspects on it.

So when you entering the place, you can see this wooden chairs and tables, completed with the big umbrella on the center to protect the customers from rain. Even though there’s room inside, but enjoying the meal outside while having a great view is very much satisfying.

  • Location : Cisolok, Cimaja, Cikakak, West Java
  • Tips : You can pick the outside or inside spot, choose what you like the most

6. Nurda’s Cimaja Restaurant

Nurda’s Cimaja Restaurant and Guset House, that is the name of this next location in the Cimaja area. Well, in this place, you can either choosing for the restaurant or the guest, or maybe just both of them like the foreign tourists do.

Yes, the place is really getting hifh favor from the tourists, especially foreign tourists. The place is looks very green, not because of the wall paintings, but by the natural paintings that created by God Almighty. And maybe that is the good point of why this place is so much comfortable. 

  • Location : Cisolok street, Bojong Asih, Cimaja
  • Tips : You can spend the night in here, and get free breakfast later in the morning

7. Bacan Lake

Next thing that is really famous in the eyes of either local or foreign tourists is the Bacan Lake. Mostly the people who visit the place are Indonesia, especially for those who interesting in Bacan stone, that can see clearly its reflection in the Bacan lake’s water.

Beautiful like the places in things to do in Ciamis, the place is indeed a remarkable one, because in the Java island, there’s no lka that hase the same qualitications as this. Plus, you only need to save your money to pay parking ticket only if you want to enter the place.

  • Location : Bojong, Cikembar, West Java
  • Tips : Be sure to bring a camera here, plus snacks if you want

Completing the list of things to do in Cimaja, all 16 of them, we need to add another list that consisting about nine other locations for you to visit during your trip in Cimaja. There are some curugs or waterfalls in here that you can find in Cimaja, and maybe you can pick some of them, or maybe try them all of course.

  1. Karang Para Hill
  2. Curug or Waterfall of Awang
  3. Geopark Ciletuh
  4. Curug Cimarinjung
  5. Curug Cikaso
  6. Panenjoan Cliff
  7. Bravo Adventure Camping
  8. Ciptagelar Village
  9. Buniayu Cave

So that is the 16 in total, things to do in Cimaja area of West Java. The tourists can always explore the other exicing locations beside tha famous one on the list like Cimahi, or maybe Bandung, switching to the other locations in West Java.

The reason we said the words above, is because West Java still have something natural and still fresh that can be offered to the tourists as a pleasurable places that they should visit during their break. And the people can always having them at very affordable price, than having fun at the modern locations.

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