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16 Unimaginable Things to Do in Kawah Putih West Java Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

As in the previous article said, the land of West Java holding much and much more places that well hidden. As one of those places is, none other than Kawah Putih or White crater in the Bandung area. Serving as one of the breathtaking places in Indonesia, this one is of course a must visit one.

In the things to do in Kawah Putih, most of the locations we want to introduce to you are mainly the natural attractions, some maybe have a little improvement to make them more fitting for the tourists. And for the notice, the Kawah Putih crater also has its own specialities, just like another crater in things to do in Ijen.

1. White Crater of Kawah Putih

The first place we’re gonna talk about on our list of the things around Kawah Putih area is of course the White Crater itself.  Looking so majestic, the White Crater isn’t the feature of the mountain that you can find easily in Indonesia.

There are actually numbers of mountain that has the white crater like this, but this is maybe is the one that can be reaches with ease. Even some other things like things to do in Mount Bromo don’t feel the same like this crater. With the entrance ticket for about Rp20.000,-, everyone can enter it easily.

  • Location : West Java
  • Tips : The place is even used for many promotional videos, so be sure to bring your camera

2. Cimanggu Cottage

By walking and hiking the mountain to reach the white crater, it wil be so tiring journey, and of course your body need some time to rest after that. Don’t worry, located some meters from the mountain, there’s this small villas that included inside the area of Cimanggu Cottage.

For the people, the cottage is very suitable place, because not having much contrast with the environment around, especially the mountain condition itself. By paying a little bit portion of money, you can rest for days in here.

  • Location : Ciwidey street, Rancabali
  • Tips : Be sure to bring more money if you want to book the place early

3. Ranca Upas Smart Camp Adventure

In the third location, also not far from the second thing on our list, there is this Camp Advanture called Ranca Upas. The place is called a smart camp because the visitors can educate themself with the informations that contained in every aspects of the place, especially the environment, in the fun way.

Because the place is very much comfortable, like the things to do in Cimaja, many people use this place for many benefits like group building activities, scouts camping, and others. At least with the entrance ticket of Rp10.000,-, the benefits are way worthy than it.

  • Location : Ciwidey-Patengan street on 11th kilometer
  • Tips : You can take some people with you, because it’s very suitable for many people, at least a group

4. Cibuni Rengganis Crater

And then, in the area of Bandung, there’s not only the White Crater that serving as a famous tourist object, but there is another one called Cibuni Renganis Crater. The place looks more improved by the additional wooden bridges and fences.

Those improvements are needed for preventing people to  fall in to the hot water, very hot water. And because of that, the staff made the save spot for thh tourists who want to feel the hot spring of Cibuni Rengganis. With the Rp5.000,- worth of entry ticket, the things you’ll get in there will be much favorable.

  • Location : Patengan, Rancabali
  • Tips : Don’t bring so many stuff with you, because exploring this place may be a tiring walk for sure

5. Ciwalini Hot Spring

If the hot spring above is still having the mountain aspects on it like the rocks, the sulphur smell, and stuff, this place is more better than that, but improved a bit by the additional things. Because of this point of interest has a target for the casual tourist, they made the place looks friendly as possible by making it as a pool.

Called as one of the best hot springs in Java, like the places in things to do in Cimahi, the Ciwalini becaming a very good option for family who want to go for something healthy and not tiring. And of course, with the entrance ticket of Rp20.000,-, everyone will certainly like it.

  • Location : Tenjolaya, Ciwidey
  • Tips : Come here during weekdays to avoid crowd

6. Situ Patenggang

We go from the hot spring to the natural location around Kawah Putih area, a lake called Situ Patenggang. The Situ is famous because of the existence of ship restaurant that “floating” just in the lake bank.

But, for the tourists who want to hunt for the natural aspects of it, they can go around the lake to find a hut, so they can have the full experience of quietness in the lake. It’s really worth it, more than the entrance ticket from Rp18.000,- with only parking ticket for Rp5.000,-. 

  • Location : West Java
  • Tips : You can go to the restaurant after visiting the lake

7. Rancabali Garden

And for the 7th place on the list, we want to introduce you to the area that reflected very well the natural condition of the village areas of West Java, tea garden.The Tea gardens in the West Java are included as the best one, like this place called Rancabali Garden.

Beside use for the tea processing place, the garden location is also used for shooting or movie making. There are green colours everywhere the tourists see. The place has the entrance ticket of Rp20.000,- per person.

  • Location : Patengan, Rancabali
  • Tips : Don’t just step in the tea garden without any permission first, because it can interrupt the work of tea farmers.

So let’s see the other things that still uncevered in the previous mentions. In this small list, we provide almost nine of the locations that located near the Kawah Putih or White Crater of Bandung that included in the list of things to do in Kawah Putih :

  1. Strawberry Garden
  2. Malabar Tea Garden
  3. Situ Cileunca
  4. Glamping Likeside
  5. Batu Cinta
  6. Cimanggu Pool
  7. Punceling Pass
  8. Sinumbra Tea Garden
  9. Patuahwatte Tea Garden

The 16th location closed our meeting for today with the topic of things to do in Kawa Putih, which is considered as one epic location that people can’t miss while they having their own journey in the land of West Java.

This is the proof that in Indonesia, the dangerous things like the seas and the mountains are also worth to visit, beside the modern attractions provided today like the malls, restaurants, and cafes. Sometimes, we need a little bit joy and peaces that came from those natural places. And surely, you can get the experience easily by visiting the natural locations in Indonesia.

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