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16 Natural Things to Do in Ijen Banyuwangi

by Yoga Adi

Like we always said, the East Java always has something to offer regarding of the natural attractions that are so abundant in there. Like in this province for example, there’s this area of a city called things to do in Banyuwangiwhich is located near the island of Bali, which is also famous by the tourists.

In this specific area of East Java, there’s this unique and beautiful mountain. Even though this mountain doesn’t have so large area like things to do in Mount Bromo, but it has own speciality, called the Ijen Crater. What’s so good about this crater and also what are the other things that can be found within the area? Let’s find the answer in things to do in Ijen below :

1. Ijen Crater

As for the first place, of course we want to tell you about this Ijen crater first, which also located in the area of Banyuwangi. Well, maybe you also already knew about this place, because of its blueish magma that looks really spectacular during the night. In some areas like things to do in Gresik East Java, maybe you’ll have some difficulties to find a place that looks like this.

It’s really beautiful, you should see it for yourself during your visit in Banyuwangi city. Becasue of that, and also the environment around, not only some tourists that actually came in here, but so do the cameramen. Well, for the entrance ticket, the tourists really need to pay for about Rp10.000,- and they bring a camera, the ticket will increase to Rp250.000,-. Also, if they use to place to create promotional video, they must pay for about Rp10.000.000,-.

  • Locations : Banyuwangi, East Java
  • Tips : If you bring a camera around, be sure to prepare more money

2. Bulan Sabit Crater

The next one is another crater that located near the Ijen crater, with the name of Bulan Sabit Crater. The Bulan Sabit means Moon Crescent in English. If you wonder, why the name of this place is the Bulan Sabit, it’s because of the shape of the crater itself that resembles very well a moon crescent.

And actually because of that shape, many people interested to come in here. Capturing the photos of the crater, and also the view around of course. The good thing is, you only need t pay for the parking ticket only. That sounds fun.

  • Locations : Tamansari, Licin
  • Tips : Be sure to bring a camera for you, the phone camera is good enough

3. Blawan Waterfall

Switching from the mountain attractions, we will go to another form of natural attractions, the waterfalls. There are so many waterfalls in here, so let’s pick the first one on the list of waterfalls in Ijen, called Blawan Waterffall.

If you don’t know yet, unlike the previous attractions we mentioned above, this one is considerd so quiet and peaceful. And because of that, if you are the person that needs some kind of relaxation, Coming in here will be a lot more nicer. It’s also beautiful, just like the waterfalls in things to do in Probolinggo.

  • Locations : Kalianyar, Sempol
  • Tips : There’s no entrance ticket, but you should spare some money to pay parking ticket

4. Kali Pait Waterfall

The second one is the waterfall that has the name of Kali Pait. A little unique from the othher one, in here the water flows slowly and in such a little volume. Thus created the water path that has a good looking view for everyone can take.

In some areas like things to do in Jember, maybe you can find the same waterfalls with the exact specification, but maybe you can’t find another speciality like this waterfall has. Thanks to that, it gains so much popularity among the tourists.

  • Locations : Kalianyar Sempol
  • Tips : Come here early to avoid the crowd

5. Kampung Anyar Waterfall

And in the last waterfall, we wan to introduce to you about another choice of waterfall attraction called Kampung Anyar Waterfall. It’s located in teh area of a village called Kampung Anyar. Different from the previous waterfall, this waterfall looks exactly like the usual waterfalls you can find anywhere else.

Also, having the spectacular place like the waterfall above, this Kampung Anyar waterfall also crowded with so many people, especiallu during the weekend or the holidays. But the thing is, they only need to reach the place themself, without paying any entrance ticket in the ends.

  • Locations : Glagah, Kampung Anyar
  • Tips : Always be careful, the road in here isn’t the best

6. Pulau Merah (Red Island)

Also, Banyuwangi not only offering you the natural attraction of waterfalls and mountains. This city also can give you another option for your holiday. A beautiful island, with its famous speciality of having a red colored sand, called Pulau Merah.

It’s basically a red island. The sand in the is really having the red colour, at least more different than the usual sand in the beaches. People really like to come here to have some tanning and water sports, even though the beach is not suitable for the surfers. And for the entrance ticket, it’s only Rp8.000,-. 

  • Locations : Sumberagung, Pesanggaran
  • Tips : Bring some play things like volley ball, or maybe swimming equipments

7. Bangsring Underwater

And for the seventh place, which is also like the best location of them all in the Ijen area of Banyuwangi, there’s this Bangsring Underwater attraction. Being as famous as Bali island, Ijen has this area to fulfill the tourist wants by providing the well looking underwater ecosystem for the divers and swimmers.

You need to pay some parking ticket, which is also very cheap. And you won’t be charged with another administration fee. But, without those payments, you can still having your eyes spoiled by diving into the Bangsring Underwater ecosystem. It’s gorgeous.

  • Locations : Banyuwangi, East Java
  • Tips : Bring your own diving or swimming equipments

Of course, those place aren’t all the plaes that actually exist in the area of Ijen, Banyuwangi. There are much things to do left, like always, will be spared in the small list of things to do in Ijen. There are nine places in total covering the list, so here you go :

  1. Kalibendo
  2. Watu Dodol
  3. Baluran
  4. Sukamade
  5. Sadengan
  6. Blimbingsari
  7. Mustika Beach
  8. Blue Bay
  9. Kamiren Cultural Village

That’s finally our complete list of the things to do in Ijen, Banyuwangi, East Java. This is the perfect example that tells us, the famous location is not the only main point of an area. Around it, maybe there are some places left that hidden and still virgin. And that’s the duty of the advanturers and the tourists, to find the exotic places hidden within and enjoy all the things inside.

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