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20 Things to Do in Jember, East Java Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Okay, back here again with us with some of information about Indonesian local areas that have so many things to introduce to you. Before spinning around uncertainly, let’s pin our destination to Jember. This specific area in East Java is already well known as the prince of tourism in Indonesia. The reason, well you can find that out after this.

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You can get almost free entrance ticket of all the attractions, or just paying a little to enter the certain attractions. The place’s very natural, and yet very comfortable to be enjoy in this holiday. We decided to put another top 20 list in here to make you more ready to prepare your holiday tour in Jember. Now, let’s start the things to Do in Jember East Java!

1. Papuma Beach

The spot located on Lojejer, Wuluhan, Jember. A very famous yet the most exotic beach in Jember. The view is very scenic, almost looks unreal. You know, the combination of elements of the sea, the rock, and the little “mountain” is somewhat amazing to watch.  Even though the view seems nice in the day, the looks when the sunset happens is much much better.

Well, it’s better to take some photos in here, especially with the little mountain in the middle of it. The way to reach it, is this little rocky land that may disappear when tides. Taking photo here is very epic, it just has this magical feeling you know, put into it. So, you may as well visit it. You must!

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 15.000,-

2. Payangan Beach

In second place we put this beautiful island on the list. What other things we can say about it, other than it’s wonderful. You know, in some pictures we may confuse this one as the island in Raja Ampat. They almost looked exactly the same! Well, at least this is way more cheaper than Raja Ampat.

So, if you really want to go to Raja Ampat but very tight on budget, well give this one a go. The beach located on Payangan village, Jember. It doesn’t look much, but it’s very satisfying. Now, prepare your stuff and get ready to fly to Jember as fast as you can.

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 10.000,-

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3. Puger Beach

The beautiful beach located i  southwest area of Jember. The route is also very easy to be drive to. Then you should go there with safe and comfort because while on the way you can see many different views that very perfect to be captured.

Now, the beach itself is like the first beach in our list, very exotic especially in the evening. In several occasions you can see the people doing the ceremony of giving the vegetables, the fruits, all the harvested crops to the sea. Looking at them is also a great experience to enjoy. So, make sure you put this beach on your holiday list.

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 10.000,-

4. The Love Bay

The love is in the air. And it’s very hot. Now, this is another perfect place to go with someone you love. It’ll be a fun yet romantic experience you both will get in the place. You can see the sunset right on the spot, while admiring the love-shaped bay in front of you.

What a great time to be alive! The place also has some myths about relationships, we don’t know if that’s true or not. Well, beyond that, the truth is the bay is something. Just go to Ambulu, Sumberrejo to take a bit look at the place right on the spot. Feel the love, love is in the air.

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 5.000,-

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5. J88 Jember

No, this is not some alien codes or something. This code is actually the code to tell us about the peak of J88 Jember in Jelbuk, Jember. This spot is great for hunting. Hunting some exotic photos from the peak is really good and satisfying. So, no wonder many photographers came here almost ever day.

Then, you should bring one if you have. And start to take capture some moments in here. Capture the view around it, the happiness, the fun memories, and of course the exotic view of J88 Jember itself. of course, with the unlimited possibilities, enjoy it as much as you can.

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 10.000,-

6. Sukorambi Botani Park

This one place in Sukorambi district is a perfect place to be enjoy with the whole family, especially with children if you happen to have them. The Botani Park is actually an educational park though, that’s why it’s good for children. You can improve their motoric skills by doing the fun stuff. They will absolutely like it.

Then as for the adults, the spot’s good for relaxing. You know, just seeing the kids play with the things the wanted to do, while looking at the green surroundings that exist all around the area. It’s refreshing and very fun to be explored. So take your family and go here immediately!

  • Opening Hours : Everyday except Friday from 7 am to 4 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 15.000,-

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7. Sukamade Beach (Merubetiri Conservation)

This beach is one area with the Merubetiri Conservation you know, the conservation for the turtles in Jember. Well this one is certainly become the tourists favorite because its conservation. The turtles look very cute when they trying to reach the sea. Some of the tourists also gladly help them to do that.

That touching moment is only can be found in this Sukamade beach, Jember. The thing is, you can see the turtles laying egg, the hacthing, and the releasing moments. All in one package tour in Sukamade Beach. Beautifully touching.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 8 am – 4 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 25.000,-

8. Tancak Waterfall

After talking about the beaches, better go to the next type of attractions, waterfalls! This one located on Panti district, Jember. These twin waterfall may become the best waterfall in Jember, also in East Java probably. The twin may give you the experience you haven’t feel before when watching the waterfalls.

The waterfalls giving you the sensation of this gracious, yet lonely feels. The feels are amazing, remembering this is just one spot you’re into. Those calm, quiet, and lonely feels will give you this chill sensation. And for closing information here, they also forming a rainbow sometimes, it’s beautiful. Well, there are still many great things to do in Jember East Java, Indonesia.

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 5.000,-

9. Dira Park

This one water boom located on a busy place in Jember, Ambulu district to be exact. This one maybe looks pretty simple, but that’s the point. They give the most simple aspect in their building, making it colourful and yet just simply comfortable to be enjoy. There are not any adrenaline pumping rides you can found in here, which really fit for kids.

The kids can learn about something in here, while having fun playing with their friends by swimming or trying the funny rides in there. Those kids while be happy, very very happy. Then moms, this is the educational and won’t burn your wallet by any means.Please, be happy.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 8 am – 5 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 15.000,-

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10. Tiara Jember Park

Well, if the Dira Park is a park specially built for children, at their ages. While this kind of park in Sumbersari, Jember is the place for go crazy and having fun all the way. You can try  the slides in there, which is only several meters high, not too challenging than those in Ancol or other else.

But, they’ll give you this some kind of cozy and refreshing feels by placing those trees near the pools and the slides. So, it looks like you’re swimming in the jungle or something. Well, those feels are rather special to be felt, remembering this is only waterpark. Well, this is one of a kind.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 8 am – 5 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 20.000,-

11. Jumerto Rafting

Hmm, is it time to having fun? Is it the time for relax? Yes, and no. Yes you’ll having fun in this adrenaline pumping rafting in Jumerto, Jember. Well, nothing to complete the holiday without doing anything crazy, right? This is not much crazy but, you’ll get pumped up in the situation.

In here you can go rafting with group using the big yellow boat, or by yourself by using the black one. You can go together though, even using the different kinds of boat. You can play here till your heart content. Feel the adrenaline, see the panoramas, and earned it.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 6 am – 7 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 10.000,- (plus another equipment rental costs)

12. Coffee and Cocoa Science Technopark (CCSTP)

This one spot in Nogosari, Rambipuji, Jember is perfect one for the coffee and chocolate lover because in here you can see all of the process, and all of the products of coffee and chocolate. You can taste them if you want, with some charges of course. But it’s worth it.

Then after spending time to learn and taste the delicacy of them, you can buy some of them to bring home. So you can taste them continuously in your own home. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?Well, like they’ve always said, have some coffee!

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 8 am – 4 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 25.000,- (plus another equipment rental costs)

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Another Attractions in Jember, East Java

We’ll give you the other 8 attractions to complete the list of the 20 things to do in Jember, East Java Indonesia! The spots are :

  1. Japan cave, historical place from hundred year ago
  2. Galaxy Park, the other exciting park in Jember
  3. Boemi Poeger Museum, study more and having fun at the same time!
  4. Duplang Sites, ancient sites that still exists in Jember
  5. Getem Beach, unforgettable exotic beach of East Java
  6. Tropicana Park, sweet relaxing time for you
  7. Antrokan Waterfall, the small rocky waterfall in Silo
  8. Kimo, the blue crystal clear pools for everyone!

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Then our list of things to do in Jember East Java finished here. All the great things belong to you, and you only. Then, go catch those great things by directly feeling the moments at the attractions provided above. Also stay happy, and enjoy your holiday in Jember!

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