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16 Favorable Indonesian Paradise Islands You Should Totally Visit

by Yoga Adi

Beside known for the cultural country, Indonesia also known for its numbers of islands tobe the maritime country with the most of them. Some people would rather like to visit the places with modernization like malls and restaurants, but for the people who would like to take a chance to explore the wonderful Indonesia like things to do in Batu , this could be a great start.

Beside visiting the natural things on the islands like the forest, lake, or maybe beach like in the area of things to do in Banyuwangi, they can have their own amazing adventure doing the island jumping. This activity is like visiting one island and switching to another in not a very long time. And the best country to do that kind of activity, is Indonesia, which has so many islands to choose. So we here want to provide you with the informations about which island you should go first when exploring the Indonesia fully that included in Indonesian paradise islands you should totally visit.

1. Weh Island

The very first island on the list, is the Weh island in the Aceh region.  This island is considered as the best island in Indonesia that is known for its beaches condition. For example, there are several beaches that worth visiting like the Teupins.

Visiting this island now is becoming a real thing, because any people can access it with very eas way. And the total cost for enjoying this little paradise is less than a million rupiah.  This can be a great alternative beside visiting the existing things to do in Samosir Island.

  • Location : Aceh Province
  • Tips : You can always look for another alternative ways to visit this, like renting the fishermen boat, or hop on the plane that has discounted price.

2. Mentawai Island

Mentawai island, is also undoubtedly one of the best islands in Indonesia. Having so much potential like the things inside things to do in Rote island, Mentawai always be favored by everyone, including the famous artists that known for his role for Fast and Furious, Paul Walker.

He really loved this island because the beach in here is reallt great for doing his favorite water sport, surfing. And that’s why, the place is like a heaven for the survers, because beside the waves here are pretty good and “friendly”, the size of the island makes it more exclusive.

  • Location : West Sumatra
  • Tips : Better prepare your own surfing equipments before going in here.

3. Pahawang Island

Found as the primadona of Bandar Lampung attractions, the Pahawang island is becoming more famous these days. There are two islands in this Pahawang area, the Big Pahawang and the little Pahawang. Those islands have their own unique qualifications that are perfect for certain conditions.

And talking about the cost, going to this island maybe will blow your wallet a bit. Starting from going to Bakauheni, then to Ketapang Pot, and finally reach Pahawang, it’ll take about 1,5 million rupiahs, including the cost for staying in homestay.

  • Location : Lampung
  • Tips : Be sure to prepare your budget first, it’s realy worth it

4. Pagang Island

And then, the next island that looks as beutiful as the things to do in Alor Island, with the name of Padang island is ready to welcoming you. Even though it looks so small with its cocon tress and soft tecture of sand, the Pagang island hold several good benefits that different from other island.

It’s called the most beautiful island in the West Sumatra province, because it looks so great and carefully maintained. And because of the island condition is pretty calm. It’s good for the people who want to have some peaceful time. People will only be charged with the entrance ticket of Rp25.000,- when entering the island.

  • Location : Padang
  • Tips : The total cost for going in this island is

5. Onrust Island

In the area of Jakarta, that is a line of islands called as Kepulauan Seribu, means thousand islands in Indonesia. And inside them, there is this small island called Onrust Island. The place is so special because people start using it for many reasons.

For the fishermen, they can have their great catch in here. The island is also great place to do prewed photos,  thanks to the existence of the lightouse, even though only its foot. Because of those benefits, people really like it in here.

  • Location : Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta
  • Tips : Be sure to come here easyly to be able all of it with ease.

6. Derawan Island

Switching to the Borneo island, which is the biggest island on Indonesia, we can find another best island that you can visit, the Derawan island. This beautiful island located on East Borneo contains a lot of attactions.

There are several activities that you can choose in here, like doing some snorkeling, casual swimming, enjoying the sunset with lover, and strollig around exploring the full content of the island thouroughly. 

  • Location : East Borneo
  • Tips : You can do some less expensive ways to go here, like doing hitchiking, having your own tools to process foods, and hoping on the fisheremen boats.

7. Nusa Lembongan Beach

Beside the other Nusa we talked about in the previous articles like Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida, there is one Nusa that is included as the top attraction beside the Bali island itself. The island called as Nusa Lembongan.

This island is filled with so many beautiful stuff, proven by the previous article about the attractions inside the island of Nusa Lembongan. But mostly, theye are beaches and villages, that look amazing, even for these days.

  • Location : North side of Bali island
  • Tips : You can do a quick island jump to Nusa Penida or Ceningan when you having a trip on this island

Seven is a little bit small is it? We want to expand our list to becomemuch bigger by adding some other islands that really fitting for any tourists who want to take a visit. Each of them has their own special things that people must look for. And so here they are, the other Indonesian paradise islands you should totally visit.

  1. Komodo island
  2. Gili Meno
  3. Gili Trawangan
  4. Seram Island
  5. Waigeo island
  6. Saumlaki Island
  7. Raja Ampat island
  8. Karimunjava island
  9. Moyo island

Those islands are truly the Indonesian paradise islands you should totally visit right? After seeing some references of one or more islands you want to visit, you can actually prepare your budget from now on. Giving yourself a little experience about survival by reading guides,  if maybe something bad happens in there. And you must hundred percent sure which of those islands on the list that you want to visit, because as said above, each island has their own unique specifications So, be sure to pick the one that you really like, because exploring an island would be a great journey to remember.

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