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15 Things to Do in Rote Island That You Will Love

by Yoga Adi

Hello again everyone, meet us again in this very special occasion, we’re gonna tell you about the list of amazing Places To Visit in Indonesia once again. Before, we already talked about another island called Alor island which is located in East Nusa Tenggara area, a little bit for Timor Leste country actually. Now, we’re here wll tell you about something beautiful on the south side of that island. Crossing the ocean, you can find this little island called Rote island. So we made the list of attractions in Rote Island East Nusa Tenggara

The island is actually the most south island in Indonesia. That’s why many people know it, at least in the way of culture and history. But about its attraction? This one many people not knowing yet. Event though Rote island doesn’t have this kind of famous and well known venues in the island, but you can check them too if you want, feeling all the spots located in the southest part of Indonesia. The places look very natural (except the resorts), the nature maintained them well somehow. Like the attractions in things to do in Alor Island, things to do in Rinca Island, or things to do in Moyo Island, attractions in this island are quite good to be explored. So, here is the list of the venues :

1. Pantai Baru Bay

The first one on the list is The Bay of Pantai Baru which is located on Tesablea, North Rote. Here is the first place you’re gonna meet upon arrival on the island. You’ll be greeted with the beautiful view of the beach, the sounds of bird combined with the ships. Also the sea waves. The location is like your first gate to finally explore the spots available on the island.

You can either continue your journey or just chilling around by enjoying the sea breeze in the beach. Yeah, there’s one beach here located like the name of the bay, Pantai Biru Beach. Pantai biru means the blue beach, which resembles the clear bluish water of the sea there that very clear to see. Here, your journey begins.

  • Opening Hours : No entry ticket
  • Entry Ticket : Opens 24 hours

2. Tiang Bendera Beach

The next one is on the little bit far in the left side of the spot mentioned above, located on Baadele, Lobalain. Many said that this is the place for the sunset hunters. Well, they’re right. Tiang bendera (which means flag pole in English) is actually has this kind of gigantic corals located on top of it. It uniqueness is absolutely worth taking.

Eventually, the corals will look very beautiful when sunset comes around. It’s degrading so perfectly. Sure, it’ll be a nice experience there, to take a look at booth the sunset and the corals there. So you better bring your most beautiful and the greatest camera you have and a tripod if you have any. Then put them in a great position. It’ll be a good picture to remember.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp5.000,-

3. Nemberala Beach

Located on West Rote area, this venue is actually well known to many tourists, thanks to the high dedication of many people to publish its greatness on the internet or medias. Many people like it(especially Indonesians and Australians) the place because it looks exactly like the beach in Hawaii. So you can afford the Hawaii beach in the price of local cost.

The place looks very nice, with the addition of this some kind of hut near the beach lips, adding this feeling of relax and calm. Plus, there are some coconut tress in here, you might find coconuts lying around if you lucky enough, and finally drink it. So, with the greatest feeling of relax and calmness, the beach is of course very recommended to you.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp10.000,-

4. Mando’o Hill

Maybe not as good looking as the hill in things to do in Tana Toraja, but this place is also one of a kind. This one is very spectacular. Maybe you’ve never seen any place like this before. It got this amazing and unusual beautifulness because of its epic look. Yes you heard me, the spot is very epic. Located in the area of Kuli, Lobalain, the place is of course one of a kind in Indonesia, or even the world. Thanks to its panoramic view, you’ll be served with amazing experience.

So, this place has this amazing view of the green vegetations and the forest that can be gotten on top of the hill near the area. You must ready your stamina though, because you’ll be going to the hill with so many steps, around 450 maybe or more. So, after you beat the steps, you can finally enjoy the view on top. The view is really amazing.

  • Opening Hours : Always Opens
  • Entry Ticket : No entry Ticket

5. Tolanamon Beach, Inaoe

The next one is Talanamon Beach, which is located in South Rote, in Inaoe area to be exact. Well, like the beaches in beaches in Sumatra, the beach is also a good one in here. The big rocks and the view of the sea is a perfect combination. The big rocks located between the beach, or it’s like forming the way to go to the beach itself.

But here, you can found so many people in the beach. The beach is actually a famous one, and it turns out that the people of Rote actually like the beach very much. Based on statistic, the people who came here in weekday or weekend are totalled into hunder or more tourists. Of course, because it’s a beautiful place, no other reason.

  • Opening Hours : Always Opens
  • Entry Ticket : No entry Ticket

6. Batu Termanu

As the sixth spot on the list of 15 things to din in Rote Island, we put Batu Termanu in the place. It’s located on Onotali, Central Rote. Batu Termanu is one exotic spot in all the region of East Nusa Tenggara, or even in Indonesia. Here you can find the Batu (stone) that has this gigantic size on the beach. The rock is believed to be the one that has this ancient myth of Rote island. We don’t actually know what the myth is, but the rock has this face-like shape on it, which is looks a little bit creepy.

And yes, you can do other things in here. Just usual swimming or another beach activities that you want to do, like picnicking while watching the sunset. That will be great for famiy or friends. O hangout in this place, surely the experience you’ll get is pretty amazing.

  • Opening Hours : Always Opens
  • Entry Ticket : No entry Ticket

7. Oesosole Beach

Ah, the well known beach Oesosole. Located on Faifua area, this beach looks so fantastic. The beach is considered as the must visit place in the eyes of the tourists. Beside the amazing view the beach has, the beach also have something to show to you. On the beach, you can find this love-shaped coral which is actually a natural one.

The symbol of love, made this place crowded with newly married couple or juts teenagers. They often take a picture of them with the coral of love background. The beach itself is actually quite romantic place, even without the existence of the love coral. What a nice things to do in Rote Island Indonesia!

  • Opening Hours : Always Opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp15.000,-

8. Tolama Beach, Tolama

Tolama beach have been put into 8th place of the list. Like its name, the beach is located in the area that has the same name, Tolama. The beach is actually an economical spot, because you can find the trading post and also trading activity between the fishermen and the trader. Beside filled with dozens of fishes and corals, on the water you can find many of boats just hanging around the beach.

But, even though the place is filled with boats, you can do many fun things in here still. You can rent one of their boats and then sailing to the ocean for a while. You can be a pirate for one hour or so. Then after that, you can rest in the rest area in the beach while having some coconut drinks. Ah, so fun.

  • Opening Hours : Always Opens
  • Entry Ticket : No entry Ticket

9. Glanther Coffee

No relaxing time is completed without coffee, and this one is the first go. You can find the place in the Doudolu area, in the west side of Rote island. Yeah, just like usual cafes, you can find the place is mainly filled by teenagers who just hanging around everyday. Plus some businessman talking about their stuff while enjoying the drinks.

Well, beside the coffee, the place also serve with this seafood dishes, fresh from the ocean. So, we can conclude that this place ain’t just a cafe, but also a restaurant for some reasons. Well, enjoying the coffee!

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 10 am – 10pm
  • Entry Ticket : Ticket for parking only

10. Ba’a Bay

Well, in the last place we want to introduce you to one of the bay in Rote that has this kind of speciality in panoramas. Located in Namodale, Lobalain. While in the day, you can enjoy exploring the lighthouse, reach its top and see the views there. While in the evening, you can take a walk with your partner to the long bridger near the lighthouse.

Then in the night, you can glance at the shining stars above while enjoying dinner with your love one. So,ba’a bay is a fun place for couples to enjoy all the good things in here that included in one package of Ba’a bay attraction. So, it’ll be great to take your love with you to the spot.

  • Opening Hours : Always Opens
  • Entry Ticket : No entry Ticket

Other Attractions in Rote Island East Nusa Tenggara

So we have more things to do in Rote Island Indonesia. Brace yourself, the journey ain’t finished yet!

  1. Bati Leli Beach, beautiful beach located in Ndao
  2. Sosodale Beach, good looking one in the north side of Rote island
  3. Laut Mati Lake, a very peaceful lake
  4. Tiberias Hotel, rest your body in this gorgeous looking resort
  5. ACM Caffe, hanging out with friends will be a very good time in here

Okay, our list of things to do in Rote Island Indonesia done here. See? There are so many attractions in here, right? Too bad many Indonesian still don’t recognize their existence yet. But, this is may be the perfect chance for your, for the places ain’t crowded yet with people, so you can enjoy them all by yourself! You can take the extra points about the attractions there, only for yourself. Hen what are you waiting for? Since this is the perfect moment, you better be ready with some stuff you want to bring, and let’s go !

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