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15 Beautiful Things to Do in Cimahi, West Java

by Keziamarcellova
Curug Cimahi

Cimahi, one of the existing city of West Java Province has the nickname of the City of the Army. This is because Cimahi City was once a military training centre during the colonial era. However, until now, you can still meet the military training centre in Cimahi. Not only that, in Cimahi you can explore interesting tourist destinations. With cool air, beautiful panorama, and strategic location.

Here are the tourist attractions in Cimahi and surrounding areas that can be used as your tourist reference.

1. Curug Cimahi
Things to Do in Cimahi, West Java – Curug Cimahi or Cimahi Waterfall reaches 85 meters high and the highest in Cimahi City. The waterfall area has beautiful scenery and the air is so fresh. Tourist attractions covering an area of ​​approximately 2 hectares is quite famous and have its own privileges.

The height of this waterfall itself about 87 meters and serve as one of the highest curug in the province of Bandung. The name of this waterfall itself is taken from the Cimahi River that flows over from the waterfall. Cimahi River has upstream in Lake Lembang and flows through the city of Cimahi.

To get to this place, visitors can use two access. The first is to use the Cimahi line through the Cihanjuang and Parongpong lines. The second line can be reached from the Lembang Bandung. The path through the city of Cimahi you can go to the road Colonel Matsuri near the square Cimahi. Down the road will bring visitors to Cihanjuang and also Parongpong. Go straight north to the Lembang area

. If taken from Bandung you can go to the centre of Bandung and then drive the vehicle to via Lembang and into the Sergeant Bajuri Street. Both of these road routes will be able to meet each other. Do not worry because the route is smooth and paved.

Address : Jalan Kolonel Matsuri, Kertawangi.

2. Nature Tourism Cimahi
Natural Tourism Cimahi also was known as AWC offers a tour that is a blend of beautiful natural scenery with an exciting and exciting arena. Alam Cimahi Tourism was founded by CV Tanu Anugrah Garden which became a manifestation of the desire of the entrepreneur to develop the potential of tourism in the field of agriculture, farm and culinary. The desire is based on the potential of a qualified city Cimahi and has great potential in the world of tourism.

Nature Tourism Cimahi was inaugurated on October 18, 2009. The inauguration was done by the mayor of Cimahi at that time that is Ir. H. Itoch Tochija. Indeed, when inaugurated the focus of this tourist spot is culinary but as the AWC develops, various facilities also appear. Some of the existing games are rocking bridge and flying fox. Other facilities include a swimming pool, fishing pond, up to restaurants and dining venues with a diverse menu.

This place is suitable to be used as a tourist spot with family, especially with children. Fresh air and green scenery are suitable for those of you who want to find peace away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

Address: Jalan Colonel Matsuri Km 14.

3. Wisata Paku Haji Park
The next destination is Paku Haji Tourism Park located at Jalan Haji Ghofur. This place offers riding experience, obstacles, up to ATV games. In addition, you can see various animals in the zoo and there is also a swimming pool.

To reach the location of the tour it must pass through the extreme streets, but will all be paid off when you see the green stretch cooled the eyes upon arrival in Taman Paku Haji which the extent of about 10 hectares.

A very strategic location will make Paku Haji tourist sites frequented by tourists. During weekends or when the holiday season arrives this tour is always visited by tourists from within or from outside the area.

The existing tourist facilities in this place quite tolerable, even this tourist spot is very strategic with other tourist attractions such as Lembang city tour and also floating market Lembang. Visitors who come here can try various tourist activities such as horseback riding and also ride ATV. To ride ATV you do not need to go to Bandung, in Paku Haji tour has been their such tours. 

4. All About Strawberry
Things to Do in Cimahi, West Java – For those of you who like strawberry fruit do not forget to stop by and visit this one tourist spot. That’s because all the stuff that smells like strawberry is here. Arriving at the tourism object located on Jalan Cihaunjang Km 2, you can feel the interesting experience of picking strawberries.

In addition, the location is perfect for a relaxing place and refresh the eyes back. Here the atmosphere is so fresh with a play area for children. Before returning home, you can shop various knick-knacks strawberries as souvenirs.

It can be said that there are tourist attractions here are cheap places it is due to the cheap ticket prices. After paying the visitor tickets who come here can get one glass of strawberries for free as a welcome greeting. Indeed the location of the tour is not broad, but impressive.

For those of you who bring children, you can take your child to a cowboy house. Your child can ride a horse like a cowboy. In addition to strawberry, for those who want to travel culinary can also be here that you can taste tofu gejrot, colenak, banana penyet and many more.

5. Cireundeu Village 
This is a village whose location in South Cimahi still adheres to the customs of its ancestors. The life of the people here is unique because their staple food is not rice, but cassava. Well, here you can see historical relics, natural beauty, customs that all certainly attract the attention of visitors or tourists. The name of this village comes from the Reundeu Tree.

Formerly this village is overgrown with the reundeu tree so that it is called the village Cireundeu. The location of this village is in Leuwigajah Village, South Cimahi District. In this village is not inhabited by many people like other public villages. Cireundeu village is only inhabited by 50 families and at least there are 800 people in this village.

The livelihood of the people who live here is to cultivate cassava. The inhabitants here are consistent in upholding what they believe in and they love to preserve the culture until now. The belief that is held firmly by the people of this adat village is Sunda Wiwitan. As with the name of indigenous kampung, the people who live here preserve the customs that their ancestors had inherited. 

6. Malela Waterfall
The next resort is Curug Malela. Curugs whose height between 60 to 70 meters is approximately 50 meters wide. With the headwaters of its origin from the northern part of Mount Kendeng, then flows from a network of Cidadap River, and empties into Cisokan.

The water flow is so swift, sometimes you can also see a long-tailed monkey drinking at the bottom of Malela Waterfall. Curug Malela is included in a series of waterfalls along the 1 km. Which if sorted from the top is Curug Malela, Katumiri, Manglid, Ngebul, Sumpel, Palisir, with cover Curug Pamengpeuk. All are located in Cicadas Village, West Bandung.

This waterfall is very beautiful because it consists of several streams of the waterfall below. So beautiful, many say that curug ii is Niagara Falls mini. Although beautiful, to reach the tourist spot this one is quite tiring so it takes a strong physical and preparation of food or beverage complete.

If you want to come to this waterfall should not when the rain, because road access is not good and adequate. When the main access road is slippery and also muddy making it difficult for visitors who come there.

7. Cihideung Flower Garden
Cihideung is one of the villages in Kecamatan Parongpong. This place has now developed into a tourist interest area. The reason is that along the village there are various types of flowers that are planted. Most of the people of Cihideung Village work as flower farmers, be it ornamental flower farmers or cut flowers.

For ornamental flowers themselves are widely used as a plant that beautifies the garden or yard, while cut flowers used for decorative purposes. Cihideung Flower Garden location is about 20 km from the city of Bandung. Well, to achieve it can use public or private transport.

For those of you who vacation with your spouse, you can take a vacation to this flower garden. This flower garden is very unique and interesting. It’s a shame if you do not take pictures in this park. You can take pictures with a beautiful background picture of the flowers. Flowers that are here are ornamental flowers and cut flowers. The biggest flower supplier from Bandung is this park so it is not surprising if this garden consists of various types of flower plants.

8. Kampung Gajah (Elephant Park) 
Wow, surely we can see lots of elephants, here! Salah, Kampung Gajah is just the name, really. In it contains various rides games not only for children but for families. This tourist spot is perfect for those of you who want to vacation with your family.

For those who want to play any water can be in this place. Gajah is very exciting to be used as a tourist destination, so for those of you who come to Cimahi Bandung do not forget to take time to visit this one tourist spot.

Various kinds of facilities exist in Kampung Gajah is very complete. Entrance fee is priced at Rp 10,000 (Monday-Thursday) and Rp 20.000 (Friday-Sunday). Tickets in Kampung Gajah are varied, there are regular tickets, tickets canal and there is also a ticket attraction.

For those who use tickets for tickets, visitors who come to Kampung Gajah can enter Futuristic Buggy, Buggy Family, Tubby, Sky Rider, Formula Kart, Moto Golf, Mini Buggy, Delman Royal, Horse Riding da etc. To ticket, this attraction varies depending on the type of attractiveness respectively.

9. Natural Hill
One of the family tourist sites that have beautiful panorama and located in Lembang Bandung. Here you can find a waterfall with a height of about 50 meters, then do the activities of natural trekking. To reach the Natural Hill waterfall location, you can travel within 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours.

This location is a complete family tour, there is an interesting children’s play area as well. Fresh air makes panoramic views, very enjoyable holiday here.

For nature lovers, it’s a shame if you do not visit this place. In addition to being used for tourist attractions, Natural Hill can also be used for outbound places. For those who want to stay, there are various types of lodging that can be tried here.

The only example is the barracks concept in with a capacity of 160 people. In addition, there is the concept of tent and cottage. The capacity of the lodging concept of the tent is 200 people. While the most expensive is lodging with the concept of cottage 

10. Bunga Rizal House
This is a production garden located in Lembang Bandung and has been there since 33 years ago. The establishment of this place stems from the hobby of planting flowers such as orchids, cactus, and other ornamental plants.

Over time, Rizal Flower House began to produce a variety of creative products supporting hobby and gardening. Such as a wire to support a plant or a hanging wire, and so on. Furthermore, in 2002, the concept of Rizal Flower House was turned into a tourist garden.

This tourist location offers a very clean, tidy garden atmosphere, plus the availability of various foods and beverages such as ice cream, the more make visitors feel comfortable. Visitors who come to this tourist attraction do not forget to buy by souvenirs typical of this tourist spot. A typical souvenir of Rizal Flower House is a flower or a mini plant inserted into the mica. Flowers that become souvenirs are the typical flowers of this sights are cactus, orchids and other plants.

11.  Floating Market Lembang
Things to Do in Cimahi, West Java – Floating Market Lembang or known as the floating market is a kind of culinary attractions in the area of ​​Lembang, Bandung. Similar to Floating Market in Kalimantan, where sellers use boats to sell a variety of merchandise (such as fruit, vegetables, and various kitchen utensils).

The difference is the floating market only sells a variety of food or culinary typical Flower City with a unique way of selling, which is on the boats are lined up neatly.

This tourist spot is very unique because visitors can feel sailing by boat. The seller was on the water. In addition, for buyers who want to buy goods that are there must use coins that had been exchanged using regular currency. Very unique is not it ? for the price of admission here is 15 thousand rupiah, the car park is 30 thousand rupiah while motorcycle parking 5 thousand rupiahs. Opening hours during weekdays at 9 am to 5 pm, while the weekend can be until 8 pm.

Those are some of the interesting places in Cimahi to visit. Do not forget to bring supplies such as medicines whenever necessary.

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