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18 Enchanted Things to Do in Parapat, North Sumatra, Indonesia

by ydrahmatullah

Parapat is a region in North Sumatra, Indonesia. You may not be familiar with this name, but Parapat region keeps so many cultural and beautiful places to visit. travelers from Indonesia and abroad visit this small region as often. They visit Parapat to know what beautiful and cultural attractions that they will get.

So, if you come to North Sumatra for traveling, don’t forget to find your time to enjoy some recreational places in this region. Here are some beautiful things to do in Parapat Indonesia region.

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1. Lake Toba Sumatra

Toba lake is located in Barisan Mount, North Sumatra. It is the largest lake in Southeast Asia.  Toba Lake was formed in the eruption of volcano.

Toba Lake has an island in the middle of the lake, named Samosir. This island makes Toba Lake becomes a unique lake. You can reach Samosir Island by taking a water transportation, a traditional boat, ferry, or a speedboat.

You don’t just play with water of Toba Lake, but you can enjoy the ride by choosing water transportation you choose. A traditional is a good recommendation for you to relax and enjoy the green  environment.

This lake is a pride of Batak Tribe. Batak people have a great tradition and culture. So, don’t travel to Parapat, North Sumatra just because of Toba Lake or other tourism attractions. But know the local and you will feel its great excitement and traditional ritual.

2. Bung Karno’s Seclusion House

This is a historical place that Parapat has. Bung Karno, a nick name of The first President of Indonesia Bapak Soekarno, had stayed for some months in this white house. The European architecture house kept lots of stories in the period of Indonesia struggle.

You can see that the house is really strong and beautiful. There are some tools that was usually used by Bung Karno for daily activities in the past. Bed, chairs, paintings, photos, books and other things are still kept well. Those are the stuff that were always used by Bung Karno as his daily activities.

Plus, The beauty of this house is because it faces to The Toba Lake. The scenery from the high land location makes this house in the right place to relax. The architecture and the position of the house will make you stay longer to visit it.

3. Sibagandang Village

What will make you interested in this place? You will be surprise if you visit Sibagandang village. It is actually a captive breeding for monkeys. You will see monkeys live freely in this area. They are kept and guarded by the local people. You may feed and play with the monkeys, but still you must be careful because  of their wild and natural animal sense.

Located in the Toba Lake banks, Sibagandang has its own attractions for the local traveler and international. Actually, it is the main village that connect to other tourism places. So, if you want to visit and enjoy Batu Gantung or Samosir Island, you definitely will pass this village, Sibagandang. Meanwhile, this is one of the best things to do in Prapat, North Sumatra Indonesia.

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4. Batu Gantung

Batu Gantung, or Hanging stone, is another recreation place in Parapat Region. It has a myth that spreads in North Sumatra. The story of Batu Gantung actually started with a girl that had been mated with the man that she didn’t love. So, she chose to suicide by jumping to this stone.

Just forget about the myth, however you can still see its beautiful view around this place. If you sail with your boat to reach Samosir island, you will pass this Batu Gantung. So, when you are enjoying Toba Lake you also will see the view of Batu Gantung. As I recommend you, just take a traditional boat, so you enjoy this Batu Gantung slowly and  longer.

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5. Samosir Island

As I told you before, Samosir is a volcanic island that is exist in the center of Toba Lake. It becomes an attractive place for tourist to visit.

Samosir Island is not always about its beautiful scenery that this island has, but it has some places that you can visit there. Hot-springs and local people who lived there are also as a main tourism attraction on this island. Besides, the island that is surrounded by the mountains has cultural attractions, too.

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6. Simarjarunjung Hill

This hill is very well-known for  travelers and hikers. It is still located near Toba Lake where you can take a photo with its background.

The main attraction of this hill is  swing and tree house that can bring you to the top of the highest beautiful scenery. There are four tree houses that you can used to see the view around, or you can sit and relax to feel the fresh air and cool weather.

All travelers who visit Parapat must have tasted this place. The place, scenery and its plays will make you come back to visit this place. Just bring your sweater and warm clothes to prevent you from the cool weather. But it surely will give you a fresh air from the hill.

7. Eden Park

Eden park is actually a jungle that has 40 ha wide. It is located in Parapat-Balige Street, which has beautiful and natural views.

Eden Park is the right place for you to refresh your body and mind. It has a clean and clear river stream. And it also has a exciting small waterfall. This park is also provided by various kinds of beautiful flowers. They make this park fun and enjoyable.

I think this park is a complete park because it shows you a river, waterfall, and various plants. So, you can enjoy all natural attraction that this park provides. Just come to this park, and bring your drinks and food to be eaten in this fresh environment.

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8. Taman Simalem Resort

This is the next things to do in Prapat, North Sumatra Indonesia, located in Merek – Sidikalang km. 9 Street, this resort faces to Toba Lake to make you enjoy the resort and view.

The beauty of the view around the resort becomes a good place for you to stay for nights. The garden of its resort gives you a different atmosphere of this place. Similar to Bung Karno’s Seclusion House, the resort that straight face to the Toba Lake will make you stay longer.

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9. Sipiso-piso Waterfall

This is the most beautiful waterfall in North Sumatra. It is also the highest waterfall in Indonesia.

Sipiso-piso waterfall is a waterfall that is exist in Batak highlands of Sumatra. Located in Tanah Karo Regency, It is a well-known waterfall that becomes a tourists attraction.

Come to Sipiso-piso waterfall, you will be amazed with this stunning waterfall that North Sumatra has. The highest of waterfall and the beauty of natural environment around is really worth and valuable to visit.

10. Binangalom Waterfall

If you visit Toba Lake, you will find a waterfall, Binangalom waterfall. the waterfall stream straight fall to the Toba Lake. It is very beautiful.

When you sail along the Toba Lake, you will be served with this waterfall. So, you will get double excitement, see the great natural Toba Lake, and also see the waterfall that always accompany its lake to beautify the nature.

Binangalom actually has two meaning, Binanga means river, and Lom means water conditioning. So, the waterfall which is located in Lumban sub-district  will always condition and refresh your mind if you visit this waterfall. Parapat is indeed a small village, but it serves you the big natural beautiful attractive places that you can visit. These are other places that you can visit and enjoy in Parapat, North Sumatra.

More Prapat Attractions

Here are more things to do in Prapat, North Sumatra Indonesia:

  1. Batikta – It is a good place to shop ethnic clothes and gift in Parapat.
  2. Ambarita – It is a cultural attraction in Parapat. Visit Ambarita and you will be served by a great architecture of traditional house and beautiful dance.
  3. Pangururan – It is a natural hot-springs that is exist in Samosir Island. So, try this hot water while you are visiting Samosir.
  4. Tomok – Similar to Batikta, Tomok is a place to buy gift and accesosris. In this place, you will find the famous Sigale-gale doll and King Sidabutar Museum.
  5. Tuktuk –  In Tuktuk you will be served with beautiful Toba Lake view, Batak culture, and various souvenirs. Take your time to visit Tuktuk.
  6. Panatapan lake – It is another beautiful lake besides Toba Lake in parapat. Visit this lake, you will regret nothing.
  7. Leo’s restaurant – Come to taste a traditional local food in this restaurant. The one of favorite restaurant to be spent with family and friends.
  8. Inna Hotel – Visiting parapat, you must need a place to stay for days. Inna hotel is one of the nice hotel for you to try to.

Well guys, those are the tourism places that you can visit in Parapat, North Sumatra. Come and enjoy its beautiful and cultural attractions here. Also, have fun with all things to do in Prapat, North Sumatra Indonesia. You will not regret to visit this strong culture Region in North Sumatra.

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