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Visiting 4 Historical Places in East Java to Arouse Your Curiosity

by Widiya
historical places in east java

The visits to historical places are getting more important to those with children who want to bring history lessons for their children and empower them to build up a more profound comprehension of people and places that have molded society today.

Mounts, temples, museums, and other historical places in Indonesia are currently catering for visits and offer an assortment of encounters to bring history alive for everyone, at each level of their schooling. 

The visits to places where the things we find out about in history really happened can fill in as a catalyst for children’s creative minds and showing them a world past the study hall.

A visit to a historical site can put what they learned at school into the setting, and numerous historical places in East Java down below offer intuitive, hands-on, and vivid experiences explicitly intended to address the issues of various groups across the key stages. 

A List of Historical Places in East Java

  1. Mount Bromo 
Historical Places in East Java

Mount Bromo is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia situated in East Java and is settled in the regency of Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang. As an active volcano, Mount Bromo is the principal and popular tourism spot in East Java and consistently loaded up with local and worldwide travelers even outside the holiday period. 

Foreign explorers generally visit the region on non-weekend days, then, local people for the most part travel there on weekends. The name Bromo is said to get from Brama (Brahma), a Hindu God. You might want to know about things to do in Mount Bromo.

As of not long ago, Mount Bromo is still viewed as a blessed spot for Hindus, making it an area for the yearly Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo ceremony.

Individuals around Mount Bromo will commend the Kasodo celebrations every year by bringing offerings like vegetables, chickens, and money devoted to the Gods and tossed them into the cavity of Mount Bromo as an element of appreciation to the Almighty. 

  1. Al-Akbar National Mosque 
Historical Places in East Java

Maybe the greatest modern mosque in Indonesia. You will most likely get a brief look at Al-Akbar Mosque’s eminent exhibit of bulbous watery-turquoise-tiled vaults as you leave the city. 

Staff are glad to show guests around and will go with you up the lift to the highest point of the freestanding ottoman-style minaret, which offers fantastic views.

Take any transport heading for the primary transport terminal, ask for the mosque, and you will be dropped off on Jl Ahmad Yani, one kilometer from the structure. 

From there, you can stroll through quiet residential streets or take a pedicab. A taxi from central Surabaya is around 50,000 IDR. Speaking of a taxi, are taxis expensive in Bali?

The traffic can be horrendous, so be careful. 

  1. Heroes Monument 
Historical Places in East Java

The Heroes Monument honors the Battle of Surabaya hung on November 10, 1945. Additionally called the Tugu Pahlawan, the landmark was built to pass on the unassuming pride of the heroes during the historical Surabaya battle. Also, check out crazy things to do in Surabaya.

During that day, Surabaya residents battled against the Allied and Dutch forces that had plans to conquer Indonesia. A year after its construction, the structure was opened to people in general by President Soekarno. 

For a similar reason, different sculptures were built around Surabaya that likewise filled in as war zones during the notable day, for example, the Jayengrono Garden that was transformed into the Red Bridge and the Plaza Contong found along Tais Nasution Street which is known as the Sharp-pointed bamboo. 

  1. Submarine Monument 
Historical Places in East Java

Surabaya Submarine Monument or known as Monumen Kapal Selam (Monkasel) is the biggest submarine landmark in Asia, which was built in the riverside of Kalimas, Surabaya. This landmark was built by the idea of Navy Veterans. 

Surabaya Submarine Monument has supporting facilities like video rama, live music, a pool for kids, water tourism in Kalimas River, a gift stand, and a parking spot. In the complex of the historical center, there is additionally a roomy stage for special events. 

Video rama plays cinematic films and highlights a varying media framework that will carry your imagination blended in with the film about submarine KRI Pasopati 410 when it was on the job. Riverside of Kalimas is an overall quite sentimental spot for young couples or as an education facility for families.

So, that is a list of historical places in East Java. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about historical places in Jakarta and historical places in Bandung.

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