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Are Taxis Expensive in Bali? Price – Route – Safety

by Puji P. Rahayu

if this is your first time visiting Bali, maybe you confused about what you should take to travel around. Are using Taxis in this Dewata Island is a wise decision? Ehm, are taxis Expensive in Bali? Well, you should know first about the condition of taxis in Bali. Here’s the list of public transportation in Bali

What is the conventional and online taxis there, taxi with fixed price and also with taxi meter. Which one that will be more convenient and also cheaper? Let’s analyze it below.

Conventional and online taxi

Conventional taxi is taxi that you can hire without using application. You can find it in most of road in Bali. You should pay attention to the “vacant” sign of the car. If you get lucky, you can get conventional taxi easily.

Meanwhile, online taxi is a taxi that has been included in online system. One of them is BlueBird. BlueBird is one of the famous taxi operators in Bali. But then, there were partnership occurred between BlueBird and Go-Jek. That’s why now you can order BlueBird taxi through your Go-Jek application. Here are more about Should You Take A Taxi, Uber or Grab in Bali, Indonesia?

Then, how about the price?

To be honest, in our opinion, using online taxi can give you more advantage. Why? Because online taxi have fixed price in the application. So, you won’t be fooled by the driver with the traffic jam and other.

But, what if I use conventional taxi? Is there any tip for that? Well, try to use conventional taxi that use taxi meter for the fare. Don’t easy to believe the fixed price that will be mentioned by the driver. You can be fooled and of course it will waste much of your money.

So, how can we answer the question “Are Taxis expensive in Bali?” Well, you have to be smart if you want to use taxi. Expensive or not actually is a relative term. But, you have to do some simple research to know about the average price of taxis in Bali.

Our suggestions are, if you want to be more convenient, please use online taxi. You can order this taxi from your hotel information desk. It will give you the detail of your driver and car. So, you won’t confuse much when doing it. Then, you have to choose taxi with taxi meter if you want to ride using conventional taxi. At least, you will know the fare and the distant that you have been through. Here are more about Safety Concerns and Dangers in Bali and How to Avoid Them

Just be bold and smart to get the convenient price when using taxis in Bali, guys! Happy holiday for you.

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