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Does Bali have Uber or Grab? The Transportation in Bali

by Puji P. Rahayu
Does Bali have Uber or Grab

Nowadays, probably we feel more convenient to travel around using online transportation. It’s easy to use, provide an English language for foreigner, and sometimes can be cheaper than other list of public transportation in Bali. But maybe, some of you will question, does Bali have Uber or Grab?

As one of the biggest tourism site in Indonesia, Bali annually improves their tourism facility. From the hotel, restaurant, and the most important one is the transportation to help you to travel around. Well, before online transportation does exist, Trans Sarbagita bus, Kura-kura Bus, or rent a car and motorcycle will be the best option. But, if you are not really want to travel around, and just need to commute from one place to another, sure you will need online transportation.

Since 2018, Grab—one of leading transportation company in Indonesia has acquisitioned Uber’s operational. That’s why; you won’t find any Uber apps that will run in this region. All of Uber’s service will be under Grab’s hand now.

So, if you visit Bali, you can use the entire service that Grab can offer, start from Grab Bike, Grab Car, Grab Food, Grab Express, and other. In fact, it will give you more advantages since you can use all of the service from one single application.

For transportation, if you visit Bali together with family or friend, you can use Grab Car.  It will be convenient, tho. Moreover, now Grab offers rent car service. So, you can visit a lot of tourism site with one car. It will be simpler since you only need to order from your grab apps.

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Because sometimes there are conflict happened between Grab driver and conventional transportation driver, Grab Company has created the Grab zone. Grab zone is the safe place for the driver to pick up and drop off the passenger. For now, this Grab Zone available in four big cities in Bali, which are Tabanan, Denpasar, Badung, and also Gianyar. The scope of Grab Zone will include restaurant, café, hotel, and also hospital. Even though now Grab zone is limited only in those four cities, Grab try to expand their grab zone territory for the sake of passenger’s convenient. Here are more about Should You Take A Taxi, Uber or Grab in Bali, Indonesia?

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Using Grab Car will give you more competitive price. It won’t be much expensive and you may get a lot of voucher and discount. Moreover, you can pay the fare using cash or OVO. If you lucky, you can connect your credit card too. Well, sounds easy, right? For the fare itself, it will be between IDR3.500 and IDR6.000 per kilometers. So, just calculate the distant of your destination. Here are more about Safety Concerns and Dangers in Bali and How to Avoid Them

That’s why, if you visit Bali, don’t forget to install Grab application on your smartphone. Then, you can order your private transportation when staying in Bali. It should be easy to get and not that much pricey. Wanna try? Why not!

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