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Follow These 5 Etiquettes When Visiting Baduy Tribe in Banten, Indonesia

by Vina Krisna Yanti
Baduy Tribe in Banten

It is known that Indonesia consists of many ethnicities and tribes with their own languages and traditions, making Indonesia diversed and rich in culture. Many of the tribes in Indonesia live isolated from the modern world.

Baduy tribe is one of the tribes in Indonesia that isolate themselves from the outside world. Located only 120 kilometers from the hustle bustle of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, Baduy Tribe lives in villages in Leuwidamar sub-district, Lebak regency, Banten province.

Baduy people call themselves as Orang Kanekes. They are divided into two sub-groups, which are Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy) and Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy).

They are easily distinguished based on their clothes colors whereas the Baduy Luar people only wear dark colors while Baduy Dalam people only wear rough white clothes that they weave by themselves.

The Baduy Dalam people still uphold strictly to their rules and traditions while Baduy Luar people are aware of the outside world and familiar with technology, such as electronic equipment.

However, Baduy Luar people still follow their rules and traditions even though it is not as strict as the Baduy Dalam people.

Since they have their own traditions that they live up to, if you plan to visit their villages, you need to respect their traditions by following some ettiquettes. Below are 5 etiquettes that you need to follow when visiting Baduy tribe in Banten.

1. No Vehicles

Baduy People Walking

Unlike the majority of Indonesian, Baduy people love to walk and always walk wherever they go even though their destination is quite far from their home. This is the reason why you will not find any vehicles there and you are not even allowed to bring and use vehicles there.

To go to the Baduy tribe, you need to make sure that you are in a fit condition since you will need to walk from Ciboleger village, the last village you pass before entering the area of the Baduy tribe. So, save your enrgy because you are going to walk for kilometers away in order to arrive at the tribe.

Baduy people do not wear any slippers, shoes, or any other footwear. They like to go around with bare feet. Since they like walking so much with no slippers, they always wash their feet before entering their house. Therefore, when you are about to pay a visit to their house, it is a must to always wash your feet beforehand.

2. No Camera or Other Electronic Devices

When you search over the internet about pictures related to Baduy tribe, you will not find many since they don’t like to be photograph. This is the reason why even though you bring your cameras with you and their unique daily life feels like inviting you to photograph it, it is best to not take them out.

Other electronic devices are also not allowed. If you violate it, you will be subject to custom sanctions and fines. If you are still in the Baduy Luar area, you can still use them, but if you are in the Baduy Dalam, then you better not risking yourself.

Always remember that you are in their area and it is best to follow and respect whatever rules apply there.

3. Wearing Dark Or White Clothes Only

Baduy People Wearing Dark or White Clothes only

Since Baduy Luar and Baduy Dalam wear different colors of clothes, it is best to follow what they wear since the Baduy do not use pattern clothes with colorful colors like the modern society. This will help you blend and get along better with the Baduy.

Baduy Luar people wear plain dark clothes while Baduy Dalam people wear white clothes with white headbands.

4. No Toiletries

Illustration of Baduy People Bathing

The houses in Baduy tribe do not have water and bathing is done in the nearby stream without soap or other toiletries. So, when you visit the Baduy tribe, especially the Baduy Dalam, don’t expect to find them bathing with soap, shampoo, or toothpaste.

Instead of using the modern or chemical toiletries, Baduy people prefer to use materials that they find in nature to clean themselves. They use a kind of stone to rub their skin in replace of soap and use coconut fibers as a toothbrush.

Baduy people, especially the Baduy Dalam, trully appreciate and love the nature. That’s why you will not find plastic or chemical substances in their villages.

5. No Left Behind Items

Going Back from Baduy Tribe

When you plan to go back from the Baduy villages, always remember to also bring back your belongings. As mentioned previously, Baduy people appreciate and love their nature, so if you bring some things that do not belong to their society, remember to bring them back with you.

Following these etiquettes is important in order to keep up your best behavior and get along with the Baduy people. This is just as important as following the etiquttes in Borobudur temple and etiquettes while visiting temples in Bali.

Besides following these etiquettes, you might also need some tips while visiting Baduy tribe. If you are curious about how a tribe lives, exploring the unique life of the Baduy people can be on your list of things to do in Banten. It turns out that Banten has many to offer besides its beautiful beaches to explore in Banten.

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