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Should You Take A Taxi, Uber or Grab in Bali, Indonesia?

by Puji P. Rahayu

Online transportation has been being the most convenient option for tourist. In many big cities in Indonesia, it will be easy for you to use online transportation. Many operator could provide you with the comfortable and cheap option.

How about in Bali? Should you take a Taxi, Uber, or Grab? Of course you should. Why? Here are the reasons why.

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Easy to order

Well, maybe you are familiar with the conflict that happened between online taxi and conventional taxi. But, hey, it’s okay for now. You can try to order your Taxi through your application. Moreover, since 2017, Go-Jek (one of leading online transportation in Indonesia) has been collaborated with BlueBird (the most famous taxi operator in Indonesia, including Bali).

They launched Go-Bluebird, which can make you order BlueBird Taxi through Go-Jek application. It should be more convenient for you because you can get the detail information of your driver and car. Then, you can use Go-pay to pay your ride. Why not to try, right?

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Effective and efficient

Sometimes, you feel that the other transportation option in Bali is not effective. Even though TranSarbagita offers you the cheapest price, maybe it will be exhausting if you have to wait 30 minutes until one hour.

So, using online transportation is your option for now. It will be more effective and efficient. Moreover, they offer a competitive price. So, you won’t waste your money. Sound interesting huh?

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How about uber and grab?

Since March 2018, Grab had acquisition of the Uber’s operational in Southeast Asia. This agreement has been the biggest agreement that made between internet-based companies in Southeast Asia. So, don’t be confused if you didn’t find any uber driver in Bali because they have been part of Grab.

Of course, Grab offers you the best transportation too. Moreover, they have Grab Zone around Bali. What is Grab Zone? Grab zone is the safe area for grab to pick up or drop off the passengers.  This zone located in several places at Tabanan, Denpasar, Badung, and also Gianyar. So, you need not to worry about your safety when you order grab in this zone.

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This transportation mode will be very useful for you if you don’t want to rent a car or motorcycle in Bali. You can order it easily, even from your hotel information desk. So, you won’t face difficulties to get it. Only install the application and you can choose your destination and pick-up point.

One of the advantages when you use online transportation is, the operator can speak English—and most of the driver can speak Basic English. So, it will give you more advantage when using this transportation mode. So, should you take a taxi, Uber, or Grab in Bali, Indonesia? Of course you should.

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