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Are Taxis Safe in Bali? The Safest Way to Travel Around

by Puji P. Rahayu
Are Taxis Safe in Bali?

Bali is one of the most visited tourism site in Indonesia. Many tourists attract to come to Bali because there are so many tourist destinations there and it offers beautiful scenery. Then, what is the best transportation that you can use when arriving at Dewata Island?

One of options that you can use is Taxi–other public transportation option you can read The List of Public Transportation in Bali: Cheap, Safe and Comfy. But, there are some questions that maybe popped out at your head. Are taxis in Bali are safe? Well, here is the complete answer for it.

In fact, taxi is relatively a safe transportation that you can use. Moreover, several taxi has used an English operator. So, if your Bahasa Indonesia is limited, you need not too much worry. But, just in case to guarantee your safety, here are some information that you should know regarding taxi in Bali.

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Easy to get

Since taxi in Bali available at most of tourism destination, you shouldn’t worry to not to get one. It will be easy to find taxi on your way to hotel or other places.

Moreover, you can easily call the operator from your hotel front desk or information. Another advantage that you can get, if your Bahasa Indonesia is limited, is the taxi operator can speak English. So, hail taxi all the way!

Take attention on the meter

You should know that some times, the taxi driver will offer you some fixed price to go to your destination—not using taxi meter that will measure the distance and the price.

Well, maybe you will feel that the price is not that much expensive. But, we would like to remind you to at least do research about the average price of the fare.  You don’t want to be fooled, right?

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The color

Most of taxis in Bali have a blue color, with some variant. Example, light blue for BlueBird—the most reputable taxi in Bali, navy blue for airport taxi, and blue somewhere in between for Komotra. So, it will be very easy to spot taxi that you want to ride.

Mind your belonging

Even though taxi can be considered as the safest transportation in Bali, you still have to mind your belonging, especially your ID card and passport.  Just make sure you didn’t left any important thing behind when you get out from your taxi.

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Have your destination address

Don’t ever try to ride taxi without destination. It will make the driver confused and it will waste your money. Think carefully before you decide your destination and ride taxi.

Usually, not every driver will know about the cheapest home stay or any non-specific destination that maybe you need. So, please make sure you have itinerary for your trip.

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Well, that’s all about taxi in Bali. So, are taxis safe in Bali? In fact, taxis are relatively a safe public transportation that you can use. You just have to be smart and careful when using taxi. Do simple research and make some itinerary. Hope you have a good holiday in Bali, guys!

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