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Be Careful! Here’s The Dangers of Traveling to Bali

by Yoga Adi

If you ask the foreigners about Bali island, almost all of them will answer that they know the island and really want to go there. Sure, with having all that natural, surreal, and hypnotizing attractions, Bali is always having a good reputation. That’s why many people around the world do have a dream to visit this island someday after looking how gorgeous it is on the internet places like things to do in Bali with a 4 years old.

But, always remember that in a new environment, there’s always a risk that you will get a bad experience of vacationing in Bali like things to do in Goa Gajah because of the dangers that lurking the island. Even though the dangers that we will mention in the paragraphs below are can commonly be found even in our area, but for the tourists, these are very harming. Sure you don’t want to get harm by anything dangerous right? So here we will tell you about the dangers of traveling to Bali.

1. Mount Eruption

The first one danger of all the dangers of traveling to Bali especially in some areas like one included in Kintamani volcano Bali tour. For your information, Indonesia is known as the ring of fire location, where there are a lot of active volcanoes that can erupt anytime they want. For example, there’s also a mountain in Bali called Mount Agung.

There are two different attractions that located near that mountain, the Besakih Temple and Tulamben tourism area. There are some issues about the Mountain’s Eruption, which is according to Bali Tourism Hospital can only harm about 2% or total Bali tourism. So, tourists shouldn’t be worried about the untrustful issues that spread by anonymous.

Tips : Always be careful of the hoax, and stay up to date with valid information

2. There’s always an earthquake or two

This can have a relation with the first one. Because the geographical location of this country,  sometimes during a year there could be an earthquake can happen occasionally. That disaster can always bring panic to the tourists, especially for the ones who still don’t understand what they should do or where should they go when it happens.

Even though there’s always a risk that earthquakes can happen in an island like Bali, it only happens rarely. Not every single day undoubtedly. Thanks to that, going vacation in Bali should be really safe from now on. But, when the earthquakes finally happen, the tourists shouldn’t be panic and start to the activity mentioned on our tips below.

Tips : If it happens, go outside from any buildings and go for the open field

3. The monkeys can be aggressive

Bali indeed has some notable unique location, such as things to do in Seminyak Bali and also one of its monkey forests located somewhere on the island. On that location, there will be a huge number of monkeys playing around with things around them, including the tourists. Sometimes they are really cute and even can interact with people funny and natural.

But, there always a time that they will be more aggressive. There are many reasons behind this, maybe they’re not getting enough foods, feeling the danger around them, or even getting sick by some diseases. When they are aggressive, they can hurt anybody around them, even the kids that still don’t know what’s actually going on.

Tips : We can’t be so sure about the monkeys’ health, always be careful when approaching them

4. Google maps is great and all, but not always

In this very modern area, technology can always be helpful for basically everybody. You can have a perfect time management by going on the right direction to reach your working area correctly by using apps like google maps. Yes, it’s indeed very helpful, but there’s a catch.

Technology does have minuses. We as humans, should be wise about it, and try to solve the problems – humanely. So, for example, if you use google maps in some village areas like things to do in Gretek Bali, it’s not working that well. You can even get lost thanks to it. That’s the time to talk to other around the location, and asking for the right direction.

Tips : If you get lost somewhere undetected in the maps, be sure to interact with people around you

5. Always tattooing in a parlor that has a good reputation

A tattoo is a great form of art. By your freedom, you can have one or more on your body, with any forms and colors you want. But here’s the thing, not all tattoo parlors in Bali are very clean and hygienic. You should find the right ones, or bad things will happen.

The risk of getting a serious disease is increasing when you try to put a tattoo in not a recommended place. That’s why, because actually going for it, you need to do a research first about the best place to get a tattoo. If you have friends who already done tattooing, you should try to listen to their recommendations.

Tips : You can see some reviews first on the internet or via mouth promoting

6. Walking alone during the night-especially for ladies

This is actually not applied to girls or women only, but basically all kinds of people. During the night, you can see clearly what’s going on. It’s indeed the best time for “those” kind of people do their nasty job.

So, we can agree together strolling the city alone during night time is very dangerous. Especially, in Indonesia there are groups of criminal called “Begal”. They always using their motorcycle to rob, harm, or even don’t hesitate to kill. 

Tips : You should have a partner to accompany you

7. Missing valuables in resorts and villas

Even though this rarely happens, but there’s always a chance of these dangers of traveling to Bali. Almost all hotels, resorts, and villas offer great security that can be trusted by the visitors. Even though they always do their best to protect the belongings, a smart thief can pass them.

Because of that, the understanding of a good way to safe belongings should be needed. We can’t be 100% trust the resorts, villas, and hotels security in any place, even though they give their assurance, the risk still waiting in there for the exact trigger.

Tips : Be sure to put your precious belongings somewhere safe and hidden. If they are too precious, you can bring them with you.

Aside from the ten dangers of traveling in Bali that we already mentioned above, we also have the other seven of them on the list below. Please, make sure that you check all of them.

  1. Poisoning in alcoholic drinks, which only happens in questionable places
  2. Hawkers are pretty annoying
  3. Robbery in the street
  4. Skimming practice
  5. Scams
  6. Corruption has done by an unresponsible police
  7. Crashing with local laws (cultural laws)
  8. The danger of Arak
  9. The dangerous Terminal Ubung
  10. Drugs

That’s the article about the dangers of traveling to Bali. Even though the dangers always exist, either in Bali or some other places, you can always reduce the risk by doing preventive actions. At least you can minimize the risk and finally can get a calm and peaceful vacation on Bali island.

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