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Points Why Bali Is The Best Destination for A Honeymoon : 10 Remarkable Things

by Yoga Adi

Wedding is a miraculous time where two persons finally united under the same oath. It’ll be better if a honeymoon following after. People in Indonesia are blessed with a lot of choices for a honeymoon. For example, even in the busiest city in the country, they could find things like weekend gateway destinations from Jakarta you never thought possible still, which is, of course, good things.

On top of them all, all eyes pointing out on one island near Java, the Bali island. If you happen to know some about it already, you should understand that the island has so many things to do. Things like things to do in Bali for honeymooners or the other recommended places shouldn’t be missed. But aside from those unique locations, people would also refer to Bali as a perfect choice. And here are the points why Bali is the best destination for a honeymoon.

1 – The Hidden Locations of Bali

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the first thing to hope for in the points why Bali is the best destination for a honeymoon is the beautiful locations that are perfect for a honeymoon. Imagine a tropical island with the beaches, soft sand, and crystal clear ocean. Those are some of the aspects that can be found in most locations around Bali. You can also expect the hidden ones like Bali Hidden Canyon for example, which looks so magical. It would be an interesting journey for two. You can also visit the things to do near Bingin beach Bali as well.

2 – Quietness

Bali is not all about glamour, fanciness, and midnight party. If you prefer the other side of the coin, you can always find them. Places with so much quietness where you can spend all your time talking with your loved one romantically and quietly. Examples of this are the gardens, waterfalls, and also the hidden lakes. But the easiest to visit is the garden. The gardens are actually nice, especially in the morning and the weather is good.

3 – Many options to do

You better have some plans to do in Bali, because you can do almost anything in here. There’s a beach called the Divine Beach, Pandawa. There’s a restaurant with a pirate theme. There’s a Star Lagoon, and so much more you can find in Bali. Spending your time with your loved one would be more enjoyable when you can do so many fun things. For example, the things to do near Zen Resort Bali.

4 – Captivating culinary

Even though Bali is indeed a small island, but it has a larger world you can also taste at any time possible, culinary world. Many foreigners seemed confusing at first when looking at the Balinese dishes. Most of them have red burning color, showing the hotness waiting to crawl inside the mouth. But once you tasted it, you can have a hard time to forget it. Of all them, we have a few recommendations like Chicken Betutu, Duck Betutu, and also the legendary Sate Lilit.

5 – Amazing arts

Another one in the points why Bali is the best destination for a honeymoon is about the amazing arts that Bali has. People in Bali still live with their very own culture that brought through generations. Even today, you can find so many art schools still. The kids can learn about many things there, including how to dance properly so once they grow older they can also perform it to the people.

6 – Eye-opening icons

Points Why Bali Is The Best Destination for A Honeymoon : 10 Remarkable Things

Because of how beautiful the locations in  Bali are, the government even put the picture of some of them in our currency. You see, these locations are also highly remembered by tourists who visited Bali before. These wonderful and magical icons like Uluwatu Temple, Bratan Lake, Mount Agung, and the latest Garuda Wisnu Kencana status are surely the eye-opening icons of Bali.

7 – Wonderful people

The next thing that everyone loves about Bali is the people. What a generous and kind people they are. They are not shy at all to meet the tourists, and really helpful to them as well, even though the tourists are still new in the area. The people of Bali try their best to be humble to all tourists who are visiting Bali, and they’ve done it well. Tourists also love about how tolerance they are in religion, which can create this kind of peace and calmness in the neighborhood.

8 – It is not so expensive after all

Talking about expensive and cheap, we can agree together that they are relative. The rich people can consider something to be cheap, even though it’s actually expensive to others. But, the sentence about Bali is not that expensive is somewhat true, even though you need to lower your standards. The price of culinary in Bali is highly affordable, especially the ones you can find around traditional markets. It’s also affordable to stay in Bali, plenty of hostels are giving a low price. For the honeymooners, there are affordable hotels that can be perfect for your stay.

9 – Memorable moments

With all things, you can do on Bali, like visiting Seminyak Bali new years’ eve events, doing all the water sports, exploring hidden locations, and spending the romantic moment in such a calm and quiet place, the experience of staying in Bali would be remarkable. It’s so hard to forget Bali once you visited it and enjoy all the things it has.

10 – It’ll invite you back

Points Why Bali Is The Best Destination for A Honeymoon : 10 Remarkable Things

And the last points why Bali is the best destination for a honeymoon is because  Bali will invite you back. All those memorable things will somehow create nostalgia. Visiting Bali for the second time will relive the nostalgia, and can make you understand the island more and more. It would be an interesting experience, again. So for you who have a plan to have a nice honeymoon in Bali, do so and be happy. Next time you visit it with your family, it’ll gladly receive you back.

Honeymoon in Bali

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