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12 Amazing Waterfall in Lampung You Should Visit at least Once in Your Lifetime

by Rosyida
Waterfall in Lampung

Lampung is one of province in Sumatra, Indonesia that worth to visit when you will spend your holiday with family or friends. Because Lampung has some rising tourist destination. And Lampung was awarded many potential enchanting natural tourism, so there are many things to do in Lampung Indonesia.

From north end to eastern Lampung, there are spread natural tourism destination like some beautiful beaches in Lampung that could boost your mood, and other destination like waterfall. So, here is a list of waterfalls that must be visited when you are traveling to Lampung.

1.Gangsa Waterfall

Waterfall in Lampung

First recommendation is Gangsa Waterfall, that located at Way Kanan, Lampung. Just with Rp 5.000, you will see waterfall with 50 meters of height, and 20 meters of wide. This waterfall give waterfall’s charm with unique rock formations underneath that make this waterfall really amazing.

Supposedly, named of Gangsa is came from the legend that the sound of water clinking like bamboo flute’s sound.

2. Putri Malu Waterfall

Waterfall in Lampung
Putri Malu Waterfall

Another waterfall in Way Kanan is Putri Malu Waterfall that looks stunning. With 100 meters of height, this waterfall is being the highest waterfall in Lampung, that really presents a captivating panorama, which made this waterfall famous overseas.

Named of Putri Malu is just because it is said that the drops of water fall in a curved shape resembling the back of a human being bathing. And dont to be surprised, that you can visit that waterfall for free!

3. Ciupang/Padang Cermin Waterfall

Waterfall in Lampung
Ciupang/Padang Cermin Waterfall

Another amazing waterfall in Lampung is Ciupang or Padang Cermin Waterfall. The waterfall that located at Sumberjaya-Padang Cermin, Lampung, is offers an enchanting atmosphere and is still natural.

A stone wall structure that looks like it was carved can increase the attractiveness of this place, and its free! So don’t be surprised if this place is never quiet. And you can also climb on the lined rocks to take pictures. But you have to be careful.

4. Lembah Pelangi Waterfall

Waterfall in Lampung
Lembah Pelangi Waterfall

Not only Majalengka that have exotic waterfall that cannot be missed. Lampung have exotic waterfall too, that is Lembah Pelangi that located at Sukamaju-Ulubelu, Lampung. It’s called exotic because the water clusters is soft and falling from tens of meters high, making the scenery look very beautiful and amazing. And it’s free to visit this instagenic place in Lampung.

5. Curup Tujuh Marga Jaya Waterfall

Waterfall in Lampung

Curup Tujuh waterfall is located at Margajaya, center Lampung. Like that name, this waterfall have 7 level of waterfall with total of height is 75 meters on Way Seputih river flow.

Curup Tujuh waterfall is rare to visited by peoples because that place is on the protected forest area. But dont worry, although you must traveled quite a long way, when you are arrived, you will amazed with the view and you can set up a tent to enjoy the view there. And also can enjoy with eat some popular south sumatran foods that you must try, that can increase a Sumatra vibe.

6. Batu Putu Waterfall

Waterfall in Lampung
Batu Putu Waterfall

Batu Putu Waterfall is located at Batu Putu village-Teluk Betung, Bandar Lampung, that not far from city center. You can have many amazing things to do in Bandar Lampung. Although near city, Batu putu waterfall can give beautifull view with mountains mood.

Its free to enter this waterfall that has a large row of lush trees that covered the behind the waterfall.

7. Batu Lapis Waterfall

Waterfall in Lampung
Batu Lapis Waterfall

Batu Lapis Waterfall is one of hidden paradise in Lampung that located at Talang Ogan-Tanggamus, Lampung, 2-3 hours from center city. This waterfall has clean water flow, beautifull rock formation, and trees that make this place so exotic.

There are a bridge that was deliberately built for road access to the opposite side of the river. And this bridge usually being photos property to catch some cool photos. And its free to visit this place.

9. Way Tayas Waterfall

Waterfall in Lampung
Way Tayas Waterfall

Located at Rajabasa Kalianda, South Lampung, Way Tayas waterfall has natural fresh atmosphere, with plant and trees around the waterfall, make the view of this place more amazing. And lucky visitors can see beautifull rainbow from the refraction of sunlight that make view looks perfect.

10. Rejosari Waterfall

Waterfall in Lampung
Rejosari Waterfall

Indeed, Rejosari waterfall is unfamiliar waterfall amoung visitors. But, the beautifullness of Rejosari Waterfall that located at Rejosari-Natan, South Lampung is need to be the destination option. Because of this waterfall has beautifullnes that can juxtaposed with another destination to release fatigue, breathe cool air, and spoil the eyes.

11. Way Lalaan Waterfall

Waterfall in Lampung
Way Lalaan Waterfall

Way Lalaan waterfall is located at foot of the Tanggamus mountain, Kampung Baru-Tanggamus, Lampung. That hidden paradise is an multilevel waterfall with about a distance 200 meters.

There are natural pool to little river that can use to swim. And because managed by the tourism office, this place have complete facilities. Way Lalaan is a famous waterfall because it becomes an old tourist attraction, and there is a mystical story behind its beauty. But its not discourage visitors to come.

12. Talang Ogan Waterfall

Waterfalls in West Sumatra
Talang Ogan Waterfall

Like that name, Talang Ogan Waterfall is located at Talang Ogan-Tanggamus, Lampung. This waterfall have beautifull view with 30 meters height of waterfall.

The local society called it Talang Ogan because in the past, on around the waterfall there was a small village in the forest called Talang, while Ogan was the name of the local society’s tribe, Ogan.

Talang Ogan Waterfall have clear flowly water, although in rainy days. And there are natural pool that can be used for swimming.

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