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What to Do in Bandung for 4 Days – Best Itinerary and Guide

by Keziamarcellova

What’s on your mind when you hear a holiday or a tourist place? There is one city that you must visit when the holiday is precisely located in West Java Province, Bandung. Bandung is the capital of West Java which is famous for its tourist city and also culinary city.

Indeed to spend time in Bandung is not enough just one day. If you have 4 days in Bandung? Where are your goals? of course visit and use the 4 days of the day with the best – so that all the tourist attractions in Bandung you can visit and you can have quality time when vacation with friends, friends and your family.

In order for your holiday better quality plan ahead of time per day where your destination.

Day 1: Culinary Tour

You can visit the culinary attractions in Bandung or try culinary – typical culinary Bandung. So, for the first day you focus on trying all the typical culinary Bandung. What culinary can be tried while in Bandung?

1. Batagor Bandung
What to do in Bandung for 4 days? You can try Batagor Bandung which is a famous snack in Bandung. The origin of Batagor is indeed from Bandung.

So, look for batagor which according to the community is highly recommended to try.

If you can find a good batagor you can buy it as a snack for the second day and so on as your travel companion.

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2. Cireng (Aci Goreng)
Snacks this one is also a snack typical of West Java and you must try. It’s easy to find this one. usually if the seller sells batagor, the seller also sells cireng.

Ask the surrounding community where the cireng seller is very tasty and recommended.

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3. Baso Tofu Fish

This is one of the culinary tours that must be tried also when you are in Bandung West Java.

Most West Java people love basso food as a heavy meal. Baso Tahu Fish is recommended for you are at Jl. Jatihandap Atas. If you see a restaurant Baso Tahu Ikan, there it is. Guaranteed you will be hooked after trying to know basu. 

Day 2: Cultural Spots

On the first day you’ve spent all day to enjoy in Bandung, 3 food above is a mandatory food that you should taste while in Bandung. Actually there are many more culinary tours that you try, but these three foods are mandatory meals. After that, go the second day. Where are your goals on the second day? You can visit the historical sights in the city of Bandung. The goal to be more familiar with what Bandung, and how the history of Bandung still exist.

The sights are:

1. Gedung Sate
What to do in Bandung for 4 days? Who does not know the Gedung Sate in Bandung. When in Bandung, you must visit this Gedung Sate.

if you are lucky you can visit this Sate

Building when there are events both outside and inside the building. When you visit this place it is advisable to use a decent outfit.

Gedung Sate is a government building of Bandung since 1980 and has existed since the Dutch era.

Gedung Sate is located on Jl. Diponegoro no. 22 Bandung, West Java.

2. Gedung Merdeka
Gedung Merdeka is almost the same as Gedung Sate, has existed since the Dutch era.

Gedung Merdeka is located on Jl. Asia Africa no. 65 Bandung, West Java.

Gedung Merdeka is a historical witness for Indonesia’s independence struggle to the first historic Asia-Africa Summit meeting in Indonesia.

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3. Goa of Holland and Goa of Japan
What to do in Bandung for 4 days? Goa is a historic sights? The answer is yes.

Goa is a silent witness to the struggle of the Indonesian nation against the Netherlands and Japan.

In the Dutch era, Goa Netherlands and Goa Japan is used for the residence of the Dutch soldiers to serve as prisoners.

Location of Goa of Netherlands and Goa of Japan are located at Jl. Ir H. Djuanda No. 9 Dago Pakar, Bandung, West Java.

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Day 3: Natural Spots

On the second day you have visited some historical sights in Bandung. It aims, so you understand and know how the history of Bandung. Then, next on the third day. Where are your goals on the third day? On the third day you can visit the nature tour.

Well, nature tourism is one of the preferred tour of many people, you can meghabiskan your third day to enjoy the beautiful nature of West Java. Which are some natural attractions that must be visited when in Bandung?

1. Bamboo Village Lembang
What to do in Bandung for 4 days? Nature tourism is famous very far from the city, but do not worry because the route is still affordable if you visit in one day.

Dusun Bambu Lembang is a tourist place that is familiar to the tourists. This tourist location is in the area of ​​the foot of Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

So you can imagine yourself that the atmosphere of this tourist location is very cool, especially if visited at night.

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2. Begonia Park
Begonia Park is one of the tourist attractions that you can visit.

This place is highly recommended to visit for those who like to take pictures and have a natural background.

Begonia Park is a Flower Garden and has many types of flowers in this park. if you visit this place it is advisable to bring a camera and do not forget to take pictures.

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3. Curug Malela
Visiting curug is one of your holiday alternatives. West Java is known to have a beautiful waterfall, one of which is Curug Malela.

Curug Malela is not much visited by people so cleanliness is still very awake.

Malela Curug location is located in the Village Cicadas, District Rongga Gununghalu, West Bandung regency.

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Day 4: Upside Down World Bandung

On the third day you have visited some natural attractions as recommended above. then, last day where is your goal? On the last day you can visit some tourist attractions in the city. Enjoy the city of Bandung before you go home. Some tourist attractions in the city of Bandung you can visit are:

You can visit Upside Down World Bandung to be your destination on the last day. Location Upside Down World Bandung is located on Jl. H. Wasid No. 31, Lebakgede, Coblong, Bandung City, West Java. Opening hours of this tour is at 10:00 to 20:00 pm. The ticket price you have to pay is Rp. 100,000 (for adults) and Rp. 50,000 (for children under 12 years old).

Make the most of your time while on vacation so you can have a quality holiday. Invite your friends or family for a vacation to make your vacation more enjoyable. Have a good vacation!

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