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15 Joyful Things to Do near Hilton Bandung

by Hindarko Luh Setyawanto

Hilton Bandung is a five-star hotel that becomes the favorite choice of the travelers while on vacation in Bandung. Its strategic location makes the travelers do not need to drive long to the popular tourist destination. In addition there are many interesting places around the Hilton Bandung. Let’s find out the joyful things to do near Hilton Bandung ..!

1. Visiting Pasir Kaliki Hyper Square

Pasir Kaliki Hyper Square is a mall that applies outdoor concept. The attraction of this mall is its food market. There are more than 50 stalls that provide a variety of foods, ranging from Chinese to Sundanese cuisine.

In the food market you can find Indonesia’s famous culinary such as Amanda Brownies, Hyper Seafood, Batagor Riri, Mi Rica Kejaksaan and Ronde Alkateri. Food prices range from Rp 20.000 – Rp 40.000. A comfortable atmosphere will make you happy to linger here.

How to Get There
Pasir Kaliki Hyper Square is located at Pasirkaliki Street, Bandung. It’s only 2 minutes drive from Hilton Bandung.

2. Visiting Braga City Walk

Braga City Walk is a combination of shopping malls, hotel, and condominium. The cozy atmosphere makes visitors happy to linger. Starbucks and Kopitiam are among the favorite places to hang out here.

Braga City Walk has a food court that serves a variety of menus. Fashion enthusiasts can indulge themselves by hunting clothes with the latest trends. In addition, Braga City Walk is surrounded by ancient buildings that are instagramable.

How to Get There
Braga City Walk is located at Braga Street, Bandung. It’s only 15 minutes drive from Hilton Bandung. Braga City Walk’s cafes could be considered as romantic cafe in Bandung for your loved one.

3. Visiting Museum Konferensi Asia Africa

Museum Konferensi Asia Africa was built to commemorate the conference of Asian and African Nation in Bandung in 1955. The museum has a collection of black and white photographs depicting the atmosphere of the conference. There are also historical objects used at that time such as cameras and typewriters.

You can see the statue of President Soekarno during a speech at the conference. There is also a collection of newspapers from various countries that spread the word about the conference.

How to Get There
Museum Konferensi Asia Africa is located at Asia Afrika Street, Bandung. It’s free entry and only 15 minutes drive from Hilton Bandung. Visiting museum can be one of things to do in Bandung with family.

4. Strolling at Braga Street

Braga Street offers an exotic feel of the past. On both sides of Braga Street there are buildings that have typical architecture from the colonial period. No wonder Braga Street becomes an instagramable spot.

Braga Street is also a great place for hangout. Strolling the sidewalk while taking pictures is the main activity here. For art lovers, the paintings on display at Braga Street can bring an inspiration.

How to Get There
Braga Street is 15 minutes drive from Hilton Bandung. You will never run out of things to do in Braga.

5. Visiting Bank Indonesia Museum

Bank Indonesia building is a colonial relic designed by E.H.G.H. Cuypers, Hulswit and Fermont with Neo Classic style. The building was built from 1915 until 1918 and was formerly De Javasche Bank.

Inside the building there is a museum that stores a collection of old money, coins, money storage, gold bars, photographs and history of banking in Bandung. The museum was inaugurated in 2014 and becomes one of the best historical attractions in Bandung.

How to Get There
Museum Bank Indonesia is located at Braga Street, Bandung. It’s 15 minutes drive from Hilton Bandung.

6. Visiting Vanda Park

Vanda Park is located right in front of Bank Indonesia building. The park is a favorite place of Bandung residents to spend time. A neat and beautiful atmosphere makes visitors feel comfortable.

The main attraction of Vanda Park is its fountain. In the evenings the fountain will be colorful which makes it interesting to look at. Vanda Park is an oasis for the hustle and bustle of life in Bandung.

How to Get There
Vanda Park is located in Merdeka Street. It’s free entry and only 15 minutes drive from Hilton Bandung.

7. Visiting City Hall Park

City Hall Park has a serene atmosphere. The towering trees provide protection from the sun. The statues provide a touch of art amongst the green of the trees.

City Hall Park has facilities such as free Wifi, toilets, praying room and benches. Visitors can also immortalize their love in the lock of love. No wonder the park becomes a favorite hangout for young people.

How to Get There
City Hall Park is located at Wastukencana Street, Bandung. It’s free entry and only 10 minutes drive from Hilton Bandung.

More joyful things to do near Hilton Bandung

8. Shopping at Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru is a paradise for fashion enthusiasts. Compared to boutiques and factory outlets, the price of clothes in Pasar Baru is much cheaper. Therefore, many visitors from abroad, mostly from Malaysia, deliberately come to Pasar Baru to buy wholesale.

Haggle is mandatory in Pasar Baru. Never accept the first price offered by the seller. Because the place is crowded, make sure you keep your belongings well.

How to Get There
Pasar Baru is located at Pasar Barat Street, Bandung. It’s 5 minutes drive from Hilton Bandung. Pasar Baru is definitely one of best shopping destinations in Bandung.

9. Culinary Tour at Kartika Sari

Kartika Sari is a must visit place for culinary tour. Kartika Sari sells a variety of breads and cakes that are famous for their delicacy. You can not say you have been to Bandung if you have not tasted Kartika Sari’s brownies, cheese roll, cheese stick, bagelen, toast bread or banana bollen.

Kartika Sari has been established since 1984 and is famous for its banana bollen. Therefore Kartika Sari’s banana bollens are often bought as a souvenir typical of Bandung. Kartika Sari also sells traditional cakes.

How to Get There
Kartika Sari is located at Haji Akbar Street, Bandung. It’s 6 minutes drive from Hilton Bandung.

10. Culinary Tour at Cibadak Street

Bandung is famous for its culinary tour. Cibadak Street offers a variety of foods such as beef leg soup, fried rice, martabak, batagor, ronde and pork satay. That’s why Cibadak Street is known as a haven for pork lovers.

Cibadak Street also has coffee shops for hangout. The price of food and beverages on Cibadak Street is quite affordable, not more than Rp 100,000.

How to Get There
Cibadak Street is only 6 minutes drive from Hilton Bandung.

Other joyful things to do near Hilton Bandung :

11. Shopping at Bandung Indah Plaza at Merdeka Street

12. Visiting China Town at Kelenteng Street

13. Refreshing Yourself in NEST Family Reflexology & Spa at Pasirkaliki Street

14. Hunting Antiques on Cikapundung Street

15. Shopping at Sin Sin Art Shop at Braga Street

Alright guys, now you know the joyful things to do near Hilton Bandung. Get your suitcase and let’s visit Bandung Indonesia.

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