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20 Things to Eat in Bandung (Sundanese Foods)

by Dika

Romanticism and exoticism Bandung as the capital of West Java Province will not be separated from the essence of Sundanese traditional culture. Although Bandung has become one of the metropolitan city in Indonesia, Bandung remains the city of Paris van Java familiar to Sundanese tradition and culture, not least in terms of culinary. Thus, there are many Bandung Attractions

Everyone must agree that Bandung deserves to be called the culinary paradise because of the many unique menus, delicious, and certainly evocative tastes there. It seems, almost every year the city always has a new culinary trend that would soon be imitated by other cities in Indonesia.

Most Favorite and Popular Typical Sundanese Foods in Bandung

Bandung is not only a tourist destination to visit tourist attractions in Bandung. The city also offers a variety of culinary varied and relatively delicious and has its own uniqueness. Here is a list of typical Sundanese food in Bandung that you can try:

1. Nasi Tutug Oncom

What to eat in Bandung? Sundanese culinary is commonly served in the restaurants that serve the menu of Sundanese cuisine. “Nasi tutug oncom” is a processed menu of rice wrapped in banana leaves and burned simultaneously with oncom spiced typical spices and given a bit of tapioca flour.

The flavor of oncom and cooked rice in banana leaves gives off a very distinctive scent and saliva. This food is very fitting eaten with accompanied spicy sauce, “lalapan”, cucumber and crackers. Guaranteed, your stomach rumbling will soon be satisfied with delicious taste of “nasi tutug oncom” that unique, tasty and fragrant. Curious to try?

2. Peyeum

“Peueyum”, who is not familiar with typical souvenirs from the city of Bandung? Food that looks like cursory similar to tape is the most popular snack menu in Bandung to serve as souvenir and much targeted by tourists when coming to visit Bandung.

“Peuyeum” made from cassava and processed by fermented to dry. Currently, “peuyeum” has been processed more modern with topping sprinkles of chocolate or cheese and other variations that can be selected by tourists. “Peueyeum” may be said to be the most typical legendary souvenirs of Bandung before now many other types of typical culinary preparations that can be used as souvenirs. Well, you may also love to do the  Things to Do in Ciwidey Bandung

3. Mie Kocok

“Mie Kocok” is so popular in Bandung until it’s made into one of the flavor variant in instant noodle product of national brand. “Mie Kocok” are usually served by using a cart like selling meatballs or chicken noodles.

Noodles made from yellow flat-textured egg noodles are served with fresh clear gravy, green vegetables such as mustard or cabbage, bean sprouts and a special extra kikil a tender cow because it has been boiled until cooked perfectly. Why is the name “Mie Kocok”? This noodle is processed by stirring and shaking before served to the buyer, so the name of the menu becomes a shake noodle. Also read: What to Buy in Bandung Indonesia (Souvenirs and Local Food)

4. Gepuk

This culinary is unique and certainly very steady taste. “Gepuk” is made from beef that is processed in such a way that it feels savory, slightly sweet and has a soft fiber texture. The process of making “Gepuk” starts from slicing the beef in the same direction with the meat fibers to be tender, then the meat is boiled until half-baked and pounded until soft and the meat fibers are decomposed.

The beef is then soaked into the seasoning which consists of spices, a little soy sauce and sugar, coconut milk then boiled in boiled water until the water shrinks. After the gepuk mature, fry with a little minah until brown color. Gepuk very fitting eaten with steaming warm rice and chili. 

5. Cireng

It seems, no one does not know light snacks typical of Bandung this one. Yes, cireng is one of Bandung’s culinary whose popularity has been so well known that “cireng” is very easy to find in various other cities.

“Cireng” stands for “aci digoreng” or (fried sago), namely starch flour mixed with some spices and fried. This snack is very popular everywhere and sold with various shapes and variations of flavors. The composition of cireng seasoning is actually simple: flour starch, flour, pepper, soybean powder, spring onion, salt, water, and cooking oil. Cireng very fit to be made tea in the afternoon with sambal sauce extra spicy.

You may also try this in Bandung:

6. Batagor

This snack is still closely related to “siomay”. “Batagor” stands for “bakso tahu digoreng”, which means the menu consists of fried tofu meatballs and then doused with peanut sauce, soy sauce and super-delicious sauce.

Batagor is made from soft grinded fish dough, starch, salt, pepper and spring onion and then fried to dry brown. As will be presented, batagor doused with peanut sauce, soy sauce and lime juice. More steady when added with super-spicy sauce. Batagor widely presented from the start of the street vendors stalls pavement, carts to elite restaurants or cafes. Super delicious and typical! Well, you may also love to do the Things To Do in Lembang Bandung

7. Lotek

The food consisting of basic vegetables mixed with peanut sauce is similar to “pecel” as it can easily be found in other cities. “Lotek” is a menu consisting of fresh vegetable stews such as spinach, bean sprouts, long beans, watercress sprinkled with peanut sauce.

Uniquely, seasoning peanut sauce is also often added “tempe”. Spices that are pulverized to be mixed in lotek are garlic, shrimp paste, a little kencur, brown sugar and salt. Everything is cracked raw and fresh. “Lotek” has a sweeter taste than “pecel”. “Lotek” is usually served together with “lontong”, but can also with warm rice. To complement the delicacy, do not forget to add crunchers and fried onions. 

8. Comro

“Comro” is one of the very favorite snacks of tourists when they come to Bandung. This food is made from grated cassava formed into spheres. The inside of this “combro” is stuffed with oncom stir-fry cooked with red pepper to become an oncom sauce.

That’s why this food is named “comro” which means “oncom di jero” or “oncom inside” taken from Sundanese. Comro is very delicious eaten while still hot and accompanied by green chili pepper. This one snack is also filling so it is better eaten away without having to be accompanied by rice. Spicy and delicious!

9. Nasi Timbel

“Nasi timbel” is a typical Sundanese culinary menu that is usually only served in special Sundanese restaurants or restaurants that special serve Sundanese cuisine. “Nasi timbel” is actually ordinary white rice, but becomes special because of the way of presentation. White rice is still hot and then wrapped in banana leaves so it emits a distinctive aroma that is fragrant and tasty.

“Nasi timbel” will be more delicious if the rice is cooked from rice that “pulen” and good quality. “Nasi Timbel” is usually served with additional side dishes such as yellow fried chicken, fried tempe, fried tofu, fresh vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, chillies and crackers. Guaranteed to make your saliva drip! How, more curious to try this delicious menu?

10. Surabi

If the Solo city famous because serabi notosuman, Bandung also has a similar snack, but the name is slightly different. Bandung typical surabi is made from a mixture of wheat flour and rice flour, so it looks like a pancake.

Surabi is cooked by burning it on a special mold with a wood or charcoal fuel stove. So, the smell is very good and seductive. The secret of surabi delicacy is on the cooking, using a stove made of clay and the fuel from charcoal or wood. This combination creates a distinctive aroma and flavor on surabi texture.

As a complement, surabi can be enjoyed with a variety of mixed toppings such as chocolate, cheese, banana, jackfruit, durians, until “gula jawa. Recently, there was even a new surabi innovation that given oncom’s topping.

11. Pisang Cokelat (Piscok)

This one banana is different from others. Bandung typical food is unique but actually its simple to make. Piscok is a banana snack wrapped in leather lumpia then given a small chocolate block pieces.

This dough then fried and automatic chocolate in the skin will melt and smear the banana to create a very solid taste. Piscok is very delicious to eat while still hot. The melted chocolate flavor will make you fell much pleasure. Piscok menu is easy to find everywhere, and now there are also variations of piscok stuffing added with cheese. Well, you may also love to do the Fun Things to Do in Bandung with Family

12. Cimol

Cimol is still one kind with cireng. The difference is cimol is a word from “aci digemul” or strach flour formed small and spiced and then fried until fluffy. Cimol is usually served with chili sauce made from onion, chili, pepper, and peanut sauce that is extraordinary spicy.

Cimol flavor is very tasty, chewy and concentrated by the smell of spices that penetrate when fried. Cimol is sold in Bandung from fifth to elegant restaurants or cafes. In other cities, cimol snack is also easy to find and favorite menu for many people. Also read about Shopping Destinations in Bandung Indonesia

13. Siomay

There are many tasty things to eat in Bandung Indonesia. This menu is inspired by Tiongkok people. Siomay is not only scattered throughout Bandung, but also easily found in various corners of the Indonesian city.

Siomay Bandung made from a mixture of fish and sago flour, then seasoned with special seasonings and steamde until cooked. Siomay is serve side by side with other ingredients such as steamed cabbage, steamed potatoes, steamed eggs, steamed meatballs, and the last one with a delicious peanut sauce. Bandung has a lot of good places and always crowded by buyers who want to enjoy siomay.

14. Tutut

There are many tasty things to eat in Bandung Indonesia. Well, this is a typical Sundanese menu that probably not many people know. Tutut is a small-size conch of ricefields. In Bandung, tutut is cooked with spicy flavor and lemongrass base and also abundant bay leaves to remove the fishy odor.

Tutut then cooked with stir-fry and usually added with red or green chili pepper. Tutut is very nice to eat with warm white rice. Unfortunately, the type of snail tutut has started to be hard to find, so the seller of this is not as much as it used to be.

15. Seblak

Recently, there is a culinary menu typical of Bandung, which is suddenly became a trend. That is seblak. The absolute popularity of this, make many people becom curious to taste this one spicy menu.

What is seblak ? Seblak is a food made from boiled crackers, then added with various additional ingredients such as claw, meatballs, gravel, sausage, and chicken bones. Seblak is special because of the spice that consists of red pepper, garlic, salt, and kencur. The buyer can choose the desired level of spiciness of pepper to be spiced in this menu. 

16. Kupat Tahu

There are many things to eat in Bandung. Kupat tahu is one of the Bandung’s typical menu that also uses peanut sauce.

Kupat tahu has a very thick texture of peanut sauce.

Its served with lontong or kupat, tahu, and tauge, also thick peanut sauce and usually eaten with onion crackers.

Kupat tahu is famous because the bold bean spice, other than that, the lontong or kupat also feels very chewy and solid. It’s best to eat for breakfast.

17. Cilok

Who doesn’t know about this menu ? Cilok itself stands for “aci dicolok” (Something like sago pinned.) Cilok has similarities with the other two menus. The difference, cilok made by small rounded shape and texture is more supple.

Cilok originally served with peanut sauce and hot sauce, but now along with the increasing number of people who love cilok, cilok menu served with a variety of sauce variations. There is cilok saturated with mayonnaise sauce, cheese sauce, soy sauce, even chili sauce. Everything is delicious and unique so that makes cilok become one of the loved menus in all West Java’s areas.

18. Karedok

Talking about the typical menu of Sundanese, of course can’t be separated from the processed menu made of raw vegetables. As we know, Sundanese are very fond of eating vegetables and raw vegetables. One of the Sundanese food menu that is raw processed is karedok.

Karedok is a vegetable menu consisting of a mixture of raw long beans, bean sprouts, cabbage, and green eggplant mixed with grated coconut roasted. The taste of karedok is so fresh, slightly sweet and certainly healthy because almost all components are use raw materials.

How is it? Feel hungry now? All Sundanese menu in Bandung is very evocative taste and definitely make you want to immediately taste it. Happy culinary in Bandung.

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