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4 Things to Explore in Taka Bonerate National Park, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

by Widiya
Taka Bonerate National Park

Taka Bonerate National Park is one of national parks in Indonesia and situated in the Selayar Regency, Sulawesi. It is also one of the rich marine national parks in Indonesia and also habitat to various fledgling species from land birds, to waterfront and ocean birds that frolic on the many sandhills.

The size of the atoll is roughly 220,000 hectares, with a coral reef level width around 500 km². Among the islands of coral reefs sandbank, there are profound and soak tight waterways.

While on the outside of the reef level, there are numerous little pools that are profound and encompassed by coral reefs. At the low tide, there are a noticeable dry land and mixed puddles that shape small pools.

If you are planning to visit Taka Bonerate National Park during your upcoming holiday, here is a list of what you can do to benefit the most from your trip.

  1. Enjoying the Biodiversity of Species
Taka Bonerate Marine Life

Taka Bonerate National Park is home to around 360 coral fish species, around 244 types of mollusk and others for utilization with high financial worth, for example, grouper, skipjack fish, napoleon wrasse, and sharks. A few kinds of coral reefs found in this place include obstruction reefs, bordering reefs, and ring reefs.

They are totally made out of living coral, ocean grass, and green growth joined with sandhills and shelves. Every one of these corals is generally in flawless condition. 

The recreation center is a heaven for divers as the atoll which is wealthy in coral reef and ocean grass biological system offers some excellent wall diving. The atoll rises pointedly about 2,000 meters underneath the outside of water and was framed from a breakdown of a tremendous spring of gushing lava.

The biodiversity of the reef is extremely high, contributing to appealing dive spots. The waters inside the atoll are radiant turquoise, encompassed by the color of deep blue.

  1. Learning the Local Culture 
Bugis Community

Seven primary islands in the national park have been occupied for ages by the Bajo, Bugis, and Selayar (Buton and Flores) clans. The clans have their own attractions, which are vigorously impacted by sea culture and Islamic lessons.

Customs that you may discover alluring incorporate the Bajo wedding parade and Safar shower, where local people take a dunk together in the ocean on the last Wednesday in the Islamic month of Safar. Also, the Bajo in Taka Bonerate lives on sand islands, not at all like other people who live on vessels. 

  1. Visit Tinabo Island 
Tinabo Island

Tinabo Island is one of the most famous traveler destinations in Taka Bonerate National Park. It is the ecotourism zone in Taka Bonerate National Park.

The island has white sandy seashores with delicately slanting geology of the land between zero to two meters. The predominant earthbound vegetation includes coconut trees, santigi, grasses, ketapang, and bushes.

You can enjoy the naturally reap coconut while you are on this island. The shocking natural beauty of this island that depends on its submerged variety, as well as its remote area that is far from the clamor of big cities has pulled in numerous travelers.

You can do some diving, swimming, and kayaking. What is more, the delightful view of the sun and seashore is accessible anywhere around the island. 

  1. Going for a Dive and Doing Some Snorkeling
Diving in Taka Bonerate Water

Diving is the most well-known activity in the park. Given to what extent it takes to arrive, and how little else there is to do, there is very little point coming there in case you are not a diver.

On the off chance that you are, however, you will love it. The territory is untainted and not dirtied, which means there is an acceptable perceivability of around 30 to 50 meters, definitely one of the best spots for scuba diving in Indonesia.

The waters there involve one of the most biodiverse marine biological systems on the planet. Animals you can spot there incorporate brilliant flatworms and considerably increasingly bright nudibranchs, and crocodile fish, otherwise called insane fish for their propensity for swimming upside down.

There are additional heaps of rays, including falcon rays and enormous manta rays, and their family members, the sharks. Other peculiar animals that are frequently spotted there incorporate batfish and pipefish, which are identified with seahorses and seadragons.

Lobsters, cuttlefish, and turtles are also very common. Where there is incredible diving, there is typically extraordinary snorkeling, and Taka Bonerate is no special case.

Snorkeling is a decent other option on the off chance that you want to take a break from diving. However, as it sets aside such a long effort to arrive, it is most likely not worth the outing just to snorkel.

So, that is a list of what you can do at Taka Bonerate Park in Sulawesi. You might be interested in knowing the best national parks in North Sulawesi and the best time to visit Sulawesi as well.

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