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Helpful Guide: 8 Things to Do in South Bali

by Widiya
things to do in south bali

South Bali is the spot for the freshest fish and the most thoughtful local people. It is a sanctuary for travelers, writers, nature lovers, artists, and whoever just needs to unwind and explore lesser-known attractions and spots.

Thus, feel free to follow the off-beaten path to go to South Bali and explore some of the unexpected, yet invaluable treasures that this spot brings to the table.

To get you up to speed with your traveling plan, we are listing 8 things to do in South Bali for you to consider. So, check this out.

Things to Do in South Bali

  1. Get Some Splash At Tanjung Benoa Bali Watersport
Things to Do in South Bali

Assuming you are into water sports, you might go to Tanjung Benoa. Situated in Bali Peninsula, Tanjung Benoa is an oceanside-fronted playground that offers different watersport exercises, for example, a banana boat, parasailing, flying fish, and fly board.

There are also underwater exercises for you to do, for example, swimming, ocean strolling, and in any event, diving. Not to mention, you can experience fly skiing and hang around the turtle island as well. You might also want to know about the best snorkeling spots in Bali.

  1. Visit Uluwatu Temple
Things to Do in South Bali

Situated on the highest point of a bluff 70 meters above sea level, Uluwatu Temple is famous for its customary Balinese architecture, extremely old sculptures, and amazing views of nightfall and the Indian Ocean. Get ready to be entranced by the sights as you go around the sanctuary, which is probably Bali’s holiest spot of worship.

One more feature of the sanctuary is the dazzling Kecak Fire Dance, which is performed from 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. at the amphitheater.

For around 5 USD, you will see a creative understanding of the popular Ramayana epic through traditional dances. The music is given not by instruments, but rather with the voices of the entertainers. Also, see things to do in Uluwatu, Bali.

  1. Have A Dinner At Muaya Beach
Things to Do in South Bali

The feasting swarm comes in during the late evening, with perfect timing to watch the dusk; tables are set up standing around the ocean, complete with oil lights and Balinese flags ascending from the sand.

Regardless of when you decide to visit, you will be blessed to receive a few extraordinary dishes of conventional Balinese food like fresh barbecued fish, including shrimp, seafood, and lobster served with rice and garlic-steamed greens.

Speaking of Balinese foods, here are street foods in Bali.

  1. Chill At Bali Equator Beach Club
Things to Do in South Bali

Bali Equator Beach Club is situated on Lembongan Island, a short sail from the Bali main island. This little retreat island will entertain you with many oceanside games, for example, banana boats and paddling.

For the most part, there are two choices for making the most out of this island: The Escape to Treasure Land and The Treasure Hunt. For The Escape to Treasure Land, you will get the opportunity to do swimming, kayaking, play around with the banana boat, and do a short visit through the island.

The Treasure Hunt, on the other hand, will allow you the opportunity to partake in the island with the Seawalker movement.

  1. Have Fun At Green Bowl Beach
Things to Do in South Bali

You can rest on the white sand and appreciate the peacefulness or take a dip in the perfectly clear waters. Experienced surfers will partake in the rapid waves. Low tide, which is until 3:00 P.M., is the best time for swimming. It is the place where you will get a decent look at the bright coral reefs.

The ocean side likewise has limestone caves lodging many bats. You can see the flying animals very close and take photographs of them.

  1. Watch Cultural Performances
Things to Do in South Bali

Over the course of about an hour and a half, the Devdan Performance at the Bali Nusa Dua Theater presents free-flying Borneo lovers, a competitive Javanese sword battle, and a performance of a Bali Kecak dance.

The theater space is built only for the show, and no cost is saved to acquire the specialized wizardry expected to make the production glow.

  1. Figure Out How to Surf
Things to Do in South Bali

Assuming you have no clue about how to surf, it is no problem. While in Bali, it is the ideal time to get familiar with another skill. Odyssey Surf School offers both private and public surf classes. Odyssey Surf School is likely the best surfing school in Bali.

Every one of the educators can teach in English and hold a surfing certificate. This school is appropriate for youngsters and grown-ups. They can have confidence that you can remain on your board in the first meeting.

  1. Enter the Cave of Suluban Beach
Things to Do in South Bali

If you need an alternate sort of entertainment, go explore the cave of Suluban Beach. Aside from being the area where the surfers rest, the cave is additionally known for its novel rocks.

It positively has that dreamy movie feel. You can take pictures or just let the sights catch your imagination. So, those are 8 things to do in South Bali. While you are at it, make sure to also check out hot springs in Bali and the best beach clubs in Bali.

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