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Ultimate Recommendations: What to Do in West Bali National Park

by Widiya
what to do in west bali national park

Bali is a hotpot of fun in Indonesia. In the south, specifically, you can observe the most dynamic and vivacious neighborhoods of regular clubs, seaside clubs, cafés, and great lodgings. Toward the east, you can observe a beautiful scene of 1,000 rice fields that spread from a great mountain all the way to the coastlines.

Toward the north and west, a totally unique world such as natural reserves, e.g. West Bali National Park, scantily populated, with sites that are totally uninhabited by people, which mirrors the true state of Bali.

In this article, we will be focusing on the latter, which is the west of Bali, and what to do in West Bali National Park. So, check this out.

List of What to Do in West Bali National Park

  1. Take A Dive at the Blue Season Bali
What to Do in West Bali National Park

Blue Season Bali offers the most impressive level of scuba diving services around Bali and the Indonesian archipelago. It will give you a one-of-a-kind chance to explore some of the nation’s best diving spots alongside an extraordinary shore dive that offers Mandarin fish as the feature.

Blue Season Bali is located on an island called Menjangan, which is a world away from the hustles and bustles of the city. It is a real sanctuary of serenity.

The Menjangan’s rich traditional, delectable cooking, and invigorating nature-inspired activities combine to give you a unique and renewing experience.

  1. Up Your Cooking Game
What to Do in West Bali National Park

Get familiar with different Balinese cuisines and their intriguing flavors with the four-course culinary experience. It is incredible for youngsters and grown-ups who share the same enthusiasm for cooking ingredients, culinary societies, and cooking activities, leaving you with exceptional recollections and a lot of information for your Balinese meals once back home.

There is a private Balinese gourmet specialist who will direct you through the process of cooking. So, do not worry about failing. You might also want to know about halal foods in Bali.

  1. Gaze At the Starlings
What to Do in West Bali National Park

West Bali National Park has a totally hypnotizing view that once you are there, you will not realize that time passes so quickly. The most compelling thing not to be missed is the presence of the outlandish Bali Starling bird.

This imperiled species is all around protected in the conservation region. With its scant populace, this bird is the star of the national park.

You can also go further and enjoy the magnificence of floras nearby or cherish the melange of rainforest, savannah, and mountains around the park.

  1. Ride A Horse
What to Do in West Bali National Park

Enjoy the beauty of the national park while riding a horse. There is a stable of loyal Australian horses that know the woods presumably better than humans do.

You can take in the views of the backwoods and oceanside, directed by trained staff who tailor each trip to suit your riding capacity. Early morning or late evening is ideal, so both you and the horse can stay away from the hotness of the sun.

  1. Unwind At the Hot Spring
What to Do in West Bali National Park

Make a point to end the day at the natural hot spring close by. Release the pressure while relaxing your drained feet with a shower at Banyuwedang Hot Spring. The natural high-temperature water lies at the core of the mangrove woods.

Besides, local people accept that underground hot springs can recuperate skin infections. The mineral from the natural hot spring water is additionally compelling for loosening up the irritated muscle.

Different choices are likewise accessible to explore. Go for a stroll to the Taman Sari Temple and be ready to be astounded by the peak view. Pura Pulaki Temple is somewhere else you ought to visit. It is generally a decent decision to get tops off for the spirit at a sanctuary.

  1. Go For A Stroll All-Around
What to Do in West Bali National Park
©Center For International Forestry Research/Aulia Erlangga

Nature is waiting to be explored in West Bali National Park. An assortment of nature-based tourism is accessible for all to appreciate.

Going for a stroll is considered one of the numerous activities presented in West Bali National Park. A 4-hour stroll through the beautiful view around the park is no doubt the most ideal choice to have fun. On top of that, you can also meet the endemic faunas in the process.

  1. Take A Look At the Mountains
What to Do in West Bali National Park

The national park’s various biological systems range from mangroves and beachfront woodlands to seasonal backwoods, savannahs, swamps, and rainforests.

There are additionally a few old sanctuaries inside the park as well as four peaks: Mount Banyuwedang, Mount Prapat Agung, Mount Klatakan, and the most noteworthy, Mount Sangiang.

Also, see the best mountains to hike in Bali.

  1. Stay At The Menjangan
What to Do in West Bali National Park

The Menjangan is the most notable lodging or resorts nearby. It is the nearest to the West Bali National Park and Menjangan Island and is likewise home to a Starling reserve and natural life park that should be important for the National Park itself. It is a massive retreat area with various hotels, pools, and eateries that surely will accommodate you in any way.

So, that is a list of what to do in West Bali National Park. While you are at it, make sure to also check out the best tourists villages in Bali and the best beaches in Bali.

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