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15 Fascinating Things to Do in Keramas Bali

by Yoga Adi

Hello everyone, back in the morning again with us to talk about the best attractions you can find in some exotic areas of Indonesia. This one, we’re gonna explore the legendary Bali island again. Now, maybe some of you already bored with some locations like things to do in Kuta or some other places. That’s why, we don’t go to that spot again, we must find another place to explore.

Our observation ends in a place called Keramas. Maybe some of you don’t know that Keramas in Indonesian means shampooing. We know that maybe there’s another story you need to discover to understand about why the area called as Keramas, which usually included in our daily activity. But anyway, there are lots of places waiting for you, so you better go right now!

1. Bali Speed Go Cart

The first spot you should check is none other than the Bali Speed Go Cart in Blahbatuh. Want to have fun riding dan racing with your friends through the exciting and adrenaline pumping rides? This is the best option we have for you. There will be six carts that ready to be ride on the track, there are sonay tires on the track to protect you from having an accident or something. Don’t worry, you’ll be perfectly save, and just do your best to win the race.

Also, if you’re a newbie on this one, don’t worry, just drive slowly and certainly until you finally grasp the way to operate the cart. And then, you’re ready to beat them . The track is not so complicated, there are few turns here and there, even there’s a challenging one, the point that can make a winner to become a sore loser. So, the speed is not everything in here, be sure to check the environment to be more familiar with the track.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 8 am – 7 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Only parking ticket

2. Keramas Beach

Located on the same area like the attractions above, the Keramas beach is another gorgeous spot should check during your visit in Keramas. Keramas Beach located on a lowest point on Bali, you accompanied by some beautiful attractions too. Something special about the beach is the environment. The environment will make another beaches envy. The very clean environment it has making everybody want to stay in the beach more longer.

No wonder why, the sand here is pretty too, with the additional view of the sea that you can see easily by just swimming in there. The waves are not pretty big, they aren’t to challenging for surfers, but very suitable for any people, You can dive and swim anytime you want, just be careful of the corals that can hurt your feet. Nevertheless, the Keramas Beach is also on of the best beach, the beautiful one just like things to do in Nusa Dua.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp10.000,-

3. Swan Keramas Restaurant

The next one we’re gonna review the two places that has the name brand, Swan Keramas which located on Selukat beach street. So, the Swan Keramas came up with two venues, restaurant and villas. The first thing first, we’re gonna check the restaurant that has its very unique things for you. Located just above the beach of Keramas, the place looks very beautiful with its swan ornaments.

Inside, you can find so many choice of foods, including the traditional ones. Complete with the view of the sea, eating in the Swan Restaurant will give you another great experience of feasting in the most wonderful way possible. The prices here are also very affordable for any people, so after having fun at the beach, you can also resting at the restaurant that has so many things you should try.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday from 7 am  – 11 pm
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

4. Swan Keramas Villa

The next one of Swan Keramas place is the villa. The villa also located on the same area of Blahbatuh, in just a few meters from the restaurant. You can even take  a walk to reach the villa. So, there many choices of villa here, the Swan is very recommended one. With its glamorous looks, the villa is being a tourists favourite with its complete services. All of the services already included in the house, and installed even before you pay the rent.

Just as beautiful as the villas in things to do in Balian Bali, the Swan Keramas villa also has its modern architecture just like the other villas around Bali. For some people, this is really good, like remembering their own house. So the feels of being home even though it’s not real, is something else. Better o book the villa first before every else do.

  • Opening Hours : No opening hours
  • Entry Ticket : No opening ticket

5. Temuku Family Guest House

The next resting place may ae a bit lower price than the villa of course. Even some villas in things to do in Bangli Bali have something similar to this one. Not like the glamorous villa above that only a few people ca afford that, this guest house is the best resting place for tourists in general economy. The building is pretty simple, only a one floored house, complete with swimming pool on the back.

Even though it’s not too complicated, it’s very comfortable because of the homey feelings it has. You can see the villagers house around, which make us having this kind of togetherness feelings all around the place. The guest house is really fit either for newly married couple, or maybe for the whole family. All can rest in here with ease, with no problem whatsoever.

  • Opening Hours : No opening hours
  • Entry Ticket : No opening ticket

6. Keramas Water Park

In  sixth place we have the Keramas Water Park for you. If you bored with the situation around the beach of Keramas, maybe you can check the new alternative called Karamas Water Park. Located on the Poh Gading street, Keramas War Park is a must check place if you bringing your kids around in your vacation.

It’s just a very simple waterpark actually, no things like rides or something. The view around and the location itself are the highlights of this venue. Plus, the clean swimming pool is everyone’s favorite. Also you can check the food that sold in there, they’re all good. So, even though with tight budget, people can enter the place that will only cost you fr about Rp30.000,- rupiahs. It’s good.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 7 am to 5 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp30.000,-

7. Wake Bali Adventure

The journey goes on the next spot called Wake Bali Adventure. So, if traveling alone make you feel so lonely, then travelling in pack with ATVs to explore some exotic places in Keramas will blow you away. In this Bali Wake adventure, there will be so many people that join you in the next route. You can your mates there will ride the well preserved ATVs around.

First thing first you must make yourself comfortable in riding the Atv, make sure to know about the controls of it, at least you know how to accelerate and breaking. There’s people that really abandoned this, and ended up panicking and hurting them self. So, even this is only a sport, it can cause you much damage if you really don’t know what you’re doing. Safety first.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 8 am – 5 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Parking ticket only

8. Keramas Bali Villa

And then we have the villa of Keramas bali. The place is also can be a good option of affordable villa around the Keramas area. With just a little money, you can rent the villa for one or two days, depend on your needs.

So, yo can take the location right in the middle of Keramas area. You can easily spot them thanks to those sigs that always tell you the way to reach the villa. Many people there also offering the villa for you, so you don’t need much effort to find one.

  • Opening Hours : No opening hours
  • Entry Ticket : No opening ticket

9. Selukat Temple

After visiting the natural attractions there, better complete the journey with a visit to a religious one. One you can find in the area of Keramas is located on Blahbatuh. Just like the temple in things to do near Uluwatu Temple of Bali, you can dig that the place is very ancient. With its stoney architecture, we can conclude that the building built in Indonesian Kingdom Era.

Nothing much to do here except witnessing the people praying on the place, or either taking a walk the or maybe looking at the scenery around. The nature behind temple and also the temple itself can be used as the beautiful photo object.

  • Opening Hours : No opening hours
  • Entry Ticket : No opening ticket

10. Wake Resto and Dolphin

As the last place ihe things to do in Keramas, there’s this Wake Resto and Dolphin. If in the other restaurants you can enjoy the foods inside and the view around, in this very restaurant you can also see the activity of the dolphins. Yes, dolphins. You can take a look at them at the centerpoint of the restaurant.

The dolphins will entertain some people in the special activities there, and also can playing around as  supporting objects on a pre wedding photo session. They’re not using the dolphins all the time, so make sure you’ll be right there when the time is perfect.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 7 am  – 11 pm
  • Entry Ticket: Parking ticket only

Other attractions in Keramas Bali

After visiting those picturesque places, better visit the other 5 places left in the area of Keramas Bali, like

  1. Selukat Beach, wonderful beach on the south side of Bali
  2. Keramas Beach and Camping Ground, best place to do outdoor activities
  3. Keramas Surf Camp, a great place to learn some more about surfing
  4. Komune Resort & Beach Club Bali, another great resort available in Keramas
  5. Kerama Aero Park, have a great breakfast in the roof less restaurant

That’s the list of things to do in Keramas Bali. You even so many good places even in only one district on Keramas Bali. The place is indeed a great and not disappointing combination between the natural attractions and also the venues into one holiday package in Keramas Bali. Even though the name Keramas is somewhat funny to Indonesians ears, the place is so rich of great spots you should find by yourself. Good luck!

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