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20 Things to Do in Balian Bali That Will Blow Your Mind

by Yoga Adi

Hello again to you, in this beautiful evening we’re gonna talk about another wonderful list of Indonesian beautiful attractions. Like before, we will go back to the one area in Bali island called Balian Bali. You can also call it as the BB. The BB area is almost beautiful spot that has a lot of interesting spots, just like things to do in Gilimanuk , things to do in West Bali, or maybe things to do in Bukit Peninsula Bali which already famous.

Like the Umalas Bali we’ve talked earlier, this part of Bali island is also a very busy one. The spot is filled with many villas and resorts to happily serve all the tourists in there. There are thousands of choices in here, feel free to pick anything you wanted. Beside the resorts, the place ain’t complete without the existence of the restaurants and cafes. There’s plenty of them. This small area is actually a fun place to visit, especially if you love the beach life. Then, here is the top list of our pick included in the lits of 15 things to do in Balian, Bali. Here you are :

1. Mejan Beach

Let’s go the first one, the Mejan Beach, located in Batu Mejan street. The Mejan beach also called as Echo beach for some reasons. Not only that, the beach is also called as Berawa Beach. So maybe if you lost or something, you can ask direction to the people near the area, and refer it as Berawa beach, because they commonly use that term.

So, looking at the sand, the sand here is quite fast than the beach in Balinan. Plus, it has this kind of houses and also coconut trees along the beach. When the low tide happens, you can see in the pocture that the wet sand is walkable. You’re not gonna drowned or something if you step on it. So, the “playground” is more larger in this kind of situation. Which is cool.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp10.000,- parking ticket (of the beach)

2. Balian Cliff

The next one is Balian Cliff. The place is actually combined with the Balian beach itself, so you enter the Balian cliff spot after paying the entry ticket for the Balian beach in the first place. But don’t worry, the entry ticket ain’t that expensive. It’s considered very affordable for every tourist. So anyone can enter it without worry.

Then, after paying the entry ticket, you can either enjoy the beach first or go to the cliff directly.There’s the thing you can do here is taking pictures. Yep, the view of the magnificent cliff looks very good when combined with the sun shine when the sun sets, or rise. Thoese exact moments are always the perfect one to take pictures in the spot.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp15.000,- parking ticket (of the beach)

3. Gajah Mina Beach Resort

The first resort you should visit is the Gajah Mina Beach resort which is located in Balian beach street, Lalanglinggah. The place is very very modern to fit your need and satisfaction about the comfortably of the modern architecture. They added some of the futuristic things in here, like the relaxing benches for example.

The place is alwasy crowded of people, so if you really wantto try a night or more you can book them right now. Even thoguh they often cut the prices, you can also get the cheaper price by ordering them via online. Pick the most cheap of them all.

  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours
  • Entry Ticket : No admission ticket

4. Gubug Bar and Cafe

One of the nearest restaurants of Bali beach is Gubug Bar and Cafe, The place is also famous for its tourists that came for foreign countries. You can see the high expectations by looking at the outstanding reviews they gave to it in their visit last time. The place has 5 of 5 stars, which is considered very good for as restaurant.

You can come by if you want, it’s located in Balian beach number 78. The location is pretty neat, between the sushi bar and some other cafes. You can visit the sushi bar after this, to taste the freshness of the fishes in there. Bon appetit!

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 2 pm – 10 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Parking ticket only

5. Balian Villa

The small villa located in the Balian beach street is the most cheap villa you can get in all areas of Balinan. Yep, thanks to their size, the cost is villa is pushed to be more cheap than usual villa costing. With only 13 dollars per night, you can enjoy all of the facilities, including the blue clear swimming pool right in the back.

With the two floor villa, with a few meters of size will help you in your budgeting, a lot. This one might be the beast option if you looking for an affordable villa. Beautiful yet not to expensive, that’s the Balian Villa.

  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours
  • Entry Ticket : No admission ticket

6. Balian Beach

Of course, without visiting the beach, your journey will be tasteless. This is actually the main point to go to the Balian area, to visit the most beautiful beach in the southwest region of Bali. Just like the beach included in beaches in Kuta , the Balian beach is of course, very worth to check out, at least once in your journey here.

Like usual, the beach has something spectacular about the view and also the supporting features like the green trees environment for example. You can watch the sunset here with the most beauty panorama of them all. The yellow degrading colour of the clouds added with the green colours of the tress is indeed remarkable.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : Rp15.000,- parking ticket

7. Balian Surf Camp

For the surfers out there, this is the first place you must go to. Without thinking of anything, without considering any negative aspects, the Balian Surf Camp is always a great place to visit.They will serve us with the usual services like surf board rental or surf training.

This one is also a good one if you want to learn or maybe want to practice surfing more, guided by the experienced surfers in Balian Bali with full carefulness and patients. You can also stay for one night or tow, they already prepared a room for us. So, prepare you money and body then let’s surf!

  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours
  • Entry Ticket : No admission ticket

8. Delmara Villa

The beach ain’t complete without the beach house. And this one, is one of the perfect beach houses for you. This modern architecture building is a wonderful place to relax and chill, especially with your love one. Usually, the newly married couple will book the place for the night, to enjoy the sensation around only for two.

The location is in West Selemadeg, near Balian Beach. You can book one in many websites out there, always pick the most trusty one. Then you finally can enjoy the villa of Delmara in Balian Bali with full of love and happiness in your heart

  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours
  • Entry Ticket : No admission ticket

9. Tekor Bali

The ninth place in the list of things to do in Balian Bali is the Tekor Bali. Even “Tekor” means “ Loss” in Jakarta language, but you’ll be promised to not lost anything including the enjoyable feelings in this small and homey restaurant. Here is the place to look at the acculturation between modern aspects and also the traditional in one same place.

They used this kind of modern architecture with the use of concrete walls and other modern lamps. But the waitress there, all of them are wearing this traditional Kebaya of Bali. They look so beautiful with that outfit. Beside that combination, the foods in here are so much better. They included several traditional cuisines which is so good to try. Then if you want to go, check them by visiting their address in Balian Beach street number 33.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 8 am – 10 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Parking ticket needed to be pay upon entering

10. Shankari Bali Villa

This villa beside the river is also the best one. They combined the elements of nature on the spot. Upon entering, you can find many vegetations that grow all around the place near the villa. Plus, they also take a look at the resources used for the building. They used the best woods they can get to built the bungalows.

So, if you interested enough, you can visit them in Denpasar Gilimanuk Street, located by the river. You can see it clearly, the building is big enough, Enjoy the cool view and spectacular panoramas of the nature.

  • Opening Hours : Opens 24 hours
  • Entry Ticket : No admission ticket

Other Attractions in Balian Bali

  1. Chanda Resto, a comfortable yet friendly restaurant
  2. Selabih Restaurant, located amazingly in the beach lips
  3. Pekutatan Beach, the great looking rock beach
  4. Desa Puseh Temple, beautiful temple located a bit far from Balian
  5. Universal Vegetarian, perfect place for vegetarians

That’s it, the list of things to do in Balian Bali is finally completed. The attractions in there are indeed have this kind of beach elements. Sea, panoramas, and environment combined together to make this beautiful combination of simplicity, beauty, and happiness. The Balian Bali is indeed the perfect place for you.

So, without further do, better start doing some planning about plane ticket and anything else for Balian Bali. It’ll be a great adventure and also the most happy one, guaranteed. Then, hope you enjoy the beautiful things in this small area of Bali. Maybe after visiting Tabanan, you should to come to the nearest area, the Kuta that has so many spots included in things to do in Kuta Bali. Have a great holiday !

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