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15 Heavenly Things To Do in Singkawang (#Must Visit)

by louisagabe

Indonesia not only famed for those Things Halmahera Island or Things To Do in Menjangan Island because the beautifulness. Let’s move to another spots more than Things To Do in Rinca Island ! Indonesia still have a cute and exotic place located in a middle city on North West of Borneo. Yup, it is Singkawang. Have you hear about Singkawang before?

Singkawang offers the beautiful spots, culture, food, and people over here also friendly. Wait, not only that. The uniqueness of Singkawang belongs to the inhabitant. Unlike the other cities in Indonesia, Singkawang inhabited by Chinese ethnicity. It means you can find Chinese people here wildly. The inhabitant in Singkawang itself impacts the culture. That’s why every celebration belongs to Chinese has made overwhelm fuss.

Well, we aren’t going to discuss about Chinese ethnicity. In this special occasion, we will discuss about places you can visit while you travel to Singkawang. What things to do in Singkawang? Take a look on the points beneath.

1. Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Temple

This temple is one of the oldest temple in West Kalimantan. Have been established in 1878 as a dedication to the God of forest, named Tua Peh Kong. Even though the temple isn’t huge at all, but the temple already become the iconic of Singkawang, especially for Chinese people.

Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Temple used as a place to celebrate Chinese New Year. The climax of the celebration is at Cap Go Meh, the 15th day of Chinese New Year, well-known as the closing celebration. Cap Go Meh not attended by Chinese people in Singkawang only. It also enlived by people from another city and country. Such Java, Singapore, and Malaysia. They comes to Singkawang to enjoy the celebration, of course with friends and family members.

If you wanna learn about Chinese culture, absolutely you can learn by entering this temple. Don’t forget to bring the camera for taking pictures.

  • Address – Jl. Pasar Tengah (Jalan Sejahtera), Kota Singkawang, Indonesia.
  • Entry Ticket – Free!
  • Opening Hours – From Monday to Sunday

2. Marga Tjhia House

Beside Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Temple, there is Marga Tjhia House that handfuls of culture. The house hiding rear the super crowded buildings. To reach the house, you must go through a narrow path. Right on Jl. Budi Utomo number 36, Singkawang, you’ll find one of the oldest building. The building you have found is Marga Tjhia House. Its built in more than 100 years ago. Even though it’s old already, but the house absurdly sturdy.

Marga Tjhia House owned by Si He Yuan has wide terace with many rooms inside. There are room for sons, daughters, parents, guests, servants, and garden in the middle of building. That garden is a central spot that used for gathering and meeting with family members, especially in Chinese New Year.

Marga Tjhia House opened for tourist and local people. There’s no entry ticket cost. You can enter the house everyday and everytime you want.

3. Hongkong Market Singkawang

After visiting Marga Tjhia House, you can go straight to Hongkong Market at night. This place offers the best and comfy circumstances, especially at night. Beside walking around, you can also enjoy local cake and culinary. Both are the best you won’t missing. To be honest, the cake and culinary are something special that you might not found in another city.

For info, the culinary around Hongkong Market labeled as “non halal” food. Which is mean some of them mixed with pork. However, it doesn’t mean you must skip this place, well no. You still can enjoy the cake because the all cake is “halal”.

  • Address – Jl. Setia Budi, Condong, Central Singkawang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday, starts from 06:00 PM – midnight
  • Price Range – Rp 20.000 up to Rp 50.000 / each

4. Pasir Panjang Beach

In the next day, especially in the morning, move your feet to go to Pasir Panjang Beach. Is located in District Seven, Singkawang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Named as Pasir Panjang because the beach itself long stretches vault open sea. All the idyllac view, you can enjoy only from the shore. The blue and clean water made this beach known as the most attractive beach comparing to another in Singkawang. Beside doing water sport, you also can enjoying time by relaxing or sunbathing through the beach.

One thing you must do here is enjoy the sunset. You can stay until the sun goes down. The sunset over here so amazing, will never regret!

How To Get Here

As you know, Singkawang is the biggest town number two in West Kalimantan. Its dispart about 142 kilometers from Pontianak, the capital city of the province. To catch Singkawang, you can go with bus or taxi from Supadio Airport. Thus, you can hire a car, or go with bus or taxi or scooter for about 17 kilimetres to be in Pasir Panjang Beach.

  • Entry Ticket – All visitor will be charged Rp 25,000 / each
  • Opening Hours – Monday to Sunday, from 08:00 AM – drop

5. Randayan Island

A trip to Singkawang will not complete if you miss Randayan Island. Known as the smallest island in length for 450 metres and the 250 metres in average. Even though its small, Randayan Island have the most beautiful creatures among another islands.

After passing a little bit long trip to Randayan Island, you will astound by its view. Amazing! The smallest island surrounded by pristine clear water. You can use the boat to look around, or stay in the island, enjoy the beautiful creatures. The weather on here also perfect for those who comes over. The blue sky and sun bright heating over you not a reason to mumble and turns into badmood. Feel the diff vibes and enjoy holiday!

How To Get Here

Start from Teluk Suak, it will take at least 30 minutes on the way to South Singkawang. The distance is about 24 kilometers tho. When you arrived, take a boat to Randayan Island. Well, inside the boat, you can do what you want like usual. Eat, drink, smoke, as long as it not harmy, worry free.

Boat Price List

Well, it depends on what boat you’ll take in. To press the outcome, go with group and take Tour Package will very recommended.

6. Kura-Kura Beach

Kura-Kura Beach become so popular lately, of course it causes the beautifulness. Taking a trip from Pontianak to be in Kura-Kura Beach will take 3 hours or more. This beach will pamper yourself with the gold sand. The pristine water and the waves intertwined.

Named “Kura-Kura Beach” because this beach filled with turtles. To be true, turtles has the same meaning with kura-kura, make sense, yeah? You can find the turtles very easy along the beach side. You can also touch the turtles and start playing. In the rest of the day, enjoy the sunset. Yup, make sure you stay until the sun goes down to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Singkawang.

  • How To Get Here – If you come from Pontianak, turn on the van and go along for about 110 kilometers in 3 hours to be in Tanjung Gandul
  • Entry Ticket – Well, there’s no specific information about the entry ticket. However, you need to pay for parking area around Rp 10,000.

7. Cap Go Meh Festival

As it mentioned above, Cap Go Meh is the biggest closing celebration of Chinese New Year. People comes from another city and country to enliven the celebration. Cap Go Meh Festival is the most attractive festival you can’t miss in Singkawang. Why? Because its either cool and amazing. Lot of attraction will held over here. Literally it will one of the unforgottable moment ever in your life.

Cap Go Meh itself means as thanksgiving festival to celebrate the peak of harvest session. Also as thanksgiving for 15 days non-stop during Chinese New Year. Beside the attraction, you also can enjoy variant of food and drink made by Tionghoa ethnicity. The decoration during Cap Go Meh dominantly with red color. It means strength, powerful, and invincible.

8. Lemukutan Island

Apart from Randayan Island, there’s one island you can’t miss in Singkawang named Lekumutan Island. The island as cool as the previous one. Lekumutan Island have self-uniqueness that will amaze visitors.

The pristine water, underwater views, and the stuffs offers in complete. If you planned to go for snorkel, Lekumutan Island is the right place for you. If you wanna stay at the shore, you absolutely can. Furthermore, this island have kind of gazebo for rest-taking.

How To Get Here

From Pontianak, go to Teluk Suak in distance 115 kilometers, approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes on the way. Arrived Teluk Suak, take a motorboat to go to Lekumutan Island. On the way, it takes an hour to be in.

Another things to do in Singkawang:

  1. Tanjung Bajau Beach
  2. Warkop Nikmat
  3. Kijing Beach
  4. Bougenville Garden
  5. Mimiland Batu Payung

Voila! You got the list things to do in Singkawang. Before you here, make sure you’ve arranged list-making about the most place you want to visit. Pamper yourself and enjoy holiday in Singkawang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia! Don’t forget to be in Pontianak and checks Things To Do in Pontianak.

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