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15 Cultural Things To Do in Tasikmalaya That You Will Love

by louisagabe

“Tasikmalaya”, is there something special on here? Literally yes! As Things To Do in West Java, Tasikmalaya also have things to do. Beside been famous for the industries, Tasikmalaya also the best city to be engage with Sundanese. To be honest, most of Tasikmalaya region occupied by Sundanese. People said Sundanese is friendly people, the voice tone also melow and speaks slowly. But that’s in major, the most uniqueness is the woman. People confessed Sundanese’s pedigrees are all beautiful. Need improvement? Be in Tasikmalaya soon.

We moved now! Tasikmalaya offers incredible places around. You can go one to another spots wildly. The question is “what things to do in Tasikmalaya?” Here we go, I managed the lists below. Let’s take a look.

1. Curug Dengdeng Waterfall

The most remarkable things to do in Tasikmalaya is be in Curug Dengdeng Waterfall known as part of marvelous Waterfalls in Indonesia. Dengdeng itself came from “bedengan” word means level. The waterfall built naturally, has 3 level shady trees around the area. The first level to see the stream of Cikambang.

The second level to see the beautifulest scenery of waterfall, also as a place for shower, both tourist or local. The third level to see the entire waterfall itself. Under this third waterfall, you can see and enjoy such a pool with pristine and clean water. The water color make you obsessed to plunging and be there for a while.

While plunging, you also need to be careful because the waterfall surround with little rocks. It’s not as simply rocks, however have a little hole in it. The holes are look very similar to coral in diameter up to 80 centimeters.

How To Get Here

Curug Dengdeng Waterfall located on Caringin, Cikawung Gading Village, Tasikmalaya, West Java. It is dispart for about 90 kilometers from Tasikmalaya, and will take 3 hours on the way without traffic jam.

Time To Go

Curug Dengdeng Waterfall is the iconic of Tasikmalaya. When holiday season, it will crowded as hell. Which means you need to be here in work days. Nonetheless, you still could catch the place in holiday as long as you arrive early than the others.

2. Kampung Naga or Naga Village

Kampung Naga is a hamlet located in Neglasari Village, Salawu District, Tasikmalaya, West Java. People that occupying Kampung Naga well-known has powerful spirit to worship their anchestors. In case, they all a abit different with people from out of the hamlet. Most of inhabitants out prefer to work together living as a framework, simply in traditional way.

Kampung Naga is a land of productivity that can be fertile prolong season. The land only one of half hectare. Most of the land used for housing, yards, and the rest of course used for agriculture. Inhabitant in Kampung Naga could survive from economic issues because of the agriculture itself. From the source media, the agriculture harvested twice a year.

Entry Ticket – Well, no need to pay to come over. Just prep your fuel on your vehicle and be here soon.

3. Malawang Cave

What is the best thing about Malawang Cave? You can either learn history or engage with nature. The way it looks breathtakingly. However, it is not might be easy to get to the cave. It is located in the middle of plantation, looks like bush. It means you’ll go through the whole bush if you want to be in Malawang Cave.

The archaeolog have found 13 pieces of ancient pottery shards. Not only that, they were also found animal bones, stone axes, and all historical stuffs. Even though Malawang Cave isn’t the special spot of Tasikmalaya, but still give its worthy to come along.

4. Ciawi Hot Spring

If you have had read the latest post about Bandung Attractions, Tasikmalaya also have the best hot spring beating Bandung. Get away from daily activities, whether in home, office, or somewhere else. This time is the best moment ever to pamper ourselves head to Ciawi Hot Spring. When you feels stressed, bored, tired, exhausted, and left no energy, come across at Ciawi Hot Spring and repower yourself. The place looks like a pool for soaking. You can soak yourself for a while and take back the energy.

To get the best services, stay near Ciawi Hot Spring for a night with colleague. There’s lot of option for living nearby. Make sure you rule out the best hotel room or villa which offers the great services for relaxation.

  • Entry Ticket – Rp 2,500 / each. Cheap price tag!

5. Situ Gede

Situ Gede is Sundanese language, in English means great lake. Literally, Situ Gede not as big as it named, but comparing to another lake in Tasikmalaya, Situ Gede is the biggest one. Either tourist or local people knew about Situ Gede very well.

Visiting Tasikmalaya also uncomplete if you not sparing time to be in Situ Gede. Plenty activities you can do here, such fishing, sitting down, jogging, or exploring the lake by boat or kind of. Situ Gede also facilitated with parking area, jogging track,and place for praying. Enjoy the sunset is a must on Situ Gede. Make sure you’ll leave after the sunset pop up. Don’t forget to bring meal, drink, and stuff if you plan to stay hours by hours.

  • Address – Jl. Situ Gede, Mangkubumi, Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia
  • Entry Ticket – Rp 4,000 / each

6. Cliff Jumping on Tonjong Canyon

At glance, Tonjong Conyon looks like Green Canyon. Tonjong Conyon incredibly offers you the beautiful view surrounded by tall trees. It is built in in natural beauty with turquoise water flanked by limestone cliffs.

The best activity to do here on Tonjong Canyon is cliff jumping. From the upside stone, go jump and be in the turquoise water. It is a simply jumping but hand you ton of serenity cause you engaged with nature. Go explore Tanjung Conyon by swim one to another side. You also can hire a boat to explore the whole area.

One thing you must remember, please be careful when you plunge into the water. Because the stone a bit slippery, if you careless, possibly you’ll hit the great stone and bleed.

  • Entry Ticket – It is free! Will cost you nothing

7. Karang Tawulan Beach

If you have been looking for escape place a moment, I recommend you to go to Karang Tawulan Beach. As same as another beach in usual, Karang Tawulan Beach offers you tranquility and warmness vibes. This place is a great place to gather with colleagues, enjoying and leaving stress behind.

Fortunately, you are not allowed to swim through the beach because it is a bit danger. But no worry, you still can enjoy lying on the grass and playing games. Also don’t forget to bring bunch of meals or drinks. Here is also available a little market, supported by local people. You can buy some from the market, especially the coconut. Cause there’s nothing enjoyable rather than sip a coconut on the beach.

  • Address – Kalapagenep, Cikalong, Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia
  • Note – Before you here, make sure you had contact this number: 0817613246

8. Mount Galunggung

Galunggung is a stratovolcano, located on West Java, surely on Tasikmalaya. Mount Galunggung was errupted in 1822, known as the first eruption. Then after, it advanced until four times of eruption. The height is 2,167 meters. To reach the peak, you must climb 620 stairs. What an exhausting things to do! However, you’ll mesmerize at the peak, because you can see the whole of Tasikmalaya clearly.

Beside reached the top of the mountain, you also able to enjoy Hot Spring nearby controlled by Perum Perhutani. That Hot Spring facilitated the guest with pool and loo. The area quite wide since it’s built in 3 hectares.

Entry Ticket – It is free to go to the top of Mount Galunggung. But you need to pay admission fee everytime you enter the hot spring. The cost is unsureable.

9. Taraju Tea Plantation

Our eyes getting better everytime we see green creatures, such grasses, trees, or another plantations. If you wanna calls back the green nature, go to Taraju Tea Plantation in Tasikmalaya. The green landscape over here mind blowing. You feel those serenities, and your heart obviously turns warmth.

Taraju Tea Plantation is breathtakingly. The whole scenery on here allows you to feel free. You can shout out loud if you want, run following the narrow path, and help the farmers picking the tea leafs. Be more engaged with nature is a must to feel serenity and throw up those stresses.

  • Address – L. Raya Taraju, Deudeul, Singaparna, Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia
  • Entry Ticket – No published!

Another Attraction in Tasikmalaya

If you still have days left to explore Tasikmalaya, make sure you also spare time to visit:

1. Safarwadi Pamijahan Cave

2. Kolam Cipanas

3. Pasir Kirisik Guranteng

4. Cipatujah Beach

From all the lists mentioned above, which one is your favourite? Whatever the answer possibly is, the whole things to do in Tasikmalaya will engaged you more and more with nature. There is nothing offers you joyful feelings instead nature. Wanna explore more? Find attractive Things To Do in Puncak.

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