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6 Beautiful Beaches in Singkawang to Visit with Family

by Annisa Qurani
Kura kura beach

Singkawang is located in West Kalimantan. From Pontianak, to reach Singkawang you need about 3 to 4 hours by car or bus.

Once entering SIngkawang, you will find that it is a vibrant city full of diverse culture and nature. A form of cultural acculturation is found on its cuisine. Many different yummy local food in Singkawang will tease your palate.

Drive straight to the western side of Singkawang, you will reach the western end of Borneo island. Borneo island has many beaches to visit. Among them are found here Best Beaches in Kalimantan.

Meanwhile, Singkawang has long coastline which offers different view in its every corner, depending on the vegetation and other natural elements surrounding each beach. Find 6 beautiful beaches in Singkawang to visit with family on the list below.

  • Batu Burung Beach

When the noise of the city has tired you out, it’s strongly recommended that you visit Batu Burung beach. The beach is on the southern side of the Singkawang coastline. It is where the fishermen of the surrounding villages make sail and ashore.

So practically you will see many of them back and forth doing fishing activities. The same reason that makes the beach feels livelier and comfortable.

The most significant feature on the beach for the visitors is a corner with piles of granite stones lie on the sands. After noon until the sun down, many birds will set foot at the top of the stones. The scenery then becomes the main attraction for picture taking beside the beautiful view of the sunset.

The water itself is clear, mirroring the blue color of the sky. Visitors can do snorkeling too. Even though the beach is not specifically for it, you will still see many small fishes under the clear water.

Beaches in Singkawang
  • Pasir Panjang Beach

Pasir Panjang beach is aslo called Palm Beach. It’s a number 1 destination for domestic visitors due to its low tide, white snad, and many tourist facilities.

Pasir Panjang is the best beach in Singkawang to have a picnic with your family. Children can join snorkeling without making their parents worry. Coast guard team stand by not far from the water watching every activity on the beach.

Another attraction in Pasir Panjang is the beach has a track for offroad sport. You can enjoy the beach and its surrounding nature while riding offroad bike or car. There is a rental shop close by.

The beach is often used for off road competition since it has wide sands area completed with facilities like hotel, restaurants, theme park, and several other facilities for tourists.

Beaches in Singkawang
Pasir Panjang beach (akurat.co)
  • Bajau Beach

Bajau beach is located at Bajau Cape along with other travel attractions such as Sinka Zoo, Fantasy Island Theme Park, public aquarium, and Rindu Alam hill.

Bajau Cape is a complete set of travel destination for you and your family. The ticket is sold at IDR 50.000 for full travel set. But you can choose only to visit the beach.

Another complete package of travel destination with more natural touch in West Kalimantan is Gunung Palung National Park. Check out the experience of Exploring Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan.

Beaches in Singkawang
Bajau Beach (pasirpantai.com)
  • Setapuk Mangrove

Indonesia has many mangrove forest. The function of mangrove forest itself is to protect the coastline from abrasion or erosion and reduce the damage caused by strong waves.

Setapuk Mangrove in Singkawang is nurtured by local organization to preserve the lives on the northern Singkawang coastline as well as an additional source of income for the locals. You can see the long coastline of Singkawang from the top of a tower in Setapuk Mangrove.

Read 16 Mangrove Forests in Indonesia That Attract Tourists to see more of mangrove tourism ecosystem in Indonesia.

Beaches in Singkawang
image: amazingborneo.id
  • Kura-Kura Beach

Kura-kura beach or turtle beach is literally as its name, has many turtles on a certain part of the beach. Not far from the beach there is a turtle conservation building where baby turtles are being nurtured before they set off to the nature.

Since the beach is used for conservation area, the tourist regulation is quite strict. That also the reason why the beach is clean and has a certain vibe of wilderness.

The main attraction is piles of stones scattered on the sands. The view is beautiful during the day, and even more wonderful during the night. But there are no electric lights on the beach. If you visit the behe beach during the night, you need to bring battery light or other light source.

Beaches in Singkawang
Kura kura beach (pinterest.com)
  • Kijing Beach

White sands, palm trees, and low tide waves you can find them all on Kijing Beach. Located in Sungai Kunyit, about 1 hour from SIngkawang City, Kijing beach offers you the best chilling beach in Singkawang. The beach is surrounded by some green hills so the air is quite cool compared to the rest of West Kalimantan. Kijing beach is the perfect place to watch the sun sets.

Beaches in Singkawang

There are many unexplored beaches and natural attractions in all over Indonesia. Kalimantan itself has many natural beauty worth visiting. Even though there’s no mountain to hike in Kalimantan, the hills and the forest hide variations of tourist attraction. After having a taste of 6 beautiful beaches in Singkawang, you may as well check out Waterfalls in Kalimantan You Should Visit During Summer.

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