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12 Things to Do in Medewi Bali You Must Visit

by Anastasia Dewi
Medewi Beach_Sunset

Situated in Jembrana district, west part of Bali Island, Medewi, less known as touristy destination in Bali, nevertheless well-known among International surfers as one of the best surfing destination in Bali. Medewi Village in West Bali can be reach easily with any vehicle, 3 hours away from Kuta and Airport Ngurah Rai Bali.

Located near the primary street from Denpasar to Gilimanuk Harbor, though the traffic might be hectic on the highway but after driving further to the South, expect the scenic view from rice paddies fields along the way, and the greeneries of tropical trees all the way the coastal road with the ocean on the background

Although preeminent as a surfing mecca, Medewi has its own charm for non-surfer tourists. For those who prefer the solace travel, Medewi is a perfect place, uncrowded with fascinating scenery. A safe destination for the solo travelers, as in many other places in Bali, the local are friendly and helpful.

Even though Medewi only a small village, there are many option for accommodation and restaurant, not the luxurious ones, but suitable to meet the need of the international travelers. From backpacker home stay, middle scale hotels to villas, the accommodation pricing is more reasonable here compare to other tourist destination. As for the food option, many restaurant serve a good Indonesian food as well as decent western food. Do not expect the excitement of nightlife here in Medewi.

There are few things to do while visiting Medewi which will creep into your soul and become unforgettable memories.

How to get to Medewi :

Medewi located in Jembrana west Bali, 75 km away from Denpasar or approximately 3 hours ( depend on the traffic). Renting a car or using online taxi is highly recommended. For budget traveler can take the bus from Ubung bus station Denpasar and take the bus to Gilimanuk with blue and red color and take a stop at Negara Bus station, take another mini bus that will take you directly to Medewi.

Here the things to do in Medewi Bali that you need to visit before you die:

  1. Surfing in Medewi

Surfing at Medewi BeachThis tiny remote village almost untouched and isolated, thanks to the beautiful beach, Medewi beach serves as the focal point of Medewi village, the beach should be number one on where to visit list in Medewi. Most of the visitors come to surf.

For the wave chaser, Medewi beach attracts many surfers for its unique characteristics, it has the longest left hander point of break in Bali, with a delicate starting point leading into a thick wall which could offer 200-400 meters rides.

This spot is a perfect playground for the beginner surfers to advance surfers. With the smoother waves compare to other beach, without coral reef like other point breaks makes Medewi beach a safe place to surf. For those who wants to learn how to surf, there are many courses, or coaches for hire just for few hours.

  • Entrance Fee : Free
  • Opening Hour : Always open
  • Surfing Board Rental : 80,000 idr
  • Surfing Lesson Per hour : 200.000 idr
  • Surf Booties per season : 30.000 idr
  1. Relax by the Sea

Walking along the shore and feel the warm of the sand on your feet. Glistening Medewi beach is divided into two areas, the pebbles stones seashore and the smooth sandy beach, a perfect sun bathing spot. This remote beach offers a splendid getaway.

Sipping the cold drink while letting the sun embrace the body , or enjoying the traditional massage from the local people. Stay till the sun down and watch the sky turn its color at the horizon and experience magical atmosphere. The moment that will take one’s breath away and fill the mind. After that, you can enjoy the Special Things to Do In Bali In December

Sunset will take one’s breath away, simply stunning with a serenity and magical atmosphere.

  • Entrance Fee : Free
  • Opening Hours : 24 hours
  • Massage : starting from 100.000 idr.

3. Yoga by The Beach

Beautiful way to start the day with a blissful beach yoga, take in the rhythm of the waves crashing, breath the fresh air, connect with the earth.  Join the yoga classes or just do it alone. Take the moment in the morning to re-charge the mind, body and soul.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy and relax the beach breeze while doing meditation to get yourself in peace. Meanwhile, you will extremely fell calm, happy, and deep. You may invite your yoga couch or just unite by the nature. After that, you can enjoy the Things to Do In Banjar Bali

Price : starting from 700.000 idr/ hour

4. Visit Rambut Siwi Temple

Rambut Siwi Temple16th  century temple by the sea, one of the biggest temple in Bali, and the most important temple in Jembrana Bali. Only 20 minutes away from Medewi, this beautiful shrine built at the cliff facing the spectacular view of Indian Ocean with beautiful black sandy beach few miles away.

Local people consider Pura Rambut Siwi as sacred place, they come to worship God and also take a meticulous care of the temple. There are seven temples at Rambut Siwi temple, people who comes for prayer will follow the praying order of the temple, while the visitor who come to appreciate the beauty of the building can walk around the temple complex and take pleasure of the serenity ambiance at the temple. After that, you can enjoy the Extraordinary Things to Do in Ungasan Bali

  • Entrance Fee : 20,000 idr
  • Opening hours : 07.00 am – 05.00 pm
  1. Visit Jeruk manis Waterfall

Juwuk Manis WaterfallTaking a break from the beach and take a ride to Jeruk Manis waterfall. The road from Medewi to Jeruk Manis waterfall will savor your sight with a panoramic scene. After arrive at Juwuk Manis village, the waterfall itself located 1 km away from the designated parking area.

Trekking down the small path through the cocoa, clove, coffee plantation will give a nice experience; with the scent from the trees will be refreshment along the way.

Jeruk Manis is a hidden gem of Jembrana, so far not too many people visit this place, yet the beautiful twin waterfall is worth to visit. Dip yourself in the rock pool and enjoy the cold pristine water and enjoy the swimming under the roaring waterfall, surrounded by the greens. You may also enjoy the Things To Do in Gilimanuk Bali

Entrance Fee : Free

  1. Visit Bunut Bolong

Another place near by is Bunut Bolong, located in Manggisari village. Bunut bolong means tree with a hole, this place was named after the huge tree with a big hole in the middle of the tree, so big that enable two car through the hole side by side.

This tree located right in the middle of the street, considered as a sacred tree by the local villagers.

They build the shrine near the tree and they come to pray the high spirit who guarded the tree from time to time.

Indeed, Bunut Bolong is magically beautiful. You can take photo here and get lost with the magic. Thus, there are many things to do in Medewi Bali that you need to visit before you die.

Entrance fee : Free

  1. Sea Fishing

Fishing Spot - MedewiExperience the sea fishing with traditional fishing boat, asking around for the experienced boatman to guide you. Try to get the big catch will sitting and rocking in the boat , view the spectacular southwestern Bali coastline, feel the sea breeze and wait for the mahi-mahi or snapper bite your bait.

Price : starting from 350.000 idr/person

Meanwhile, there are many things to do in Medewi Bali that you need to visit before you die. Also, you can visit and enjoy Scenic Things to Do in Lovina Bali Indonesia

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